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How to Get Kids Outside! Time For a Summer Schedule

As a kid, you wait all year for summer. School is out, the weather is warm, and the days are long. What could be better??

As a stay at home mom, you remember that feeling well, but you might want to keep some structure in your day, for everyone’s sake!

At our house, we like to keep a flexible summer schedule to give the kids structure while giving the freedom of choice at the same time.

We ask the kids what they would enjoy doing and list the choices into time slots throughout the day. How they choose to spend their day within those hours is up to them!

For example, we might ask “What do you like to do in your free time?” Here are some of their answers:

  • Be creative

  • Art projects, crafts, play dough

  • Go on a walk/scavenger hunt/collect

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • Short bike ride

  • Cloud watch

  • Board games

  • Go to the park

  • Pick one of mom’s chores to do for $ (I love this one :))

I take these answers and add them to the summer schedule. They can pick and choose what they want to do that day, and they have some options that they know they don’t have to ask me about beforehand.

Our mornings look something like this:

7-8 am: Get dressed, morning chores, eat breakfast, brush teeth, make bed, prayer of gratitude, read 1 page of scripture.

This is pretty routine from day to day but it’s worth outlining for them to keep healthy habits throughout the summer, just like during the school year.

9 am : Go outside!! They choose from the list of “free time” ideas that they created and they go be kids!

It is absolutely beautiful this time of year. We like to spend as much time outside as we can. Fresh air and nature are so good for physical health and for the soul.

10 am: Snack time

We keep a list of simple, healthy snacks that the kids can choose from and grab on their own. This will hold them over until lunchtime and keep them from asking Mom to make them a snack.

10:30 am: We give them more structured free time choices

Some of these include; playtime with friends, WiiSports, other active play, their 1 hour of Screen Time for the day, or Reading toward your reading goal.

We are so excited that the library is open! We let the kids vote on their Summer Reading Challenge. This year the kids voted for a financial incentive :) for motivation to read all summer. We keep a chart of their reading and reward them when they hit their goals.

12 pm: Next up, lunch! Ideas are posted on the fridge and vary day to day, week to week.

1 pm: The kids can choose reading time, their 1 hour of screen time, or go outside! (Play time/pool time)

2 pm: Stay outside and continue playing, or this can be used as writing time. They can write in their journals, write and illustrate a story, or write a letter to a family member or a friend.

3-5 pm: Outside play time + a simple snack. The kids are outside during this time, or still outside depending on the day.

Moms, this is a good window to take time for yourself. Taking time for your own self-care, learning, and growth is so important. I just finished two audiobooks, Fear is My Homeboy by Judi Holler and Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. I also like to listen to podcast interviews. Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy is one of my faves!

I also like to take time for daily meditation, spiritual study time, or journal reflections. A lot of you may already know that this is part of my morning routine after my workout or run, but you can fit these things into the margins of your day whenever you have the space.

5:30 pm: It’s time for dinner and you know I have a meal plan for this :) so the kids can see the schedule in advance.

6:30 pm: We take time to clean up all the stuff from the day and get the house back in order.

7pm: This is when we either have Family Activity Time, more play time, or the kids can use their tv time.

8:30-9 pm : Normal bedtime routines are carried out which include; pjs, brushing teeth, prayers, and thought list for tomorrow.

The next day we wake up and the kids do it all again! Each day is a little different and you can see that they have structure as well as flexibility in their days. This approach works so well for our family during weekdays throughout the summer.

Saturdays and Sundays are our true weekend days. We spend time outdoors, at the lake, camping, at the library, visiting family and friends, attending church/church activities, and just enjoying each other’s company as a family.

How do you like to spend your summers? I would love to know!!

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All my love-

xo Robyn

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