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The Quickest way to get your home business up and running? Make mistakes and make money.

I'm going to do it. I'm starting an online business! Now what?

First of all I am seriously lighting up at the prospect of another mompreneur in the world working from home. Let's link arms and make your goals HAPPEN.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. You started this thing to earn money. We all know you did. Sure you have noble goals like improving the world by helping others improve their quality of life with the knowledge you are about to put out there. I get it, like, 100%. Probably like 120%.

But if money doesn't come in as a direct exchange of the energy it took your clients to earn, for the energy you are willing to put out, your business will die.

End of story.

"Robyn," you say, "I am not expecting to earn a lot at first. I understand that businesses take time. I can be patient." And thats awesome. But the fact still is, that you need to earn money for SO many reasons.

I've got 4 steps for you to take toward making the RIGHT mistakes on the way to finding the right people who WANT to make this exchange, onto the RIGHT path for you to earn money. In step 4, I actually GIVE you the script to ask for the sale. The step that for one reason or another, my fellow mompreneurs are scared to tackle. I've made it easy and understandable for you. Here we go-

Step one: Make a BOAT LOAD of mistakes learning how your audience behaves toward you through social media posting.

(I was going to say, Butt Load, but then I didn't know how many of you would react happily to that. For the record though, a Butt Load actually is a measurement of volume in the world of Wine Production. lol! I LOVE random facts. I hope you do too. ;) )

Jump in. Start looking for your ideal customer! Have you defined who that is? Check out my facebook live on it HERE. Your idea customer is one who NEEDS what you have to offer. They have a pain point that you USED to have before your service or product came into their lives. Whether real or figurative. You must think in that space to be successful in finding who these people are. Start sharing posts in social media from the perspective of your Ideal client, how they felt, and now how they feel. Share YOUR story about how YOU felt and how you feel now. Be descriptive and authentic, but light and positive. ALL humans desire to feel positive at their core. This rule of putting a positive spin or ending on things is a must when communicating online and hoping to build trust there.

Some posts won't results in much engagement. Some of your posts will be WILDLY successful. But if you don't post much at all, you will NEVER find out which kind appeals to your clients more. Yep. We are appealing to your clients. They are the ones with the pain, they need to be spoken to from their perspective. :) Post post post. And post some more. Upwards of 2 a day, or at least 5-6 days a week. Write down all the questions that you know your ideal customers are thinking in their minds regarding your product or service, and address them all in your posts. You'll likely feel that the posts that don't get any engagement were a "waste of time" and therefore a failure. Or Mistake. My friend, you are on the RIGHT TRACK. Make LOTS of mistakes!!

Take a basic online ad course and put an ad out there. Put a little money behind it, in fact, run two. See which one works better after a few days and then delete the other. Was it a failed ad? No! It was the reason you aren't going to waste money on an ad that your audience isn't relating to. Make LOTS of mistakes so you find the RIGHT paths FASTER.

Before long, you'll start seeing who is interested in your stuff. You'll start building a presence online. Don't worry about offending people or worrying about what your old coworker will think about your posts and business venture. If they aren't your ideal client, you can simply live in the mindset that they aren't who you can serve in this way, and they likely won't follow you in this space anyway, you are more concerned about serving your future clients and solving their pains. Now, if your coworker IS your ideal client, I'd be asking them to test products, read articles and give feedback, all the things. Thats a GREAT opportunity for you to do some quality research.

Step 2: Create a system for consistent ONLINE presence.

This is an online business. You must have an online presence. Just like the grocery store has its sign in multiple locations in your city- you have the entire unknown expands of cyberland to make yourself known. As search engines and social platforms are wired today, they promote the pages and groups and links that are used the most. How do you get clicked the most? By keeping your "OPEN" sign on every single day. The internet doesn't sleep. When people go to search for relevant articles for medical or health- and they see the date is 2003? They are VERY unlikely to click. But an article published in the current year? or better yet the last 1-2 months? It's almost a 100% click rate. Makes sense doesn't it? If you are searching for top home business tips, will you click the one from 2009? Or one the says "Best online business practices from 2019 and into 2020!" Ya. You and I both know that you'd click the most recent. The bots crawling the internet for the most consistent and most used, are going 24/7. Algorithms in social media have similar bots. They are looking for accounts that actually have engagement and will promote them over accounts that are not. The good news- is that if you show up once a day in cyber land, thats all you need to do. But you MUST do at least that. Don't want to be online daily? Good news- there are scheduling tools for almost all websites and social media accounts. You can create your posts with photos or links, whatever you want, and the hit a "schedule" button and customize when you want it to appear. :) Pretty slick, right? Its SO SO simple to be consistent in your online presence, but you MUST have a plan to show up consistently.

What do I do?

I have a slot in my weekly schedule for content creation. Usually this is Monday's. I sit down for a good 2-3 hours and create content. I have an ongoing list in a Google document. I have a goal to add one subject for content every time I post/podcast/go LIVE on Facebook about my subject. I also keep the link to the published content so I can easily find it to repurpose it across my chosen platforms. I also have a slot MONTHLY where I dedicate a few hours to create content as well, because I know that not every week is going to flow like my calendar says it could. AKA momlife. Having this monthly time to sit down, do some market research to find out the topics my ideal client needs, wants and it searching online, and then create 2-3 posts/blogs, etc about that to have in line helps a LOT. I call this Batch working. I get a BATCH of work done on one random day that allows me to still function during weeks when unexpected stuff hits. You know, sick kids or car repairs, or an amazing opportunity pops up that I want to take, etc. I have Batch working slots for social media posts, blogs, email newsletters, etc. Sure I have a goal to do these things during my work hours each day, but as a mom at home with kids, it doesn't always get done. It just doesn't.

Will you make mistakes? YES!

You will NOT get your content out on time some weeks. You will not think of good subject lines and topics. You will forget to include the right photos on your posts. You'll schedule your posts for the wrong days and some detail oriented follower will pick up on it and message you about it. And what's more---- if your content is REALLY good, and you are causing some mindshifts in your audience, you'll even get HATER messages. I especially love this one because I've learned that when the haters show up, I'm making an IMPACT in the general thinking patterns of my audience. The haters are those that have done what I've done, or thought what I thought and they gave up on it and created beliefs to feel better about why they didn't stick it out/change. My posts make the uncomfortable. This is a GOOD thing for online business. Influence, impact, and change the world!!! But you MUST make mistakes to learn the best system for you. I guarantee that the first system you create, and even the 2nd or 3rd will NOT be the best system. And then, when you have a baby or spouses job hours change, or whatever life brings, cuz it will, your system will likely change again. Don't stress. Just be willing to make mistakes again to figure out a new flow.


Are you familiar with time blocking? Time blocking will save your life as a mom working from home. Learn to see your time in BLOCKS or chunks. (Chunks seems like such a mom word. lol!) Look at your day and block out time blocks for certain tasks. Look at what is up and coming in your week on Sunday nights, and then use your calendar system on the computer you use the most (every software has some type of scheduling/calendar system) to block out what you need to move the needle in your business. The last piece to this...... HONOR IT. Once you honor your schedule, your goals will appear. Honoring your TIME with intention, is honoring the LIFE YOU WERE GIVEN.

STEP 4: Ask for people to buy your product by telling them as much.

You believe in what you have to offer. YOU KNOW how much your potential client's life will be changed with it. Do NOT let yourself believe that they deserve less than to be notified that what you offer requires money in exchange for it. I can't tell you how many times I have been mentoring a new business owner mom and she shows me conversations she's having with potential clients, and she NEVER asks them "if they'd like to move forward with their purchase." I'm like, um, isn't that the REASON you brought them into this space? Aren't they talking to you because they WANT what you have to offer? Why aren't you making this EASY for them? When I pose these questions to my students they often say something like, "I don't want to be pushy or salesy."

Pushy? or Salesy? I don't know about you, but when a sales person (yes, when you open a business, you are also a salesperson) drags me through 3-4 minutes of random conversations getting to know me or launches into a spiel of facts and processes without ASKING me for what I wanted/needed (my pain points) when I CAME to their store for a reason, I immediately put my guard up. I DROVE to this store. I had a NEED in mind. When no one asks me directly I get frustrated and start to wonder if I need to go to another store. I'm like, "do they want me to buy here? Or are they so distracted they just really aren't going to give me a positive experience and I should go elsewhere. Maybe they don't really know anything about this product I think I need...." You will NOT succeed in online business if you don't learn to ASK for the sale.

Pushy salespeople are not this. Pushy sales people are the ones who don't LISTEN. Pushy sales people are the ones who PUSH a sale on you that you aren't asking for. They use persuasive language, they try to "convince" you that its a good deal when you weren't asking for that product.

"Salesy" people are the weirdos. The ones who are up in your face, handing you products and dripping words of "3 for 1!" or "You know you want this...." and you had ZERO intention of buying anything they have to offer but you consider buying just to get them to get away from you.

My friend I can guarantee that you are NOT either of those people and it would be SUPER hard for you to be. Having conversations authentically, asking questions to be sure your product is a good fit, and then asking for a sale if it is, OR offering a referral or resources if its NOT, is how it's done.

You can use this script once you KNOW that your product or service is what someone needs based on what they've told you.

"Thank you for answering my questions and sharing this information with me! I'm going to highly recommend {___product x y and or z___} to begin with.

This will assist your goals {____a, b and or c___}.

Once you purchase, {____ give them the first 2 steps they will experience or take after they purchase___example: "You'll get a confirmation email from *youremail*. Forward that to me, and then I'll {____send a welcome email, connect back with you to add you to your group, send you the first steps to using product x___} since you'll want to start today."

"Is that what you'd like to move forward with today? Any other questions or concerns?"

They answer yes they are ready,

You reply, "Ok. What is the best email to send the purchase link to?"

They give their email.

"Perfect, thank you. When do you anticipate putting this through. I'd like to make sure it goes through without issue."

They give a time.

"Ok, perfect! I'll be watching for it. If I don't see it, would you like me to shoot off a reminder email or message? I know you are busy, and if you are like me, reminders are the BOMB."

They usually say yes if it won't be immediate.

Then follow through on your promise. :)

There you have it.

The quickest way to get your business making money and flowing with ideal clients, is to start posting in social media and see what people respond to. Then do the groundwork to talk to the right people and show up consistently and then ASK for the sales if they are ready. You will make a TON of mistakes getting into a rhythm, but you WILL get there. The more mistakes, the faster. Then honor your TIME. Give time to your goals and your goals will HAPPEN. Give yourself GRACE that it will be MESSY, and people might get the wrong links or interpret your posts wrong. Remember that they don't have YOUR perspective and your dreams or the power to make choices for you. YOU have the power to create an wildly profitable, wildly revered business. And finally, ask for the sale when the right person shows up. They NEED what you have! Don't do them a disservice by leaving them hanging.

I've talked about systems in this post.

There are 5 basic systems that you'll want to start putting in place as soon as possible once you have some money flowing and have made your first few sales. I mapped out my own processes and systems, and put them in a downloadable PDF document so you can set them up for your business too! Check out the FREE Download here: The 5 Systems you MUST have in place to GROW your online business.

Cheers to staying home with our kids and serving the world all at the same time.


All my love and belief,

xo Robyn

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