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3 Ways to BOOST your Energy without stimulants

I had the privilege to spend 4 days in some of the most breathtaking mountains with some amazing friends. I had amazing energy the entire time. We shopped, we hiked, we swam, we walked and walked, and we chose to stay in a condo to have the choice to prepare food in house for some of our meals.

On our way up Donut Falls and other trails in the hills above Park City, Utah

A few members of our party struggled with energy, headaches, and generally feeling well. After hiking for a few miles, the idea of how being in nature effects our energy came up. One member of our party, having recently beaten breast cancer, offered many ideas and experiences regarding the body's natural patterns of energy flow having worked with acupuncturists, kinesiologists, and naturopath's in her recovery. This opened a deeper conversation about how energy exists in the body, what affects it, and how we are capable of changing the energy and flow of our bodies. I offered my experience losing 20 lbs this past year simply through controlling my energy in my body through my food choices/combos, yoga/pilates, meditation, and intermittent fasting. Later that night, a member of our group approached me about some ideas I'd shared about energy creation and yoga.

Having my online gym with me through the app on my iPhone, I offered two members of our group the opportunity to join me in a guided yoga session using my online gym's beginners yoga classes the following morning. They agreed. We all enjoyed it, and they asked if we could do it again the next morning. We did, and it was equally enjoyable.

This weekend helped me realize yet again, that many humans out there are unaware of the energy our bodies have and how it "works" and how we can and do manipulate it. Far too many people manipulate their natural energy flow to the negative unknowingly with unhealthy foods, unhealthy media obsessions, unhealthy relationships, a lack of full body daily movement and unhealthy sleep patterns. I hear often in my circles "I just feel stuck......." Friends, this isn't just in your mind. This feeling could and most likely literally is your body's message to you that the natural flow of energy is actually BLOCKED and it just came out of your mouth as words. I encourage you to ALWAYS listen to your inner voice. Never discount it as "chatter." Our bodies tell us messages LOUD AND CLEAR all the time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we choose to listen, and be in tune, we can help our bodies immediately and keep illness and imbalances at bay far more than we do without this intuitive listening.

Although human energy work spans thousands of years and millions of pages of research and hundred's of online articles, I'd like to offer 3 basics that are simple*, and you can try them all in the next 24 hours.

*If you are more interested in energy work and the full spectrum regarding weight loss, learning to listen to your body, and creating a stronger mind-body connection for whole health, I'd LOVE to have you as a client and work with you on these matters, as these are my specialty. Simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

Item ONE

Practice Yoga.

Yoga is more than just poses and breathing. Yoga isn't "weird" or "loony." (I used to think those very words.)

Our human bodies possess energy, similar to electricity lines. If you've taken basic biology and chemistry, you learned that living human bodies conduct electricity exactly like power lines. We have negative and positive charges and as we are permeable, the charges can flow in and out through our skin. Evidence shows that when we are unwell, we have an overabundance of negative charges. The opposite is also true. When we are feeling well, we have more positive charges. These findings are not just related to actual biological sickness relating to the immune system and germs. They also show true for emotional wellness and mental wellness. In other words------> the flow of energy in your body is always changing based on your overall wellness. The awesome part of this, is that YOU CAN AFFECT the amount of positive and negative charge.

What does that have to do with yoga?

Well- the flow of energy in our bodies stems from energy centers, that parallel our nervous system. If you google "human nervous system" you'll see images that show how our nerve lines branch from the brain, down the spinal cord and to our pelvic floor. Our main nerve centers are our brain, back and pelvic region. Our brain center gets "notifications" from all the nerve centers to then be translated by our current beliefs and perspectives and becomes our thoughts about our wellness. A cool side note about our brain center, is that it sends nerve lines out to our ears that are shown to also be wired to our hands and feet where all other nerve endings go. Our spinal center sends nerves out from the spinal cord to all organs, ending in our hands and our pelvic center sends nerves through our lower organs and down the legs, ending in our feet. Yoga is a practice spanning thousands of years that taps open these energy centers, these nerve centers. Yoga poses stretch and release all of our energy lines. Yoga "flows", offer the body a chance to have constant flow through all of the energy lines for several minutes. This causes the body to build heat from the energy charge and yes, build muscle, shed excess weight, gain flexibility, and gain a feeling of open-ness that no other physical activity can replicate. A simple yoga practice for just 10-30 minutes a day will aid in your body's natural desire and design to have a flow through all of your nerve centers. Here is a free yoga flow you can try:

My favorite way to help others learn about yoga, is to have them work through the Three Week Yoga Retreat that my company provides either as a DVD set, or as a FREE class in our Yoga Studio section of our Online Gym, Beachbody On Demand.

Item TWO:


I've written an article about this already, you can read it here.

The basics are these: meditation brings your brain to the present, where your body lives all the time. Have you considered that truth? Your body is ALWAYS experiencing the present moment. It is only our minds that wander into different time spaces like yesterday's memories and future possibilities. When we spend too much time outside the present, we are literally forcing our body to feel things that are either passed or yet to come. It is maddening to the body and very taxing. People who are feeling like "I'm losing my mind....." Might really be losing their mind if they aren't engaged in the present enough. Our minds are designed to recall the past to aid in making better future choices, not to dwell on the past and re-feel it over and over and over. (This way of living, causes depression in our brains and can put our brain chemicals out of balance if left untreated/unchanged for too long.) Our minds also are designed to create. Our minds will attempt to create whatever we tell it to create. We can think of dreams, goals, and what our lunch will be. We can think of the steps and pieces we'll need for a decor craft or a machine design. We can also dwell too far into the future for long periods of time and begin to tell ourselves stories about why it will be that way or this way, (which, are totally lies since we aren't there yet and have ZERO proof that it will be that way, but if you dwell on it, you might just make it true for yourself....) and your brain chemicals can get out of balance when left unchanged. This imbalance can turn into an anxiety disorder. The good news? There are drugs and therapists who are there to help you get back into balance if you've gone deep one way or another. Yep. Just like drugs and doctors we see for a cold- there are drugs and doctors to help with our brains. Please use them! But I digress------ back to meditation. Meditation is a powerful ally in your quest to stay in a good balance between the past and future by regularly bringing your mind to only the present. And the even BETTER news? It only takes a few minutes to see changes. What does this do for our ENERGY you ask? When we are more in the present, we use LESS energy re-feeling the feelings of the past or getting worked up over scenarios from the future that haven't happened yet. Evidence tells us that just 20 minutes of meditation 2x a day, equals an entire nights rest for the brain organ. That my friends, is huge. Our brains will receive and put out better signals for our energy when it is rested and thoughts are more often on the present moments. Ready to try this? I personlly use the app "Calm". I pay $59 a year for tons of meditation sessions, sleep stories to help me get to sleep faster, breathing practice, and more. I open my app each morning and do a 10-12 minute guided meditation or 5-6 minute breathing practice and YES------> I FEEL A DIFFERENCE. Here is one for you to try:



This one also can go a million directions, but I'm going to give you the basics. Eat unprocessed, whole foods whenever you can. Drink water for your hydration, and half your body weight in ounces each day. (If you weigh 200 lb, you'll drink 100 ounces.) Limit your carbohydrates 5-6 hours before you will go to bed so you don't have a bunch of glucose in your body that will just go to waste (or literally... your waist) and add to restless sleep. Focus on vegetables and a lean protein for your last meal of your days before sleep. Eat whole grains with at least 1 gram of fiber per 10 carbs (read the labels of your starchy foods!) for Breakfast and Lunch with a lean protein. Add in veggies whenever you can. Here is my article all about Eating for Energy if you want further readying on this. Combining your foods and timing your foods in this way offers your body optimal nutrition to keep running at full capability day and night. A typical day of Eating for Energy looks like this:

  • Breakfast: Whole wheat english muffin (or if you are gluten intolerant like my husband, a bowl of whole grain oatmeal) with 2 scrambled eggs. Drink WATER.

  • Lunch: Protein Powder shake with the milk of your choice paired with a piece of whole fresh fruit such as an apple or pear and yummy crunchy veggies dipped in Hummus like carrots or cucumber/bell pepper slices.

  • Snack if needed: Cottage cheese with Tomatoes, basil and garlic with whole wheat pita chips.

  • Dinner: Grilled Pork Chop with caramelized onions with steamed broccoli and a Greek Salad.

I have a free Eating for Energy GUIDE you can download HERE so you can print it out and have it handy on your fridge or in your purse when you are making food choices so you are Eating for Energy whenever, where ever.

There you have it!

My friends, these three things alone will make a WORLD of difference in your energy levels within 24 hours. :) WHY boost them??? You guys. When your energy is GOOD, your relationships improve, your sleep improves, your entire outlook in LIFE improves. SO many tangents we could take here..... but honestly, why not just TRY it? Why not try to boost your energy and good positive levels in your body. You'll get sick less, you'll feel JOY MORE, and you'll be amazed at the time it doesn't take to change a few things like this.

Try them! I'd love to know your results. Email me!


All my love and hope for continued health and living life to its FULLEST --



PS: My 100 day clients that started working with me a few weeks ago are doing SO WELL! I love our group. I have an open enrollment for my coaching going on NOW, and would love to work with you on YOUR goals. Fill out this form and I'll be in touch, or email me, or message me in Social Media!

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