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What you accomplish in life has little to do with your talents and gifts.

What you accomplish in life can be compared to the word, Capacity. What your capacity has been in life is the same as what you've grown in, been able to change and affect, etc. Capacity is something that I haven't done a lot of personal introspection on, YET. However, I can see from the past 6 years of my life, that I've grown in capacity in every area of my life 100 fold over the first 30 years of my life. Yes, at the time of writing this, I am 36 years old. So what changed?

As I've built two businesses from home while raising 4, and now 5 children and literally blown off any capacity lids I thought I had in the first 30 years of my life, I have been told a number of times in conversation, "I don't know how you do it all. You make my mind spin with everything you do all the time!" This remark means to me, that others see what I'm doing and accomplishing and feel that it would be unsustainable or impossible for their current capacity. I understand this perspective, as I share it also regarding other people who inspire me with their lives. I have a few heroes who I admire and truly marvel at their capacity, and strive to learn from them every chance I get.

My hope for you reading this, is that you'll know that accomplishing more in your life, doesn't have to do with your talents, your personality or your situation. And no, it isn't all about managing your time and being intentional. I know that is the buzz phrase in many circles and business motivation speeches currently. You wanna know what the "secret" is?

Are you ready for this?

It is managing your ENERGY.

It is TRUE.

How you manage your energy impacts what you can do with your scheduled time. How you manage your energy impacts how you FEEL at any given moment, which impacts everything. Your creativity, your compassion, your anxieties, your disappointments, everything. How you react to situations and how you construct the memories and data from your life moments all are affected greatly by your current ENERGY levels.

What do I mean by Energy?

I'm talking about stamina. I'm talking about alert, awake, fully presentability. I'm talking how you energize others! I'm talking how you go about your days from moment to moment.

Scientific evidence shows us that human bodies contain positive and negative charges- just like all other living things on earth. This evidence also has shown that human bodies put out a literal aura. An energy field that surrounds our bodies. They can see this aura in heat sensor tests and sound wavelength or sonar tests surrounding the live human body. I feel it is interesting to note that dead human bodies do not have this aura at all, and yet this energy seems to surround us at some degree in the air around us.

Further specific studies have shown that a few key things affect how brightly this energy shows up and in what quantity. Other studies have shown that the brighter the energy, the more happiness the subject professes to feel. The same studies have proven that the brighter the human aura (this energy) the more positive, content and yes- more Capacity for improvement, personal growth and compassion for others.

What are the things that increase this energy??

  • Daily exercise, in any form for 30-60 minutes daily. Walking, weight lifting, yoga, running, hiking, swimming, etc. There are studies that have proven that yoga alone is one of the greatest proponents of creating this energy aura. Some believe this is due to yoga poses and flows specifically targeting the "energy centers" of the human body. These energy centers seem to be our mind, heart and pelvic area- the areas housing our abilities to create all things. Life, love and our own creations formed in our minds.

  • Water intake. Water is an energy conductor. The more we have it in our bodies, the more energy we can conduct, and the wider the streams of conductivity. When we are well hydrated ALL pathways of energy in our bodies are opened for a higher capacity of energy flow.

  • Good nutrition from whole foods. Whole foods: fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, grass fed-range free protein in small quantity, and whole grains all contain the power of the sun within them. It only makes sense that the more whole we can consume the food, the more direct access we have to literally taking in the power of the sun into our bodies. Whole food eating has been proven to help with depression- and it is no wonder. The sun is a powerful energy giver. In fact, ALL energy can only exist due to the power of the sun and that miracle that it can be contained in plants, to then transfer to our bodies for energy. Eating 4-5 servings of veggies, 2-3 fruits, with limited animal protein and whole grains seems to be the best combination for high energy that we know of at this time.

  • Pre-Probiotics. Gut health is paramount to energy flow in the body. Our gut is how this energy from the sun from our food can be guided to our brain, our muscles, our nerve endings, our ligaments and all things inside our bodies that allow us to move and think and thrive and be productive. There is a delicate balance inside each of our human bodies regarding bacteria that help to break down food into forms that can be used by the body and create a space for any toxins to be safely removed from our bodies. Without these bacteria helpers we can easily be overtaken by candida and other bacterias that affect our joints, our ability to think, digestion processes, skin conditions, and overall well being. Most people choose to simply buy a high quality supplement to get these bacterias in good supply. In the past, when supplements weren't created, the healthiest humans ate a higher quantity of fermented food products which aided in this need.

  • Sleep quantity. Gettin 7-9 hours of sleep every 24 hours. During sleep, our body performs a myriad of vital functions. During sleep our body repairs. It repairs external cuts, bruises, and yes- even works on our skin renewal. It also only works during sleep on internal lacerations from poor food choices like artificial coloring and flavoring, reducing inflammation from poor lifestyle and food choices or sickness, creating white blood cells to fight infection and removing toxins from our brain tissue. These things are ONLY performed when we sleep. Ever wonder why doctors always say to rest? Even psychologist highly prescribe plenty of rest. Enough sleep can literally add years to your human life, and yes, it creates a body that can function with high energy and capacity!

  • Human connection. This one is one that not everyone thinks of. But it is vital. Who we surround ourselves with matters. Studies show that humans standing in close proximity actually affect the energy of each other. A brighter light inevitably affects the light of others around them, making the lights of others brighter. While a poor light not only has less affect but the brighter lights will often release some of their light to try and light the lower lit beings. Pretty neat, huh? The danger here, or a wonder really, is that some humans don't understand that they can control how their energy is given or kept. Another aspect of this is that when humans gather together, their lights combine into a great energy that everyone feels. Those who love it will thrive in it and crave it! Those who are uncomfortable with so much energy will shy away from so much energy. We've learned how ever, that these tendencies can be changed with personal development and psychological training. Next time you go to a football game or to church, try to be aware of the energy in the space compared to when you are alone in the hall or outside the building. It is REAL. When you have a happy marriage or partnership- your energy that you create with your partner can provide a huge amount of energy that can affect more than just your family, but it can affect everyone you meet. This is a relatively new study- but they are starting to find that happily married couples create 3x the amount of energy than a single human. Bottom line here- get some good friends with good energy.

  • Religious practice along with Mindfulness practice. Some may argue you can have one or the other here, but it has been my experience and the experience of many of my mentors and peers that both produce the greatest capacity for energy creation. Religious practices draw on symbolic practices that help us draw upon energy outside of our human abilities that are extremely effective. Belief that a loving God exists and gives guidance and hope creates an environment conducive to great energy flow. Mindfulness is being aware of how we use this energy. Literally channeling the energy that is abundantly around us for our benefit and for the benefit of others. As we are mindful of how we react, how we assist others, and how we think of and act for ourselves the energy we can control is actually significant.

So while I'd love to tell people who wish to be able to do more that it is all in the intentions you set and how well you follow through with time management, there is a bigger component that makes the former even possible, and that is your ENERGY management.

As a mom who has chosen to work from home for the time and financial freedom alongside my goals of being present for my family, this energy creation and management has become the highest priority!

Until 6 years ago I didn't have a daily routine that helped my energy. In fact, it was a totally reactionary and almost victim mentality thinking on the daily. It went something like this: get up whenever I HAVE to based on kids and scheduled plans for the day. Eat processed cereal and animal product milk. Referee the kids, clean up messes, clean, worry over our finances, reorganize home spaces, go to a job and wrangle babysitting needs or teach kids at times that were convenient for them in my home. Eat a processed bread and meats sandwich or processed sugar filled pb/j with an apple, more milk, and some processed chips or crackers. Feel obligated to sacrifice my time to do things I didn't want to do with my kids or for my neighbors. Feel a headache coming on, lie down and be annoyed at my kids. Run errands or grocery shop. Make dinner. Watch TV with my spouse, go to bed whenever I was tired.

This lifestyle rendered me stifled in my thoughts most of the time. Honestly unaware of any of the struggles of my neighbors and even my spouse a lot of the time. If offered me slow weight gain until I was 45 lbs overweight. Consistent headaches and afternoon fatigue. Poor body tone, rendering me injury prone, unbalanced and easily winded. This lifestyle offered me consistent poor food choices, which then stifled my brain more and just made the whole experience reactionary. I literally didn't understand how much nutrition mattered. I'd never known different.

7 years ago I was diagnosed with prediabetes, obesity and infertility. I took a year to change my lifestyle. It was HARD, but oh so worth it! The struggle to change my lifestyle habits created opportunities for me to lead others to a better place in their lives! My struggle to learn how to create a better life for me ultimately created a passion in me to build my first business. 5 years ago the passion was hot and it grew pretty quick. This is when I first started learning about energy and how to manage it. 3 years ago I was on bedrest with a serious pregnancy risk threatening my life and the life of my baby if anything went wrong. We delivered via planned massive surgery January 2017.

This experience caused trauma to my mind and body. Recovering from the ordeal with a preemie baby has proved to be more of a lifestyle change than the previous struggle. However, at the time of writing this I've come a LONG way. :) Through learning to heal from mental illness I have learned more about spiritual healing, emotions, mindfulness and energy creation and energy destruction than I ever have before. Learning the power of our mindset, routines and the effects of what we put into our minds and bodies has brought more joy in my life than I ever even conceived was possible. How do these things bring joy? Because they are rooted in enduring TRUTH. These things I'm teaching you today are TRUTH. They are enduring. They won't change.

Once you embrace and live truths in your life, you start to live a life of integrity and ongoing joy no matter your situation.

I felt to include my daily routine now, as an illustration of what an Energy producing and sustaining life might look like.

Monday-Friday this is my routine:

I wake up to an alarm between 5:30-6am.

I exercise for 20-40 minutes using an online gym in my home.

I shower/get dressed and make my husband's lunch and kiss him on his way to his job.

I meditate and pray and write in a gratitude and affirmation journal.

7am. Kids are up and doing their chores and making lunches. I make them a fresh breakfast that is planned out a week at a time and posted on the fridge. I drink tea.

Kids 1-4 go to school. Toddler is home with me and for the most part simply has unstructured play. She has paints, and dolls, and dress up, and toys that keep her occupied with a few ideas from me every now and then. She usually is in whatever room I'm in.

9am. I clean house for an hour while listening to uplifting talks, speeches, scripture or books using earbuds. I pray for guidance in my workday and write down any ideas that come to me.

I sit down to my computer and start on my work list.

I get up every hour to stretch, drink water and breathe deeply for 5-6 minutes maybe give the toddler a snack or some direction on another activity.

I eat a large breakfast around 11am. Usually eggs with veggies.

Sometimes the toddler naps around 1pm, sometimes not. But if she does, I'll take time to read to her and snuggle for awhile. I'll eat a light lunch around 1-2pm. Usually a meal replacement shake powder that includes my pre-probiotics, fruits and veggies and plant based all natural protein.

Work ends around 3pm. I usually work 5 hours a day. I create a list during the workday that will be my work list for the following day.

Kids are home around 3:30pm, and now it's time for Family focus time.

Homework, playdates, activities, service to others, calls for appointments or bills, etc.

5:30pm I make a homemade dinner daily- its all planned out one week at a time and posted on the fridge. Spouse comes home and we greet each other with a kiss and hug.

More activities, date night if it's Friday, and then the youngest 3 go to bed around 8:30pm.

The two teens go to bed at 9-9:30pm.

My husband and I decompress with an episode of TV or novel reading from 9-10pm, talk about our days and needs, and then lights out and evening prayer at 10:30pm.

On the weekends we do all the fun things! However, my morning routine 6-9am and evening routines 6-10pm pretty much stay the same. When I travel, I try to keep with this routine as well.

Obviously this is the ideal. There are ALWAYS interruptions or unforeseen needs or those times I am needed at the school or whatever. But this is the base plan. And I LOVE IT. I love that I get to work from home doing things that LIGHT ME UP! I love to teach online and create content that helps people live more purposeful, and peace filled lives that lend opportunities to increase their capacity at every opportunity. I LOVE to help moms learn how to work from home too so that they can serve more people while raising their kids. I LOVE that we have weekends to play and to connect! We also play two family trips a year where we totally unplug and play hard for a week or so. My husband and I try to get away alone for a 3-4 day trip 2-3x a year as well. I've learned to schedule in activities that bring good energy to our family and home! We hike, we swim, we go to new destinations and see and do and love. We take risks and try to grow as a family.

Taking care of my energy has created the opportunity to help my kids and husband to learn about theirs. When my kids are struggling at school or with friends, energy is a subject we talk about. When they have an unexplained headache or body aches, we talk about nutrition and what they've been eating. It has been SO COOL to see them start to draw correlations between their food, their sleep, and their activities and how it makes them feel mentally and physically. I have zero doubts that this awareness alone will affect their lives positively in a HUGE way, and I'm so grateful!

ALL of these things help my energy management. When I am feeling fatigue, it is almost always a simple fact of straying from doing things that build energy and protecting my energy through managing my time and associations with it in mind.

So----- how do I do all that I do?

I have created a lifestyle that is conducive to energy creation, sustainability, AND my favorite part---- the ability to SHARE it!

I hope that this information has opened your eyes to the importance of energy management and the essential piece that it is in human life and the creation of human JOY!

All my love and belief in your endeavors as a mom, a ceo, and friend.



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