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Free 5 Day Group boosting positivity, immunity, and energy!



and Squats.

It is true my friend! These three things will up-level your immunity and energy game.

Soups are an age old food item that comes in all shapes and sizes but the principle of a soup is a bunch of ingredients thrown together that are cooked altogether and make one amazing culinary experience. One main flavor that somehow has a little hint of each ingredient in it. A good stew or soup is by far one of my favorite things when I'm feeling like I need simplicity in my life or if my body is really feeling low. They are soft in texture and color and offer comfort in all the ways possible. Soups have us cooking vegetables along with proteins and grains for long periods of time cooking a perfect amino acid profile for the body to be able to then take and build a healthy body with it. If you drink all the broth, you are also going to get a ton of nutrition from all those foods that was cooked out. Soups are an easy way to get good fiber that will help your digestion stay steady, offering you longer stints of energy throughout the day.

Salads? Well.

They are just the physical creation of a party on a plate.

Salads come in all shapes and sizes like a soup. Only they aren't cooked most of the time. You are getting fresh fruits and veggies in their raw form, offering the body raw nutrition and good sensory experience. The colors. The textures. The immediate gratification of the raw flavors popping one at a time in your mouth as move through the salad. Salads also offer good fiber and nutrition without any broth. Salads usually offer healthy fats like avocado, nuts, and oil based dressings that allow quick energy for our brains and good fats to help our arteries and hormone balance.

And Squats- this one is one of my favorite.

Did you know that the human body has 3 energy centers? Three places where the electrical energy flowing through the body stops and makes exchanges and picks up more energy. Our brain, our heart and our pelvic cavity. When we do a good deep squat (of course carefully, with our knees staying behind our toes) and then stand up and thrust our hips forward gently we stretch and open our pelvic cavity creating a sort of energy wave that will shoot through our entire body within the next 2-3 breaths we take. Doing just 10 squats a day improves energy circulation. In fact, "doing just 15 minutes of cardio each day, where we are firing all the pelvic bones and muscles is proven to not only improve energy, but improve our mood just as effectively as an anti-depressant." (The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor) Did you know there are multiple ways to squat? Primal squat, sitting squat, toe squat.... I didn't even know all the ways until I was intentional about doing them right and discovered them! ha!

I am putting together a FREE experience for me and you.

Ya. This kind of stuff just gets me excited and I love to do fun exciting things with my friends. Even if it's online. :)

Did you know that being part of something as simple as a soup, salad, and squat group that is full of positivity, doing something healthy for you, and just having that daily reminder to be intentional with how you are treating yourself can change your life?

Its true. 7 years ago I was part of an online group for the first time, and it changed me. For the first time I saw so many women who had very full lives coming together to do something GOOD. Not through the church. Not because their community asked them to. Just become some amazing people got together and just decided to be awesome and hold each other accountable in a positive way, to change some things about their lives.

I've been creating FREE groups regularly since that time and I absolutely love each and every one!

I'm inviting YOU to join me in this next free group experience!

I've pulled together some Soup recipes, some Salad recipes, and yes, several squat positions for us to try together.

Click this image:

April 2 is prep time. April 6 is GO-time.

April 2 we will start 4 days of prep. You'll choose from the soup and salad recipes I upload into the group or your own, we'll introduce ourselves to the group, then we will kick off 5 days of Soups, Salads and Squats April 6-10th! I will post daily in the group with positivity, fun and instruction- and ask that you report in each day with which soup and salad you had for a meal that day and which squat you did as well as comment on others posts in the group!

Sound like a simple way to get that body moving, that nutrition in, and just be doing something for YOU that is GOOD? A win for each day?


Let's do this.

Sign up for the Group by clicking here and letting me know your email:

5 day Soups, Salads and Squats

Hope to see YOU soon!

xo Robyn

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