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Change is in the air........

Hey friends.

I am SO thrilled to be launching my brand OUTSIDE of coaching health and fitness, and into more online teaching for Mompreneurs like myself.

We've walked a LONG road my family and I learning this Momprenuer thing.

My kids and spouse have been amazing as I've learn pulled and tugged and figured out how to earn and income online and how "it all works."

I've learned a TON of valuable skills, knowledge and personal mindset lessons through coaching people through fitness, while along my own journey. I've learned the powerful impact that a positive community can bring. I've learned a crap ton about online marketing and email stuff. I've learned a LOT about giving myself grace and how to detach my emotions from my failures and see them only as data learning points on the path. I've learned allllllll about how to effectively plan my families meals, activities and our family budget so that I can work consistently from home AND be the stay at home mom that I desire to be.

Many of you are in that same boat.

That's why you read this blog. :) AND I LOVE THAT WE ARE CONNECTED!

I'm going to start a Community Page on Facebook called the Healthy Momprenuer that you are welcome to JOIN NOW!, as well as a page on Facebook called The Healthy Mompreneur, AND----- and instagram profile @healthy.mompreneur :) I'd LOVE for you to "like" and "follow" and offer ALL the feedback and share all the content!

I'm excited to assist my fellow Momprenuers in keeping themselves AND their families healthy while they work from home to build that second income while gifting the world the service, lessons, and inspiration that they want to give! I help Momprenuers find freedom from the illusion of perfection. My primary focus is on building healthy personal and family habits, eliminating self sabotage, and understand Grace to embrace imperfection to enable them to keep their commitments to themselves, their families, and their work and effectively bypassing burnout.

It's been so fun to see this side of my efforts come to clarity.

Some of the things you can expect to see that are the same:

  • Weekly Blog posts

  • Simple recipes are needed!

  • Correct info on kids health is needed!

  • Perspectives on GRACE and self sabotage are needed!

  • Home Economics tips, strategies and planning sessions explained and taught. You are working from home, because you want to build a home for those kids. You like roots. You like the atmosphere of your space and you need that baby to work like a well oiled machine if you are going to be able to create momentum and fulfillment with your home business.

  • Tips, strategies and Course offerings and Product Reviews for things that have enabled me to build a 6 figure home business while raising 5 kids and going through medical trauma

  • Family relationship tips and perspectives and communication strategies to keep the kids and husband satisfied as you build you income without feeling guilty

Some of the things you'll see that will be different:

  • More free PDF's to print out and put into action immediately

  • Weekly emails instead of Monthly. I'll email the month of menus I offer monthly still- but the other weeks I will also email tips and inspiration and ideas and motivation to keep going.

  • Online Quizzes and Polls and ads promoting my PDF's and bringing more people to our Tribe- Specifically gears towards Moms who are choosing to build a business from home

My heart is racing and I've got butterflies with the anticipation of growth this year! Growth for the TRIBE but also growth for me personally as I jump into the online courses arena and create actual Classes and Courses for others to learn how to work from home and keep their families running and keep their commitments. We need more Mompreneurs. This is something I firmly believe. BUT----- we need more skills in planning, being time intentional, understanding business strategy that WORKS with family schedules, and HUGE mindset shifts to break out of the cultural mold of "stay-at-home-mom" vs simply, "MOM." And MOM can do whatever the heck she feels called to do. I FEEL CALLED to help other moms who are working from home to get even better at working from home. I feel called to help debunk mom guilt when mom is working on her passion and sharing skills God has given her to bless those beyond her precious home. I feel called to share what I have learned and offer classes to help moms to have sustained energy and grace filled perspective to serve and bless as only women desire. I'll be taking ALL my experience and rolling it into courses and documents to help Mompreneurs thrive in the work space! If you are a mom working from home, please reach out and share with me what it is that you do that you feel passionate to share with the world! I'd love to know what it is that you feel is always pulling you back from building your business a little bigger, working more consistently, or has you feeling like you just aren't good enough to really earn income from home. I've got some strategies and tips that you are going to LOVE!!!!! So excited.

All my love and Belief-----

xo Robyn


If you aren't on my Tribe Email list, you might wanna get on that ASAP..... cuz its going to be pretty awesome my friend. :) Here's the LINK to start getting my month of menus email that already contains some of my tips and product suggestions:

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