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Chewy Oatmeal Cookies. Just like great-grandma used to make.

It seems like oatmeal cookies get passed up often- at least in my experience. But have you ever eaten an oatmeal cookie that was SO good that you realized you forgot you liked them? Thats this recipe. I've played with it a few times to get it right and this is it. Chewy, yummy, filling and satisfying. I don't even add raisins or chocolate chips.

Family History sharing why this cookie brings me a smile:

As a young girl I had great-grandparents that lived about a half mile (maybe a mile?) away. There was a dirt road that followed an irrigation ditch between two large fields behind our home that led to a country road that bordered the back of my great grandparents farm. As kids, this was often the doorway to an adventure. (And as an adult I can guess it also doubled as a piece of sanity for my mom who had 10 children

;) and also probably a moment of joy for my great-grandmother.)

We would often use this dirt road as the "escape route" from the "bad guys" who ever they happened to be in the current make believe game. My mom would let us pack a snack, often slices of bread and boiled eggs, and we'd wrap it up in a handkerchief and tie it to a long stick or broken broom handle just like "Huckleberry Finn." We could never figure out how to keep the bundle from sliding down the pole though.... lol!

Great-grandmas kitchen was often the place where we found relief from our long journey. Quite literally. She had a small bathroom that I can still picture in my mind that was just inside their back door that was often the BEST sight after a few hours of adventuring. ;)

Crazy how times have changed, huh? If my kids played outside miles away near ditches and canals I would probably get turned into the police or child services.

Anyway- after knocking on the back door of my great-grandma's house, my great-grandmother, always in a simple dress and apron, would give hugs and ask if we needed to use the bathroom. And if it felt peaceful in the house (even as kids... we could usually tell if the atmosphere was peaceful or not) we'd tentatively ask if we could stay and play. Great-grandma had a cupboard of toys in the hall from the kitchen to the living room that were very different from the ones we had at home. Think classic 1950's toys. And we knew, that if she said yes, we would also get a snack! That was the best. Great Grandma Fern always had, what I thought, were the best snacks. No doubt, because they were desserts.

Great Grandma usually offered 1 of 3 things: maple nut ice cream on a simple sugar cone or a small porcelain bowl, pumpkin raisin cookies, or oatmeal cookies. Sometimes the oatmeal cookies had raisins, and sometimes they were plain.

The cookies were always in a square Tupperware container next to her olive green refrigerator near the hallway where the bathroom was next to the back door. Yes... you bet as I walked into the house I took a little peek to see if that Tupperware was there. ;)

Every time I make this recipe I think of that yellowed Tupperware that meant a fun visit and a treat!

Do you have foods that take you back to happy childhood memories when you smell them or when you eat them?

xo Robyn

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