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5% of Every purchase of any of our programs, courses, coaching sessions or speaking engagements will be given to the RMHC.

In 2017 I (Team Lifetime Coaching Founder), Robyn Whitworth, was faced with a life threatening pregnancy complication called, Accreta. I had to have my baby prematurely, through a dangerous surgery. I would not get to welcome my baby into the world like I had with 4 other babies. This time, I would be under anesthesia and wouldn't get to hold my baby for two days. 
My surgeon advised us to be prepared to stay at the hospital (which was 3.5 hours from home) for upwards of 3-4 weeks. With 4 other children, my husband and I were crazed by this news.
We didn't even know if I would make it and the baby would be ok. It was a very scary time for our family. We didn't have good insurance, and our costs were drowning us.

The day of the surgery arrived and thanks to the Ronald McDonald house in Salt Lake City, Utah, my husband and I had somewhere to stay that was not as expensive as a hotel for our two week stay with our preemie baby and my initial recovery.

As a youth I had an infant sister who needed weeks in the NICU at a hospital far away, and the RMH saved our family then too!


I have a very soft spot in my heart for this organization and what they do.

I have seen SO many families living apart from their small children and babies needing long-term hospitalization due to housing difficulties.


Help me raise funds #forRMHC and keep families together.


Donated so far: $155