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Want to learn at your pace through an online course experience?

Only.... without college tuition type pricing?


We hear you. 

We are building ***online courses as we type that will cover healthy lifestyle habits, Mompreneur business skills, and much more so you can simply purchase the information, the documents, the ebooks, and hammer this out at your own pace, but with our support!

Click on the course that best fits your needs below.

***Courses are housed on the Thinkific platform at this time. You will create an Account on and proceed to your course through these links:

Online Learning.

A step by step implementation course creating the foundation for a profitable online business in 8 weeks. This course has an accompanying nine weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with Robyn through Zoom.

Investment: $497

A FREE step by step implementation course creating the a 5 day meal plan to increase energy in your body, sleep deeper, and possibly lose excess weight if you have any.

Investment: FREE

A Chore System Binder for Families of all Sizes and All Ages!
Including a BONUS LIVE Workshop. Ready to feel relief from the struggles of helping children become independent, responsible, and group minded? Let's go!

Investment: $37

Ready to ditch the OTC drugs and feel more empowered to treat your kids illnesses at home and lessen your pediatrician visits? Better yet, how about learning how to HELP their immune systems so you can confidently say, "I am not afraid of germs. I'm confident in my family's immune systems." Come learn in the mini course, DR MOM.

Investment: FREE