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Three ways to collect Emails for online business growth.

My mompreneur friends.

Moms who are on Etsy. Mom's who are in MLM's. Moms who are funning their own product or service from home, whatever variety it is. Email marketing is KING, and will be for the foreseeable future. Learning to always collect emails from EVERY event, Instagram giveaway, speech, free class, free online group challenge, etc is a necessary skill to create momentum to grow your business through online means. AKA------> working from HOME.

Using email marketing is something I did NOT grasp or believe was necessary for the first 4 years of my business. I spent HOURS privately messaging people through Facebook messenger and Instagram DM's working business conversations to bring in more clients, {lamely} supporting my clients and team members, and yes.... even sales ALL through essentially, apps. Now------ am I grateful that this behavior grew my business to 5 figures? Yes. I am. But boy oh boy..... I was BURNED OUT almost every other month. And those days that the Apps didn't work? I was screwed. I had NO OTHER way of contacting my people! I didn't have everyone's emails in one place (if I had them at all.) Luckily, I am an affiliate of a company who collects a lot of my clients emails and I could access them that way through going into several back office links. But holy moly. That took SO much time.

In January 2016 I took on a HUGE comprehensive online business training course, geared toward fitness entrepreneurs. I spent $1500 dollars on this training course. Now, the instructor wasn't my jam. I though she was going to be------ but she just wasn't. The harder I tried to like her teaching style and critiques, the more I hated how my results were turning out. My website wasn't me. My sales suffered. My team could tell something had shifted. I wasn't being authentic to me. So I dropped out of it after 5 weeks and never finished it. But- I still remembered the few lessons I did watch and take in about Email marketing and the importance of gathering emails and segmenting the list, yadayadayda. All email marketing jargon.

I remembered her saying that the Email inbox is always there. It's the physical mailbox of our time. A place where people always have an address, and can be reached. Whereas using apps and paper and pen are volatile.

Apps could be GONE in an instant if the server goes down or the owner of the app decides to lock me out of my accounts, or I get hacked and some sad person deletes my groups. And that notebook?? As a mom... you KNOW what happens to notebooks not under lock and key (These things happen. Excuse me..... let's be honest. They DID happen!) Then........... well......... 2016 took a turn for the worst with a high risk pregnancy and business activities of all sorts went down to minimum. But in 2018 I was able to kick up my business efforts again and I was invited by my business mentor and friend to attend an invite only {she could bring a guest} leadership event by our mutual affiliate company. At that event, the top performers in the entire company worldwide taught us what they were "doing" in their businesses that was moving the success needle.

EVERY SINGLE ONE mentioned their email marketing systems. EVERY one. And I was reminded of this truth about email collection, but had yet to act upon it. THEN I was layered again, when I participated in a high level leadership training from the same company and learned the same thing. Email marketing was how the most steady achievers in the company were achieving their success. They weren't messaging people multiple times. They were EMAIL blasting them at strategic times. ONE email to thousands they had collected over TIME. Something I MASSIVELY regret that I wasn't doing all along!!! I have talked to THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people that I have ZERO connection to now. Although my programs and service weren't for them THEN---- they might be NOW. But now I'll never know.

Do not let that happen to YOU my friend!

I determined to change my business strategies IMMEDIATELY. No more waiting to see if this really was what I had to do to see massive growth in my business ventures online.

I enrolled in an email list building and email marketing flow course taught online by an instructor much more congruent to my values, speech patterns and lifestyle who had seen massive online business success.

Since the course, I have begun to see the FLOW of online business and the cornerstone that this email marketing system is for it to truly grow exponentially without me working exponential hours.

I have been able to collect over a thousand emails, and have earned $15,000 in my business from using the email marketing systems I now have in place. And guess what?????? I don't work more, I work LESS. It really IS the system that creates this possibility.

I'll be teaching this system in my upcoming course! Scroll to the bottom to get on the waitlist or

So my friend-------- learn to collect emails from DAY 1 (or if you've been in business for while, today is that day!)

Here are my top three favorite ways to earn email addresses:

  1. 1. Run a free group online through Facebook that MATTERS to your Ideal Client, that you are an expert to teach.

  2. A simple 5-7 day challenge, or instruction class, or mastermind group with a specific goal you know how to help people see a quick WIN in. Create a welcome email with some killer content like a workbook PDF or technique list, recipe guide, etc that they want to have as they go through the group (I suggest you utilize Facebook groups for this and Canva.com for the PDF images) and ask for their email to send this Welcome packet to.

  3. Create an amazing PDF document (like an ebook, or recipe book, or monthly free resource) that {again} matters to your Ideal Client, and simply promote it on Social Media asking for emails to send it to them in "full PDF format" vs a pixelated jpg. Simply use a link for them to input their emails so they don't have to write it online for public bots to find. To do this, If you are familiar with Landing pages, use a landing page for this (I use Leadpages at present). Google drive has email collection page if you want to use a link from Google for the email collection part of this.

  4. 3. Do a free fun workshop/booth/class in your community and ask for emails on an entry slip for a drawing of a free product/service or simply get the emails on a list for a Free resource you have ready for them you promise to send by end of the day.

Pretty slick right?

THEN-------- you can go even further and learn about email segmenting (where they signed up, what product did they buy or class did they attend) and begin to send relevant emails to groups of people who will be further interested in what you have to offer. It is amazing how your business transactions change when you are only dealing with people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. :)

If you are unsure WHO your idea client is, I have a Client Clarity Workbook for you to do just that!

Click on this image and you'll be able to download it to your work computer and get started right away. Knowing your ideal client is foundational to forming your message, your group, your PDF, etc.

Good luck in ALL your endeavors to get your voice heard, share your story, and bring your light to a LOT more people, in a LOT less time through email marketing!

All my love and belief------

xo Robyn

PS. Did you know that in Feb 2020 I'm releasing an online course "Business Basics for Online Mompreneurs?" Ya. It is going to be pretty epic. I've rolled EVERYTHING I've learned about online business success into a step by step course to assist you in building a foundation of the basics to then grow your business as big as you want! Doesn't matter what your product, service, or skill is. This course will guide you from A-Z creating a daily do-to list, and helping you see exactly how online business is extremely profitable, mostly automated, and scalable without doing more work. I have a goal to have 100 new mompreneurs take my course to increase their sales and success! Would you like to be one of them? Get on the waiting by clicking this image:::>

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