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Healthy Schedule for the kids.... and mom.

Can I just start by asking, "HOW ARE YOU?"

How are you holding up momma? How are your kids? Giving them some extra hugs and reassurances during this time of global uncertainty? Giving yourself some meditation time and breathing room? Keep your chin up my friend. This is temporary! We'll learn some important lessons from this I am positive!!!

On to the schedule for the kids to keep our sanity......

I know that having school cancelled and our favorite spots closed to slow the spread of this unknown virus is a huge bummer. It really is! But---- I know that it is temporary, and my kids do too. Even still, having everyone home all day everyday with limited vacation spots for Spring Break has me breaking out my Summer Schedule!

Yep, every summer my kids have a schedule we follow.

I figured this would be something you'd want as well.

Our school had ONE day open before closure for the teachers to get some work packets to the kids before departing for home for the next two weeks, so that will go probably during the 10:30 slot while their brains are still really active. But we'll see.

I also wanted to attach these awesome printable Checklists from FunCheaporFree.com

that are super useful in times like these as well!

Summer Schedule PRINTABLE / Customizable charts

Now for the schedule for MOM

Wake up 6 am: Drink water then MOVE your body. Movement EARLY in the day sets you up for great energy, body electrical flow, and better patience with the kids! If you don't have a workout class to do, try this SAMPLE workout from one of my favorite classes just starting in my online gym.

6:45 am Shower off, put on comfy clothes, lie down (even if kids are all over you) and just BREATHE in and out 10 times. Breathe SO deep your chest and belly expand. Exhale so deep that you can count to 8 or 10!

6:50am Pray and write down 10 things you are grateful for!

7am Drink more water. Breakfast for you and the kids (choose a complex carb like whole grain toast and butter, with protein like eggs, cottage cheese, or a shake that has at least 15 g protein)

7:30 Make your bed, tidy up the house

9am Work on work, a hobby, family finances, personal study, cleaning out a space that has been on your mind for months

10 am Drink more water. Have a healthy snack. (Choose nuts, apple, celery sticks, etc)

10:30 Finish whatever project you started earlier (or something that has been unfinished for awhile!)

12 LUNCH! Drink even more water. (Did you know WATER conducts electricity? So does your body! The more you drink, the higher your energy and the better FLOW you'll feel all day!) Choose a complex carb with veggies, protein, and a smile.

1-2:30 kids QUIET time. Reading, flashcards, online learning games, etc MOM gets to lay down, or fold laundry and listen to her favorite positivity podcast

2:30-4:30 Kids go OUTSIDE if possible (if the weather isn't nice, check out this option!) You get to get outside for 30 minutes and then you get to pick up any loose ends in the house and drink more water, and work on whatever it is you want to do some more.

4:30-8 pm FAMILY TIME. Make dinner, read books, have 1:1 counseling and praise time with your kids, talk about what their favorite part of the day was, and show them LOVE. Hug your husband for at least 20 seconds.

Kids go to bed, and mom connects with DAD :)

Read something recreational around 10pm, then turn the lights out and go to bed.

I am loving this extra family time for the most part.

I am loving knowing that we are doing our part to help the healthcare systems manage the disease and any illnesses by just keeping to ourselves, staying healthy, and staying positive.

Have an amazing week my friends!

All my love,

xo Robyn


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