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5 Family Dinners in 10 mins or less that also rank as Healthy :)

No explanations. I'm gonna just give it to you.

Each meal has:

  1. Excellent FIBER

  2. Protein

  3. low cal (cuz its dinner time> save the cals for breakfast)

  4. low bad fats

  5. fresh fruit

  6. fresh veggie

BUT FIRST------- let's just be REAL:

And so---- I embark to share the 5 easiest dinners that my family will eat that are healthy and fast.

Dinner 1) Black bean and cheese burritos with watermelon and cucumber slices

Fiber: black beans and fruits and veggies

Protein: tortillas, beans, and cheese

Low cal: approx 300 per burrito, and fruit and cucumbers are seriously LOW cal- approx 30 in 1/2 cup of each!

Bad fats: maybe in your tortillas, but otherwise, you're good

Fresh fruit and veggie CHECK!

RECIPE for Burritos

Dinner 2) Skillet Salmon with wild rice, cherries and chopped salad

Fiber: wild rice and chopped salad and cherries

Protein: Salmon and wild rice

Low cal: approx 4-500 calories per serving of salmon with 1/2 c rice and the chopped salad with dressing

Bad fats: None

Fresh fruit and veggie CHECK!

RECIPE for Salmon and my favorite wild rice mix

Dinner 3) Baked Nachos with strawberries and Carrot sticks

Fiber: black beans in the nachos and some from the corn multigrain chips

Protein: chicken and black beans and cheese

Low Cal: approx 400 cals per 2 cups of the nachos

Bad fats: if you over do it on the cheese you might go into the red there- but if you go modest you'll be alright

Fresh fruit and veggie CHECK!

Recipe for the Nachos

Dinner 4) Breakfast Buffet! Whole Grain KODIAK Protein Waffles, Turkey Sausage, Eggs, Spinach/Berry Smoothies

Fiber: Waffles and berry smoothie

Protein: waffles, eggs, and sausage

Low Cal: about 4-600 calories depending on serving size and how many eggs you eat

Bad fats: the sausage and eggs could be culprits if you eat more than 2 of each

Fresh fruit and veggie? CHECK!

RECIPE for Smoothies and my favorite Turkey Sausage and Kodiak Waffle products

Dinner 5) Pita Pizzas! With Apple Sundaes and Carrot sticks with Ranch dressing

Fiber: Pitas and apples and carrots

Protein: Pitas, cheese, and possible meat toppings

Low Cal: 4-500 cals per person depending on toppings for the pizza and sundaes

Bad fats: if you choose to have chocolate on your apple sundae or a LOT of processed meats on your pizza you could get into this, but its minimal

Fresh fruit and veggie? CHECK!

RECIPE for Pita Pizzas and Apple Sundaes is simply an apple chopped up with an tsp each of melted peanut butter and dark chocolate chips on top :)

There you have it! Each of these dinners takes less than 10 minutes and your family will gobble them up and you can rest easy about the nutrition part.


xo Robyn

PS-----> if you are a mom and you LOVE simplicity you will want to consider my 100 day challenge to make a healthy shift for YOU. For 100 days (since, well, thats the time it takes to REALLY see a lifetime shift... and I"m a lifetime kinda gal.... :) you'll get a message from me regarding health, and wellness, and recipes and motivation for healthy living and weight loss- as well as a 20-30 minute exercise routine to do in your home each morning and a group to check into and share your thoughts (or not) and progress through the challenge. It will give you back more energy and positivity in your life as well as that ME TIME that we all want as moms. I'm excited to get the ball rolling. Message me on Facebook to get the details, or request to join this group here!

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