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How to burn your excess fat while you SLEEP

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

As a nutrition nerd, I've read a lot about carbohydrates. Enough to know that our human bodies NEED them. They are literally our energy generators while we are awake! The trouble is forgetting that at night, before we are going to sleep, we don't need energy from carbs.

Let's be sure we understand what carbs are. Common dinner time carbs are:

  • fries

  • rice

  • tortillas

  • chips

  • bread

  • toast

  • buns

  • breadsticks

  • pasta

  • fruit

  • potatoes/sweet potatoes

  • some squashes

  • peas

  • legumes (chili beans, refried beans, chickpeas, all beans)

  • corn

These foods above ALL promote energy for our bodies that is AWESOME during the day.

But as our body learns our schedule, it will start to store these types of energy preparing for sleep.

It will burn these stores to keep you alive while you sleep.

A good thing?


Unless you have excess stores, from excess carb eating during this time. Which----------- 75% of adults in America do. :)

So what do we do?

The answer is NOT to avoid carbs ALL the time- that makes your body crash into survival mode- AKA ketosis AKA- low carb dieting which suppresses your metabolism to keep you alive. This is not advisable for long term, sustainable weight loss.

Watch the video below to learn WHY this happens, and HOW our bodies learn to burn fat at NIGHT to accelerate your weight loss goals.

Pretty cool, right? Who knew our brains were so smart when we aren't even awake!

Now that you know how to promote weight loss while you are sleeping, let me enable you to try this out this week!

I have created 10 recipes that you can use at dinner to start training your brain to burn your excess fat stores during your sleep!

---> I know that nutrition is a crazy world to navigate, so I also included on each recipe a nutrition fact or health tip to help you learn many health facts that are often misunderstood. I'm ALL about helping you get healthy without frustration in the quickest, yet SAFEST, way possible.

love and belief,

xo Robyn

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