It is such a struggle to get my kids to help out.”

“There is so much negativity around chores. Chores are “bad” around here.”

“The kids just put up a wall as soon as I say anything about cleaning up. They never “want” to do it… and my spouse and I have to get angry for them to get motivated to do it.”

I’m not sure if it is worth it to “make them do a good job” vs just being happy they tried at all.”


“{Getting my kids to do chores} is emotionally draining.”

If this is how you're feeling about getting your kids to do chores, you're not alone.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way.

I know, because our family has found another way.

I'm Robyn Whitworth and I'm a mom of 5.

Family life = the best life!

But... families, especially big ones, tend to make messes. 

As a mom, not only do I want a clean house, I'm also committed to helping my kids grow into responsible and capable individuals who value helping others and making a contribution.

And so, our family has a chore binder that helps all of us (yes, even my 3-year-old helps out) keep our home clean, comfortable, and inviting.

Even better - we've set up this system in such a way that my kids know their work matters and chores aren't a battle.

Today, I'm excited to share this system with you.

I am so excited to tell you that I am launching a whole chore binder to help you empower your kids to take responsibility and carry out chores around your home on a daily basis. It is printable and has customized pages for your family’s needs.

Now, I could throw a binder at you all day, but at the end of the day, some people will print it off and their kids will be like, that's crap. I'm not going to do that to you because you will struggle to get your family on board without the right approach.


You have to empower your kids to do the chores and do them well. Then they will have the freedom to do the jobs on their own time and know exactly what is expected of them. And let me tell you if you can get that part down, IT WORKS.


So, in order to set you up for success when implementing the chore system, I’m also offering a workshop that will take you through behind the scenes of how you set up the system in a way that your family will be willing to participate in their assigned chores.


The workshop includes videos, slides, and ideas with more in-depth information on what needs to happen for you, as a mom, and as the example in the home, to make a system like this fly and make it fly really well. Sound good?


I have already honed this system through years of trial and error and I want to save you time and energy. Because your time and energy is valuable and there are so many better ways you can be using it than trying to get your kids to help out with chores.

And because I know that the needs of your family may vary, I've created not just the HOW-to, but a Customizable Template for you to Create the System for YOUR family!

AND.... because I know that this implementation can be nerve wracking and HOW to present it to your family is on your mind, I also recorded a LIVE Workshop inside of 3 Videos sharing the HOW, WHY, and Steps to Success!

Through interviewing my fellow mommas and their unique struggles with household cleaning and engaging their kids to help, I've learned that no matter the current method or delivery, on a whole, the goal is the same coming from the mom and dads I spoke with…


To raise their children to be responsible, productive, healthy, honest, and capable adults who know they are loved and valued.

I've created this binder and workshop with this goal and your needs in mind.

If you're ready to instill these values in your kids and create a chore system that works (once and for all) for your whole family, I invite you to purchase the package that works best for what you need right now.


Get ALL OF IT for just


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