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Books that changed my life.

I love to be completely honest- so I'm going to throw in here real quick that I do NOT consider myself a great reader. I don't read fast, I don't read a ton of books, and until I was faced with a life changing diagnoses from my doctor I didn't ready more than 1-2 novels a year and for SURE didn't read any books I wasn't required to read for my job or education.

In 2012 when I looked in the mirror and decided to draw a line in the sand regarding my self image, my weight issues, and my emotional eating - to CHANGE who I was on track to becoming- I had NO idea the mountain I was choosing the climb.

I had NO idea the obstacles I'd face along the way.

I thought it would be mostly about will power over food choices and not liking exercising.

I thought that if I just ate less carbs, and more vegetables and chicken, less yummy desserts, started exercising regularly, lost weight, and got some muscle definition, I would just naturally like the person in the mirror more.

Oh...... that was FAR from what was about to go down.

But you know? We have to start somewhere. And starting is the most important thing to DO!

If you are at this point my friend---- lemme offer some tips though, ok? Because the mentors I found along the journey to changing my health through lifestyle changes gave me some major short cuts I've seen others unfortunately NOT take. Let me share them with you in this document:

As I started to experience changes, I started to see very quickly that I didn't understand a LOT of stuff. And I really didn't like relying solely on a social media post or friends' passionate dedication to the latest fad to base my next action on. I wanted to know the TRUTH. I wanted to know HOW my body worked, with the food, with the exercise, with it all. I wanted to know WHY it works. I wanted to know TRUTH.... because truth doesn't change like fads. I knew if I could find the truth, I would find sustainability and JOY.

I really am going to get to my list---- but I feel so strongly that it needs to come with some explanation. Because it is for SURE non-exhaustive.

And this is WHY:

As I read book after book, study after study, talked to doctor after doctor and naturpaths and holistic healers, etc this was what I found:

We don't have all the truth.

We have lots of truths. And the more we dig and progress, more truths are added upon those.

The most I can hope for, is to find common threads throughout ALL the books and interviews and documentaries, and articles. As I experimented with the COMMON threads, I discovered that they were common, because they were foundational. They all performed a vital function, either physically, mentally, or spiritually. These are TRUTHS. These common threads were the unchanging truths I was looking for.

So while these books have given me a foundation to build upon at this point in my life and understanding and intelligence, I do not believe I will never add to it, or possibly delete one and I hope you realize this list is not exhaustive. These are NOT all the books I've ever read, these are simply the ones that literally changed my life due to the amount of truth inside them. We as a species are ever changing, which means that our studies and evidences will never be 100% concrete and unchangeable. Some things we believed as rock hard science 100 years ago is proving to be either just the tip of an iceberg of new knowledge and considerations or completely false after further study was done.

BOOKS for Self Leadership and Belief Systems that guide your choices:

Books for Nutrition/Physical Health:

BOOKS for Spiritual Growth as a Christian

BOOKS for Business Growth and Leadership:

I hope you'll pick up one of these books or all of them! Again, this isn't ALL the books I've read. Just the most influential on my life changes and position I am in at this present time.

And if you have a book that you feel has a lot of thread of truth please comment below or send me an email or connect on social media and tell me!

Love and Belief always for the changes you want to make and the person you are becoming-

xo Robyn

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