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3 phrases to look for when considering an online course

Online courses are just starting to gain popularity.

They used to be something you really had to be tech savvy to put together. But online video software and being able to share knowledge so freely with the internet have made it super simply to do, and have increased the knowledge base of our entire human race faster than ever before.

If you know just 10% more than your prospective ideal student (client), then you are in a position to put together a course and share that knowledge either for free or for an investment of the worth of the content and value you offer as the instructor.

As a student of old and new online courses from 2013 until 2019, I've learned a thing or two about which ones are the best to invest in and which ones are better left undisturbed. ;)

I'll never forget when I took my first online course, and it was amazing! The instructor was right there with me, she had an online group community set up, she had all the weeks laid out for me with assignments every day, I gained life long friends inside the group and it was a BLAST. I grew a small business from the online course and.... then I took another course, paid a lot of money for it, and it was ...................... totally deflating.

I opened up my "welcome email" and there it was. A link.


It was just a link to a youtube list of recordings. And not new recordings. They were over a year old. :( Sad face is needed here.

I paid how much for that? I am embarrassed to say. But honestly I thought they'd all be like the first one!!

Not so.

Then I took another course and did more digging, had a live call with the instructor to make SURE she was going to be live through the program, and after much anxiety, invested a LOT of cash into her program that had a HEAVTY promise of success. Success I was desperate for.

Well.......................... it turns out that she carried a LOT of amazing accolades, but teaching? Wasn't one of them and I missed that. Her teaching style was NOT awesome. And about 75% of those in her current "group" could feel it and it was a huge disappointment. I also learned that I should have read some of her blog posts and watched some of her videos before jumping into her class where I would learn that she definitely does NOT share some of my most treasured morals and beliefs. That was an expensive lesson to learn.

I have invested time in a few other free or low ticket online courses since then, and had ok experiences.

A few years later I invested in a course that specified that it was an implementation course. What? What did that mean. As I interacted with the course creator I immediately felt like a moth that had finally found the source of the flame. My eyes bugged out, and my mouth fell open as she described how her course flowed, where she fit into the coaching part of the course (what? coaching too!??!? PERSONAL coaching inside a course?) and what my outcome would be if I followed a step by step GUIDE for the course. What? A guide for the course? Oh baby. This lady was SPEAKING to my soul.

I finished her beginners course and FELL IN LOVE.

I LOVED the step by step. I LOVED how it progressed line upon line, week by week until by the end I had built something I had wanted to build for my online business for YEARS and it was WORKING!!!!! I had had a great community to work alongside, and had had personal interaction with the course creator every week. I LOVED it.

So you better believe, when her next course came, even though it was 300% more of an investment, I found a way to enroll. And I was NOT disappointed. It was AMAZING!

Since I was part of a LIVE launch, she was with the community 3 times a week for personal coaching, trouble shooting, and q/a. It was a magical experience. I'm not kidding. SO SO magical. I grew more as a person being surrounded by people who were taking risks, doing new things, and defying the odds than I had the previous 3 years of my life. It was needed!

After pondering on these experiences, I wanted to be sure that you, my precious reader who I KNOW loves continued learning opportunities, had some guidelines in online course investing before you get too far. :)

These three phrases are what you want to LOOK FOR in the course description or online information videos or posts about it when you are building/learning something completely NEW:

  • Implementation course and or step by step process

  • instructor access or LIVE coaching included

  • and LIVE launch with private student community included

Implementation course means you will be building something piece by pice with a finished system or product or experience by the end. Having LIVE coaching or access to the instructor means that you will be able to ask your questions either via a membership community group or email that is guaranteed to be responded to within the course period along with regular online interaction with the coach in some form. A LIVE launch means that this program is only open NOW for a small window of time, vs being online for anyone to find and enroll it at any time. The people who enroll NOW, will be the students alongside you in the community vs never really knowing who the other enrollees are, and just doing it completely on your own.

This is why I specified that you must look for these three things when you are doing something completely NEW to you that you KNOW you need and want personal coaching on.

If you just want to take a course on something you've already have some experience with and you don't really want to talk to anyone, you are ok with experimenting on your own and just plan on taking it in stride on your own time..... then these things aren't so necessary.

You'll likely pay more for a LIVE launch with live Coaching and Community included. It only makes sense when someone is giving you the intel AND are willing to be there to help you succeed.

A few uncommon things to think of or consider before investing in a course:

As you look over courses offered to you, be sure you take the time to really look at the instructor's website. Does it "speak" to you? Do you feel you'd be able to sit down and have a chat with this person? Does their colors, their outfits, their photos excite you and make you feel like you are in the right place? Does their language/life speak to your values and morals? I'm not suggesting you can't learn from people who aren't like you. But it may surprise you how much these things DO affect the learning environment and how well you respond and feel motivated to actually finish the course and move forward with your dream goals you had going into the course. Last thing- don't overextend your finances to take a course. I definitely support taking a risk, as this puts skin in the game for you and is proven to help you stay motivated. But if you can't keep your lights on? You are already struggling to buy groceries? This isn't the time. Wait until you can pay at least half of the tuition easily, and about half will make you squirm, but you can do it. :D

Cheers to online learning and NOT having to go back to college to do it!

All my love and belief in your online learning and moving forward goals,



PS...... I kind of think my online course that is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT and is LIVE launching RIGHT now, with LIVE COACHING Included and is an implementation course with STEP by STEP instruction-------- is BOMB. My test students rocked it and I'm so excited for our incoming student body. :) If you are in the beginning stages of your business, please go here for a Course tour:

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