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When I learned to STOP, to be able to move forward.

I will never forget that morning.

I was frustrated that my weight loss wasn't moving faster. I was saying NO to all the treats and going to bed at the right time, and writing in my journal and doing "all the things." My intuition was telling me that my body was struggling to keep up with my workouts and that my mind was not coping with "all the things" well. In essence... my body was telling me LOUD and clear that I needed to REST more, and that the quality of my rest needed to be boosted.

As I was pondering on how to rest more when it seemed that just my priorities with my family were taking up most of my days (I've got 5 kids remember?). I decided to start doing YOGA only.

One morning in particular, I was moving through a Yoga class using my online gym membership and the instructor, Elise, said, "This move is a little challenging. It is for everyone who does it for the first time. Please take every opportunity to rest when you feel the need. Rest is an integral part of changing. If we never rest, we can never have the strength to move through challenge to achieve change. Take rests whenever you need to, so you can make it to the end of the challenge."

That was it! I was thinking rest was "nice." I was thinking that rest was just only really necessary when I was totally burned out. I had thought that my whole life. If I was resting and I wasn't sick, or emotionally spent.... then I was just relaxing and that was NOT what "hustlers" do.


This was a defining moment for me my friends.

It has been a YEAR since that morning.

I have since:

  • Integrated daily morning meditation- 10-20 minutes using the app, CALM

  • quiet evening routines including relaxation teas, reading novels unrelated to business or life, and watching an episode on TV snuggled next to my husband

  • I take Sundays completely off from any work, and indulge in baking, playing board games, road tripping, hiking, swimming, dedicating several hours to Faith study, worship and service, and connecting with my children 1:1

  • Yoga at least once a week, 2x if I can

  • I have time blocked my time in the weekdays to include DOWNTIME every day. lol! I sometimes have felt like I'm mimicking my toddler's schedule with downtime and sometimes even nap time. ;)

But you know what? It worked!

I've lost 21 lbs since that morning. After 18 months of no change in weight. Not only that, but I have been able to MOVE forward through challenges and personal growth better than EVER before. SO many things troubling my brain in my life have been resolved because I have been taking time to REALLY rest regularly.

I am in a season of yet again, some growth and change and I have been FEELING IT.

HOW do I know?

Over the years I have tuned in to the big and little ways my body tells me it is not coping with the load I'm asking it to live with and carry me through:

  • Canker sores or Cold sores

  • Sleeplessness

  • random sore muscles or stiff joints

  • constant tired feeling in my eyes

  • a general feeling of "I will never have time to do everything I want to do"

  • consistent confusion on what my priorities are

  • losing control of my emotions with my kids and husband (yelling, being critical)

  • a desperate craving for chocolate, all forms, any quality

  • zero desire for fresh fruits and vegetables

So this week I am taking off with my family for a long needed family vacation!

I will be OFFLINE. I have made it a personal goal to be 100% OFFLINE from work. You might see me post on my personal page about what we are doing, but I won't be working or taking personal messages from clients or from my students. My goal is to come back with FRESH eyes and ears and mind in my priorities with all of you, and with my other brands. :) I already feel like it is going to be an amazing work week when I get back. And I am GRATEFUL for that.

I hope you can find time to have QUALITY rest each week in your life as well!

Love and belief,

xo Robyn

PS- If you haven't yet downloaded my 30 Meals in <30 minutes, it will help you to navigate these busy holiday weeks ahead to feed your family healthy meals in LESS time. Bon Appetit!

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