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Becoming a Mompreneur: How to get Started

Recently a mom friend of mine I highly admire who has held many high paying traditional jobs stated,

"I want to be a Mompreneur and work online from home. But I haven't done anything about it simply because I don't know where to start!"

This had my mind GOING! How did I start? What were the first steps? Why would someone want to be a mompreneur? Why did I want to become one? What does Mompreneurship hold that other opportunities do not?

Let's unpack that for a second.

What DOES Mompreneurship provide??

Here are just a handful of the blessings I have experienced from becoming a Mompreneur:

  • Total personal time freedom: this is a BIG one. Time freedom is freedom to honor your life however you see fit. This is freedom to say yes, or no to any commitment that you want! No time clocks. No calling in sick. 10 minutes late to the playdate? No biggie! Want to host a play date? Awesome. A parent or sibling is ill? NO biggie. Hop in the car and go help out. Kids are sick? No biggie. Just shift your schedule around and snuggle that sweetie pie. Need to meal plan and get the groceries shopped for? DONE. Need to exercise? DONE. Go have a hot shower at 11 am? Sure! Why not? Family vacation for 10 days? Let's do it! Just need a day (or three) to take things slow and regroup your mind by reading, eating nourishing foods, and taking warm baths with meditation music going? DO IT. This one is BIG for me.

  • Corporate Pyramid ghosting: Working in corporate America, while a huge blessing for many with so many jobs always available, feels like you're on a hamster wheel in a huge a cage. Everyone is running, running, running trying to "get everything done" for the day only to clock in and start it all over again the next day. It feels like insanity! And the politics of management positions and career ladder climbing and 2% raises based on performance reviews.... if there is a hell designed for me, that would definitely be a part of it. The skewed way some companies pay based on education and certifications vs real experience astounds me. Only to turn the coin and see that some companies won't hire without experience AND certifications/degree, but how does one gain experience without being hired? Then there is issues around equal rights regarding work load, compensation, and the never ending dramas of sexual harassment. Can we just agree that women and men in the workplace still struggle with equality? The whole scene is NOT for me. And I am totally ok with that!

  • Economic Autonomy: I get to choose when I get paid, how I get paid, and how much I get paid. I can choose to earn $4,890 in a month, or $500 in a month. I can choose to earn $400 a day or $1,300 a day. And YES, I've done both. I get to choose how I contribute to the economy, when I influence, how much and who benefits. I get total choice in my level of independence and how I use my precious time here on earth. As a mom of 5, who wants to be 100% present in my kids' lives, provide experiences of growth, learning, creativity, and exploration as well as just one on one time doing fun things and not really worrying about money is wonderful. I believe in frugality, planning, and living on a budget. But being in control of WHY I am living more frugal or not is a HUGE goal of mine that this lifestyle offers.

  • Freedom to always just be ME. No uniform. No titles. No panty hose. No pumps. Just dance parties with the kids in the kitchen, late night episodes snuggling my husband, teaching online to my heart's content, empowering moms to be HOME and add that structure to our societies! Yet to be home and make a living using THIS incredible tool, the internet! I believe this business I have created (isn't that SO cool? I CREATED a business!!!) builds doorways for moms to come home, serve thousands, but always have the CHOICE to serve her family and her own needs FIRST. How powerful is this world you and I are creating? A world of stable homes, stable finances, fulfillment through service, and freedom from the pressures of glass ceilings, politics, and leaving children alone TOO much. A world where the most powerful force, a mother, can leave stress, worry, and comparison behind and enter a world of light, love, confidence and compassion.

Keep reading if you are ready to have this door OPEN to you! It REALLY IS POSSIBLE!

HOW to get started as a Mompreneur:

  1. Step 1: Get PASSIONATE. Allow yourself to DREAM. If there were NO limits on your emotions, your circumstances, your bank account, your physical state, what would you do? If someone said they would be your coach, your financier, your guide, all of it, you just had to come up with the ideas of how you would serve your fellow humans- what would you choose to do? Hint. God is that mythical character. The Angel Investor. The mentor. The coach. Go with me here to a basketball analogy that I've loved since hearing it from a mentor. There is an entire basketball court of superstars on this earth WAITING for you. Waiting to hear your number that God is calling to enter the game. He's got the ball, and He's waiting for you to open your hands, step onto the court and take it to the basket. If you feel that little stirring in your gut that you were made for more, that you have something to share, something that helps, something that matters- you've heard your number. STEP ONTO THE COURT. Say it out loud, that thing that you would do if you didn't have any limits. It is PROVEN, that once we allow our brain to conceptualize an idea, it will immediately begin to find the resources, tools and creative process to make it come into existence. We were BORN with the ability to CREATE. And evidence tells us OVER and OVER that this ability to CREATE is not only beautifully vastly different between humans, but it creates the HIGHEST feelings of happiness in all humans. YOU NEED TO ACT on what you DREAM of!

  2. Step 2: Get mentors. Read books. Find the people who have done something similar to what you want to do. Just because someone did something similar, does NOT mean you aren't needed. NO one will accomplish it like you will. It took me far too long to cross this bridge in my entrepreneurial journey. Don't be like me. Be better. Take action on your dreams faster than I did! You'll find that the most successful people in this world offer loads of free value and affordable resources when you look for it.

  3. Step 3: TAKE ACTION. Take MASSIVE action. Sure, it will be overwhelming at times. Sure. It's scare as all get out at times. Sure. That's because we are HUMAN. We experience emotions to let us know when we need a rest, when we need a pep talk, when we need to just GO FOR IT because we are so full of passion and light and excitement! Don't let the fears get you down. Turn fears into curiosity ("What if I succeed?" vs "what if I fail") and excitement for the road ahead! The only way you'll gain clarity on what you want to do, how to do it, and how NOT to do it, is to take action. With every step you take you will learn something. With every step you'll illuminate more of your purpose, your joy and the next paths waiting for you. The people that are meant to hear your voice are WAITING for you. They won't hear my voice. Well, they might hear it but they won't believe I can help them. But they WILL hear and believe in YOU. YOUR PEOPLE are waiting. God is orchestrating a wonderfully amazing path for those people to cross your path, but if you don't get moving, they'll miss out and have to struggle longer before they find someone else. I guarantee it.

I have created a FREE workshop for Mompreneurs sharing the framework I use for RELIABLE monthly income. I'm inviting you to come to this class. If you've read this far, you MUST do yourself a favor and start NOW.

I KNOW that you know (or I hope you know) that the success of an online business has very little to do with the person who is building it, and EVERYTHING to do with HOW they build it. I've met Mompreneurs in ALL situations, sizes, ages, stages of emotional stability or intelligence, and more than you know are earning 6,7,8 figures a year simply because they understand the SYSTEM on online business. The internet is one of the things that graces my gratitude list almost weekly. The internet has LEVELED the playing feild of human capacity for change and influence and abundance. There is ZERO excuse for you not to have everything you need in life and to be able to share and serve others as much as you desire to!

In this class, I'm going to take us back to the bare bones basics of online business income growth. I'm going to teach you the basic 3 step framework for CONSISTENT income from home. I believe that the single most motivating factor in a new business start up is income. And I am painfully aware of how frustrating it is to NOT have consistent income. This class will help you see how it is possible to have consistent and GROWING income.

You do NOT want to miss this FREE Masterclass.

However, seats are limited so I can have time to do a good Question and Answer session after the class. You MUST reserve your seat by registering here:


See you in class,

xo Robyn

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