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I want to start an online business and work from home.... but who am I to think I can?

I'm going to ask you the obvious question,

"Who are you NOT to start an online business?"

What describes a business owner in your mind? What does this business have to look like in your mind? There are HUNDREDS of answers to this. What do these people you are thinking of have that you don't?

Half the battle in believing you are capable of doing something you've never done, is defining what it is you need to do. Talk to the person who has done it. Watch their videos. Take their courses. Read their books. Learn more. Be willing to be the student and be coachable. I can guarantee that if they are someone you really want to emulate, they will be willing to SHARE their intel freely. If they aren't---- find someone else to mentor you.

What I've come to learn is that we often limit ourselves before we've even taken an honest look at what it is exactly we need to do to achieve our goals. Furthermore, we limit ourselves before we have given it an honest TRY because we haven't defined what it is we need to do to see if we can actually fit it into our schedule to TRY it. We often take a look at who we are today, with the knowledge and skills we have now and say, "Nope. I can't do that." Did you know you are accurate? You are. Of course you can't do it. You haven't learned how! The truer statement would be,

"Nope, I can't do that today. I can learn to do it, and gain the skills and knowledge to be able to BECOME the person that CAN do it."

My friend with technology today, God bless it, the playing field is 100% LEVEL. You can learn how to do ANYTHING you commit to. You name it and YouTube has videos on it, or someone has a Pinterest board about it or an online course for it that you can enroll in. Gone are the days when a college degree or vocational certificate are the only means to learning marketable skills. Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores to serve humanity with your skills and knowledge. We live in an incredible time of free knowledge and mentorship possibilities with online learning and online social networking. In 2009 I didn't know ANYONE personally outside the United States. By 2015 I knew over 50 people outside the United States due to Social Media online. Now? I am networked with THOUSANDS across the world! I have personal mentors and associates from India to Singapore to Australia to California to Nova Scotia to Scotland! Incredible humans that I feel so privileged to know and learn from and be supported by. I LOVE online networking!

Sure, there are real limits in this mortal life that cannot be ignored. Example: I simply will not be an olympic level swimmer. My body weight distribution and torso length simply will not physiologically take me there. But you know what? I am ok with that. :) Swimming is not, and has never been a passion or a love of mine.

When it comes to online business there are NO physical limitations that would inhibit success with technology we have today. There are no geographical limitations with the online world either. Income opportunities in online business? Absolutely limitless.

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of, and now facilitator of Online Business and Online Entreprenuership. I am a HUGE advocate and facilitator of MOMS in particular learning to build and grow a business online from home.

You CAN do this. And you ARE someone who can start and grow a successful online business.

Here is how to BEGIN:

You've got to get SOLID in your mind about what service you want to offer, and the energy you are willing to part with.

A business is a SERVICE that you provide to another human that solves a need. That is the most bare bones answer I could conjure. The solution given is considered a loss of time and effort on the part of the giver. An expenditure of life and energy and thereby considered valid to request compensation of the spent energy of time and effort. Most of the time we see the compensation in the form of an exchange of money. Money is most often something people have obtained as a physical note as evidence of energy expended on behalf of someone else. Offering money to another in a business transaction is considered an exchange of this lost time and effort. Money is literally an exchange of energy expended.

That's it. You offer a service that you are willing to expend energy for, and someone offers you energy in return. The cool thing that I've seen and experienced, is that as you grow as a person in skills and ability and mindset mastery- your ability to offer energy becomes less and less quantifiable. The greatest entrepreneurs, the greatest businessmen and businesswomen, often are quoted as saying something to this effect as a testament to the truth of that statement. They'll say something like,

"Simply follow your passion, and the compensation will just show up."


"If you are following your heart in the service of others, the money is no longer something that you need to worry about. What you need will show up for you."

In fact, HERE is a great article on learning what your passion IS, and how to start taking action on it to get ideas for a business you will be AWESOME at and love. It was written by Marie Forleo, (one of my mentors) for the Oprah.com newsfeed.

A caution:

There are systems that need to be built and skills that need to be learned to be successful at growing your client base in your chosen field, but business is business. It's a simple concept.

What IS NOT simple about it, is the MIND GAME of business.

The hard part isn't "starting" a business. The basics to "start" are money to invest in the initial hardware or software or product inventory, understanding basic business systems and learning how to promote online for growth and consistent income.

I know of several online businesses that offer you an entire business system already built for less than $100 start up. I even know of one that offers you an entire business system, AND they do all the advertising and you get to become a part owner and run your business however you want with free training for $39.95. I definitely became a business owner with that company, and it was a SMART decision. :) (Message me if you'd like the same chance. The offer still stands. robynrw@healthymompreneur.org) And the business systems? You can learn for a lot less than a college degree and get specific to your product and niche client audience on multiple platforms. I'm in process of marketing a course I created to teach moms how to start a business online that is going to change the world. The tools are all out there. But are you ready?

Consider this:

Saying YES to business, will be a NO to something else in your life. As the business grows, your life WILL change.

This is the REALITY of human life. Change is the only thing we can count on to show up every day. We have multiple priorities and anytime you say YES to something, you must be fully aware that you just said NO to something else. Be honest with yourself, your time, your commitments and face this reality. Before you say YES to business, be real about what you will be saying NO to in the future. What will go from your schedule? Will it be the playdate on Thursday afternoons? Will it be the lunch with your bestie each Tuesday? Will it be the laundry time while watching your favorite TV show Mondays and Thursdays? Will it be the daily nap you've been blessed to have every day from 1-2:30pm? I don't know what it will be for you, but I DO know it will be something.

Now that you are clear on the energy you will be shifting around in your life, now you get to be clear on the energy you will be parting with. What is the value you want to offer? What is the product that you love so much that you feel a desire to SHARE it with others? What company do you love so much that you are going to be an affiliate for them for a commission? What is the exact energy you want to part with? For me, it is energy to empower other moms to work from home. For me, it is creating business strategies and step by step process charts and online courses to make working from home possible for ALL moms who desire. For me, it is supporting moms through the life and mindset change from a scarcity and fear based mindset to assisting them in discovering and accepting how POWERFUL they are, their capability to create a life they design through online support groups and opportunities to serve and grow. For me, it is assisting women and men to find simply solutions to become physically healthier as that is the low hanging fruit to be able to take on BIG life changes that lead to a life of design.

The way to making it through the change you will feel after saying YES to business creation, is the SECOND tip I have for you here:

Getting clear on WHY, so you take ACTION.

You can find all the mentors and talk to them and follow them. You can watch ALL the free youtube videos. You can sign up to watch all the free webinars and show up to all the training sessions, seminars and conventions. Taking SO much time, money and effort to learn and take notes. You can pay for courses upon courses and get degree after degree. You can DO ALL THE THINGS to gain knowledge. But without action? It is worthless. If you don't put into practice what you learn, it is literally worth LESS. WHY do people do this?

Why do people learn the most incredible knowledge from the most amazing human feats, only to tuck it away in a binder somewhere? Why do people create vision boards and spend SO much time telling others about their intentions only to find the vision board a year later and say, "Hm. Well, I guess that didn't pan out. Too bad." And carelessly add it to the pile of unfilled intentions.

They do it for ONE reason only.

They aren't clear on WHY. They don't have a vision. They didn't create a crystal clear vision of WHY the training, the degree, the ideas mattered and who it matters to. WHO will their actions affect? What are the long term blessings? HOW will it make the world a better place? HOW will it make YOUR WORLD, your family's, your grandchildren's, world a better place?

Take time to really THINK on this.

I know. It is a little scary to think, to believe, that you have the power to change the world. The truth is though, that you do. And I do too. EVERY single one of us was created to live a life of joy through through seeing our own creations change the world. We feel the most intense joy and fulfillment, when we see something of our own creation benefit another human being.

So WHY do you want to create a business?

Money? Thats great. But WHY. I challenge you to ask the question, "WHY?" at least 7 times to really get to the ROOTS of why you want to create a business.

I'll share a few of my own questions and answers.

WHY do I want to create an online business?

For 100% flexibility.


Because I desire to be present with my family and raise children and I don't want to have to call in to someone when my children are sick or need me for an important event or life moment.


I know from my own experience, and from research and trends throughout humanity's history that a mother that can be home AND chooses to be intentional about mothering (some mothers are home, but are not intentional with the mothering of their children) creates the best scenario for her to know how to raise her children and nurture them and be there for the most important events and moments. With 100% flexibility she has the greatest ability to know what they have going on in life at all times, to know how to succor and teach them.

WHY is this important to you?

When children have a mom who is present in their lives, who is also invested in their life by showing up each day and being the actual one who feeds them, cooks for them, snuggles with them and reads to them and helps them through hard times- creates structure in their lives which is the foundation of security.

WHY does that matter?

Security and constant nurturing in a child's home life and support system is proven to be one of the biggest factors in a child's ability to feel that they can make mistakes and learn, that they BELONG to something and gives them a strong identity which affects self esteem, confidence, and overall happiness. It is the foundation to the creation of a life that is open to all possibility. And I have learned that for my kids, this is the best situation for their development and needs. I want to know that I did what I know is BEST for them.

What is the bottom line?

A home business offers me the flexibility to offer my kids the home life support and love they need, but also allows me the peace in knowing I didn't miss anything. That I CAN be the best mom I can be, and show up for ALL the important moments for the short time they are with me.

Yes. Creating a home business online with this vision in mind, keeps me motivated to actually DO THE WORK. TO actually take action and do hard things. To do scary things and take risks and step into my power.

SO with every reason you come up with for starting this business of yours- go through these two steps.

1) Determine what it is you have to offer. The service you want to give. Who needs this information or service or product? What paid does it solve? The energy you are WILLING to put out and understand the COST. You must understand what you will say NO to. What will CHANGE in your life. Then move to step two.

2) WHY. List out at least 10 reasons why you want to start this business and then ask at least 7 times WHY to create the compelling truth of the power that you hold to create a life that YOU know is possible for all the NOBLE reasons you want to. Some of the questions you will want to start with and then go 7 WHY's deep are:

  • Why does my service/skill/product matter?

  • WHO's problem will it solve?

  • What pain can I assist with this skill/service/product?

  • WHY do I want to work on this business at home?

  • Why do I want to become a business owner?

  • WHO will my actions as a business owner affect?

  • HOW will this business bless MY life? My family? My future grandkids?

  • Who will be my first mentor? Who do I know has done what I want to do?

  • What are the benefits to this business venture?

  • What will the cost be and why am I ok with that?

  • What will the income possibilities be?

  • Why does the income matter to me?

  • and so on......

My friend, you CAN create a business. It is 100% possible for you.

As you begin your business creation and start creating this vision for yourself, you will FEEL a powerful stirring inside. That power has always been there, and when you TAP into it through these questions and actually take action on it you will FEEL SO ALIVE. It might even scare you to feel how powerful you really are. To believe how powerful you are.

It is TRUE!

You my dear were born to make an impact.

You my dear have the POWER to serve so many people who God is lining up for you RIGHT NOW. They need your wisdom. They need your story. They need you to step into your leadership role to pave the way for others. Start creating. KNOW your WHY and the desire to take action will come!!! Don't skip step two. The ONLY reason businesses fail is because they skipped step two.

I'd love to follow your progress and cheer you on! I'd love to know what you are creating and WHAT your vision is! Find me in Social Media and message me! @robyn_whitworth1 or fb.com/robyn.c.whitworth

All my love and belief------

xo Robyn

PS-----> If you HAVE decided to jump into home business, and you are struggling to grow, you need this resource I just created with you in mind: The 5 systems you MUST have in place for your Business to actually GROW. Its a free download- and includes all the steps to get these systems in place, the assets you need to make them work, and how to implement it so you can GROW this home business immediately.

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