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Your ability to focus and follow through on big goals, are dependent on your belief about TIME

"I struggle with working from home because there’s always something to be done (laundry, dishes, etc.). How do you focus on your business and set everything else aside?"

This question is the KING of all moms who are working from home.

Time management is a human struggle the day we learn how to tell time with a clock.

WHY? Because once we learn how to tell time, all of a sudden our days become LINEAR. They have a start, a middle, and an end.

Think about it! Before you knew how to tell time, usually around age 5, there was little true concept of time. You played, you rested, you ate, and someone else dictated when these things happened. You struggled to understand why grandma and grandpa's visit took SO LONG to get here when your mom told you they'd be coming "soon."

Then you got older, and started to learn that school was a certain number of hours, that church was only on 1 day and it took a few hours, that your mom expected you to be able to get dressed and ready in under 5 minutes at times. You learned that there is a certain amount of time (according to a clock) allotted to certain tasks.

And the kicker? As you go further in life, you learn that there are certain time allotments given for certain activities, and your ability to do them at certain times gave them more or less value. You saw the driver get amazingly angered at a 2 minute traffic light. You learn that a 2 minute traffic light is unacceptable. You see that sister yell crazily to her friend that she is "taking too long! {It} shouldn't take that long." Wow. Something her sister did was unacceptable, and her time value on whatever it was must have been WRONG. Your own parents may have demanded that you to learn the skill of getting dressed, showered, and fed in under 15 minutes Sunday morning. You find that some "appropriate" time allotments are too short for you... and that builds shame or confusion. You learn that some allotments given are too long, and you feel bored and misled. You even learn that the verb spending, used when referring to MONEY, also applies somehow to TIME. This observation can lead to yet another added layer to the belief that TIME is LINEAR. That time comes and goes and you have to be careful of it. Scarcity enters in with this belief.

Why talk about this time stuff?

Because how you manage your time, has EVERYTHING to do with how you SEE time in your mind and how you VALUE the time you "spend."

The mompreneurs who are extremely productive, have learned to see time differently than the ones who struggle to be intentional with time and see their work time is JUST as equally important as the laundry, the dishes, the park play date.

In fact, the most successful people on this planet, in their books and talk shows, etc, almost always will touch on the concept of TIME, and how they stopped actually worrying about what time it was on the clock, and started worrying about HOW they were living each day and WHAT they were doing while they were ALIVE, regardless of how much time or the lack of time something took. They started living to LIVE, to SERVE, to just do as much as possible no matter what. They didn't get hung up on if a goal took 4 months or 4 years. The goal mattered to their life and the lives of so many, it didn't matter how short or long in actual TIME. They know that their goal will live on with or without them. They believe in it THAT much. They just plug away, day in, day out. They know that some things will be days, and some things will be minutes but they don't place a personal feeling or belief on either one. They are just GRATEFUL that they came to pass! There is no time assigned to their goals, there is no TIME assigned to their PURPOSE. Everything they do is EQUALLY valued, no matter the time.

When I hear Mom's are "trying" to make the time to work from home, declaring they feel that things like laundry, housekeeping, taking care of their toddler, and carpool keep them from doing something that they feel passionate about, I know that they are stuck in a belief that TIME is their master. They believe that the TIME that these tasks take is LONG, so they ALLOW them to take a long time. Does that make sense? They also believe that these tasks are important for a reason only they know, and so they give them priority time allotments.

Catch this:

I used to fold my laundry while watching a Netflix episode. The show I liked at the time had 42 minute episodes. It was called, "Once Upon A Time."

Any OUAT fans? lol! The point, is that I gave myself 42 minutes to fold laundry. Sometimes I did 5 loads in that time. Sometimes I did ONE. But it always took 42 minutes, because that was the time I gave it. That was the "value" if you will, that I gave it. When I was envisioning "laundry time" I immediately associated it with a 42 minute episode. Sounds crazy. But keep reading---

When I was learning to be intentional with my days in 2014, I went through a period of time when I actually timed some of my daily activities and you know what? Folding 5 loads of laundry takes me about 20 minutes. When I compared that to my 42 minute episode, my VALUE about living intentionally deep inside of me fired off a wakeup call that I was WASTING those other 22 minutes.

I just found 22 minutes.

Furthermore, I listen to personal development on audio during my 20 minute laundry sessions. MUCH better use of my life.

Another example:

I used to think it took me 30 minutes to "get ready." You know what? When I'm focused and don't dink around with new colors or looking at the shape of my lips or making faces at myself (am I the only one?), it takes me 8 minutes to do all my face/teeth stuff, and 15 minutes if I do my hair in something other than a braid.

I just found 15 minutes.

One last one- I think you are getting the picture:

I used to allot an HOUR for dinner prep. Now? I allot 30 minutes for dinner prep and guess what? I only look up recipes that are 30 minutes. And amazingly we still get fed great food!

I just found 30 minutes.

Friends. It is NEVER a lack of time.

Only a shift in how you are defining the time you have, and how intentional you are with it!

I dare you to TRACK the amounts of time you have assigned to things you do.

So I ask you--------------

If you aren't finding TIME to do your business, what are you giving your time to? What is it that you feel needs SO MUCH time?

It has been my experience that working from home only takes a few hours a day. Those hours can be found EVERYWHERE. Track your time my friend, and you'll find the time. Time isn't linear. It does just GO GO GO without you. You CHOOSE what you do each minute, and how you feel about it, and you can CHANGE how you do things to make dreams happen!

But back to the more pressing mindset shift in this question at the top. This idea that I'm "setting priorities aside" to work my home business.

*deep breath*

Friend. I'm not setting ANYTHING aside to work my business.

I'm not letting things slip. I'm not allowing the laundry to pile up or forgetting to feed my family or vetoing date night to be successful.

I've simply shifted my belief that these goals MATTER--> just as much as my family. I know. BIG shift there.

Until you believe that your work is JUST as important as your family, you won't be intentional with your time for it. End of story.

You've heard me say it. You've heard Simon Sinek say it (he wrote an entire book about it!). You've heard Oprah and John Maxwell say it. You've heard ALL the people say it.

Your WHY determines your level of TRY.

Your WHY must make you CRY (or you know, there needs to be a DEEP emotional connection)

When your WHY is big enough, you'll find your HOW.

Find your WHY and you'll find your WAY.

You lose your WAY when you lose your WHY.

The list goes on and on.

WHY are you doing what you are doing? WHY did you start this home business?

Have you written your vision? Do you remind yourself of it DAILY? We are HUMANS and we need reminders alllll the time to stay on task. Ya... we never really grew out of that in second grade. It's kind of a human condition that comes with us always. ;) Embrace it.

Just because your WHY might take YEARS------- doesn't mean it isn't worthy of your life and that time you allot! TOO many mompreneurs feel a goal is taking too long, a goal is too hard, a goal just isn't happening because of x (a pregnancy), y (a new location), or z (lack of skill) so they STOP moving forward! It is SO SAD to me. They had goals to get their family out of debt from a hard season of life when they made decisions that limited their choices. They had goals to finally go on a cruise with their spouse and reconnect and heal their marriage. Can you imagine the ripple affects that ONE week of healing would have had on GENERATIONS? They had goals to get out on a family vacation and not stress about work days they were missing. They had goals to help hundreds of women learn a skill that would save them YEARS of stress or sickness. The affect THIS would have on the WORLD is numberless. They had a goal to create a school in a place that desperately needed it! They had goals to donate thousands to a cancer research fund that saved them or their child. And the list goes ON.


These goals MATTER. YOUR GOAL MATTERS, that is why you created it. Your GOALS are bigger than you. Your GOALS are creating a LEGACY.

These goals were born out of a desire deep in your heart that wasn't just put there on a whim. You thought about this. You connect with this! This goal, is a DREAM. A dream that you are 100% capable of brining to fruition. And what is MORE? When you accomplish your dreams, it shines a LIGHT on all the people who are connected to you and inspires THEM to live intentional too. Your persistence, your belief ripples out and touches unknown numbers of people. Your example through reaching your goals and dreams and putting it out there creates goodness and hope in this world that MATTERS. YOU reaching those goals matters to your KIDS. It matters to your marriage.

So forget worrying about the stupid laundry and the dishes and the 30 minutes that takes. Can we just be grateful that we HAVE laundry to do and dishes in the sink that we created to have amazing meals and be in control of our food and just get it done as fast as possible?

Forget worrying about the time it takes to put the kids to bed. Can we just be grateful that we ARE here to put our kids to bed and then move on?

Get those things DONE, and then MOVE ON.

Don't assign a VALUE to those tasks that somehow makes them above or below your daily time value. They just have to be done.

If your work time is 6 hours a day and your kid time was 2? Does that mean your work is more valuable than your kids that day? What are you, crazy? Thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard. My kids are valuable to me 24/7 whether I spent 2 hours a day or 20 minutes with them. You KNOW THIS too.


I'm NOT setting aside my life to work my business.

My business is PART OF MY LIFE'S WORK.

This "Healthy Mompreneur" work I'm doing? This Brand? It is built on this idea that moms CAN work from home and be really successful and really LOVE IT. That moms can be IN the HOME, affecting their children as closely as possible. They will be able to be the NATURAL intentional parents they WANT to be. This by itself will affect GENERATIONS. What about Moms learning about eating healthy and exercise and meal plan for their families? I believe all of what I'm doing will in a way preserve our family centered SOCIETY that will perpetuate our race! I KNOW that helping moms earn an income from home creates freedom of time to create more family bonding through vacations and time for extracurricular activity experiences. It will create more peace in the homes and potentially in marriages when money isn't a stressor! SO MANY THINGS that I have experienced, that I KNOW are possible and working from home has been the main catalyst for this. I think of all of these implications when things get hard. This is my WHY.

There is NO value or up or down I put on it. It isn't more important or less important than my top priorities. It is LEVEL with them.

My life's work is my marriage, my kids, my work, my faith. Not in that order. They ALL take the time they need.

Some days my faith takes hours.

Some days my kids take hours.

Some days my work takes hours.

Some days my marriage takes hours.

And I equally love it all and value it all!

I am intentional with my kids. I take the time to review each week and see how I did in my priorities. Some weeks I realize I worked a TON and see how it affected my family. If there are no negative repercussions, I don't think another thing of it, and count it a blessed week when a crap ton got done and the needle moved forward and I'm GRATEFUL. Some weeks I worked a ton and my kids are frustrated and my spouse is giving me looks. I take that into account, look at what happened that week so I can LEARN. Then I reconcile if I need to and plan my forthcoming weeks better.

It really IS that simple.

I know this was long.

But I KNOW how big of an obstacle this can potentially be and I want you to overcome it as soon as possible.

Let go of the limiting beliefs that have you valuing your house over your humans and your ability to make a difference in the world. Let go of the limiting beliefs you have about TIME. Live EVERYDAY doing what you are HERE to do. Work on the goal as LONG or as SHORT as it needs. The VALUE is the same!

The world NEEDS you to follow through.

You were BORN for this.

All my love and belief-

xo Robyn

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