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Let's talk about YOGA. I had NO idea what it REALLY was.

When I first heard of yoga, I was a teen.

I had NO idea what it really was. I saw people doing these slow, controlled movements that looked like something I saw Mr. Miyagi performing in the 1984 movie, "The Karate Kid". Yes... I AM that young. ;) I now know yoga originated in India, no where near Japan where Mr. Miyagi gained his knowledge. He was probably doing TaiChi in connection with kung fu or something similar to gain mastery over his energy in preparation to be a master in the martial art, Karate. Or maybe it WAS just Karate. Someone reach out who knows and share with me! :)

I thought yoga had something to do with Spirits or becoming one with nature. Which... if I'm honest, was completely weird to me. Something no one around me did. It wasn't practiced in my community at large or anywhere near my home.

In the early 2000's I was 7 months pregnant with my first child I was again introduced to yoga when I became extremely uncomfortable with pinching sciatic pain and someone suggested yoga to loosed my ligaments and stretch out my body. But...... I didn't have the slightest idea where or how to start, so I let the idea go.

I didn't think about yoga again until I saw it listed as a required workout segment on the back of a workout program called "P90X" that my sister had at her house.

My thoughts:

"Yoga??? That is something you have to do to get physically FIT? What in the world?? This program must be kind of weird...."

I laugh now- since I HAVE done p90X and YES, I 100% believe that yoga can be a huge piece to holistic health. I KNOW that if you aren't practicing yoga or some energy guiding practice regularly right now, you are still on this journey of discovery, and it probably is somewhat similar in ideas to mine.

Then came the BOOM of online social media channels in 2007 ish.

(I joined the circus around 2009.)

By 2012 I had seen enough exposures from healthy social media friends and youtube suggestions (once I was searching health related stuff) to know that Yoga was something that MILLIONS of humans were practicing! And that it was a HUGE component to holistic human health.

2014 was when I started a regular practice of basic yoga, pilates, yin yoga, tai chi, and starting to understand the energy meridians of the body and just how much control I really had in the energy I was feeling day to day AND how much I could PUSH my body in exercise.

I'm learning DAILY new things and new ideas about yoga and these other practices to channel my energy, release old energy, and bring NEW energy into my body.

My daughter was STRUGGLING with some friends a few months ago. (She is 14.5, in 8th grade.) She just couldn't let something go, and move on. We chatted and I suggested she do some yoga to release the old, stale energy she was hanging onto. She asked, "Mom, what do you mean 'old energy? or stale energy?'" I related to her that her body responds to frustration with energy. Energy to "fight", energy to feel sad, energy to understand, etc. And if you don't consciously release those energy stores, they build up. Good and bad. Her body had not released all the energy from this experience, even though her mind was letting go of the frustration of it. I have learned this for myself and felt SO grateful that my daughter knows this earlier than I did. I often feel that yoga would have blessed my life greatly as a troubled teen. I know that what happened happened, and I am who I am meant to be today, but one can appreciate the value that knowledge brings to them now based on fear and pain from the past with out that value.

HOW did I get started?

I became aware of a workout program, meant to be done at home via DVD, that was all yoga and pilates based. It was low-impact, it was toning, it was strengthening, and it was all equipment free! People were seeing incredible physical changes and mentioning the mental peace they were feeling in the process, so I ordered it! Since it was a mix of pilates and yoga ideals, poses and process, it was called PiYo. To this day I LOVE the PiYo classes! It changed my body SO much (After 4 sections I had had a hard time toning my belly and this program did!) and my flexibility amazed me.

After doing more p90x classes and then doing the p90x3 program I learned how much my BODY felt amazing doing YOGA. I NEVER skipped the yoga segments! I looked forward to them.

In 2017 I suffered a traumatic experience bringing my 5th child into the world. I literally faced the real prospect of my life and or my baby's life ending due to a complication called Placenta Accreta which had advanced to Increta. This complication was due in large part because I had had previous c-sections. The surgeries to my uterus caused a thinning of my uterine lining, allowing the aggressive placenta, which usually just attaches to the surface of uterine wall to bring in nutrients from the mother's blood to the baby via umbilical cord, to grow morbidly attached (Accreta), creating tunnel vesicles, which when detached, act as arteries allowing large amounts of blood to flow. With Increta, the placenta starts growing through the uterine wall and making small attachments to any linings of other organs around the uterus. It can even progress into Percreta, and send out "legs" of matter attaching to and creating these tunnel vesicles in other organs creating quite a slim outlook for mom and baby.

In my experience, I had to be on bedrest for 4 months and my baby was schedule to be born 6 weeks premature at a large hospital that was 4 hours away. I was cut from just above the belly button down to my pubic bone. I lost my uterus and my cervix in the process of saving my life and the life of my baby. I lost over 3000ml blood and needed a transfusion. I then had to recover and regain mobility..... all while having a 6 week early newborn in the care nursery AND my 4 other children 4 hours away at home.

This experience, though understandably, altered by body and mind.

I am so pleased to report that my preemie baby and I are doing fine NOW. But that first year was very hard. My body was NOT responding to exercise and nutrition like it had before. My hormones were a mess. My mind was strange. I was So emotional all the time. I was fearful ALL the time. I struggled. I learned about PTSD. I learned about anxiety. I learned about real depression. I felt I couldn't trust myself all the time .... it was a hard time.

That is when I started a yoga practice DAILY. I knew from doing 3-4x a week, it seemed to bring my body and mind connection into clarity and strength.

That is when I also got serious about looking into calming teas and herbs to help my mind HEAL. This is when I became aware of the power of meditation and building better pathways for my mind and energy in my body.

In late 2018 I was finally able to feel "like myself." I started to feel powerful again. I started to be able to take on challenges and multiple activities at once. It was slow. Something that did catch me off-guard, was that my body lost 15 lbs in 3 months during this time without any cardio work or weight lifting. After the scale hadn't budged more than a few lbs for the past 18 months. And at the time of writing this I'm in the spring of 2019 I'm still learning a lot about myself, and learning to live with this new brain and am still surprised with what helps my body release excess fat stores. :) But YOGA and pilates, and MINDFULNESS overall, has been liberating. Yes, the right word is liberating! I feel like I'm FREE, because I'm not caged by limitations that life might try to inflict on me physically or mentally and even Spiritually. I feel equipped to fight whatever comes and WIN.

I've developed a TRUST within myself that has changed my Spiritual life as I've learned that I am my own COMPASS. I CAN guide my life. I'm not so easily swayed by ideas or programs or ads or what that other person said. Everything I need, I can find inside myself, and my reservoir of TRUTH that resides there, having been created by God.

I've found this by doing YOGA and by tapping those energy meridians in yoga practice, and meditating and becoming mindful about all my choices and what I'm creating into my life. I've FELT my inner power more and clearer helping me make choices that bring more JOY into my life. I more easily put the donuts down that are not going to serve me. I more easily turn off the social media notifications without fear of missing out. I can deal with kids being sick, the laundry, the unexpected car repair, the xyz whatever you want to insert. Because I believe more than ever that GOD created this human experience and He gave us things like tea and yoga and meditation to HELP us master this human body. I believe that my kids will overcome the illness, the laundry will get done, the car repair will get paid, etc etc etc. NO more stress and anxiety and becoming paralyzed with everything going on. I create how I react, and the outcomes, by becoming PROACTIVE in how I perceive what is happening for me in this amazing human experience. YOGA practice is a HUGE part of positioning myself to WIN in these areas. I've learned that through our ability to make these choices, we are able to create! Through creation we learn how powerful we are, and how much we can influence and impact through SERVING and connecting with the energy of others around us.

ARE you positioning yourself to WIN at life?

Have you TRIED yoga for more than a few times?

Have you put the MENTAL effort into meditation and really tried to connect the two energys, the mind and body, during a yoga practice?

If you struggle with anxiety, with depression, with food addiction, with lack of flexibility from intense surgeries like I had with my traumatic birth, or anything where you feel that you might be a victim to your situation---------> I encourage you to practice yoga. Start releasing the stale energy from those experiences. Start tapping the energy meridians in your body and open them up! Start expanding the space you are taking up in this world and allow yourself to be the powerful YOU that I know is inside you!

If you would like to join one of my healthy lifestyle monthly groups where we DO teach on mindfulness practice along with nutrition and simple exercise, fill out this application:

All my love and belief,

xo Robyn

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