Meal Plans Save Lives

I have kept every single meal plan that I've made for the last 3 years. I used to throw them away.... until I discovered how much brain power I was using to make a meal plan, and realized how much brain power I could save if I kept old ones for reference! *ding ding ding * I have my moments.... 🏆🏆🏆

I have been meal planning since I was a kid. My mom taught me how to meal plan for a large family and how to stay within a budget. Since starting my own family I have made meal plans from day 1. I was careful in include a veggie, fruit, and main dish in each meal. I THOUGHT I was helping my family eat healthy by doing so. But.... in 2012 I was diagnosed pre-diabetic, insulin resistant and obese. 😭😭😭 {Insert shame and fear of the future}

I didn't understand how the nutrition from our foods were affected by cooking/processing. I didn't understand how carb rich and fiber deficient my cooking was. I didn't realize how protein deficient our family meals were. I didn't realize how many processed sugars we were eating nor the real damage that dyes and artificial sweeteners/ ingredients had on our bodies.

I had the stark realization that -> I had made myself SICK <- I had literally been shortening my life with my food choices. And unless things changed.... I was literally dishing out the same future issues to my kids. 😳😳😳

I determined to change. Whatever it took to reverse my diabetes, regain insulin sensitivity, and lose weight- I was going to do it.

I learned how meal planning had to change. I learned that I needed more raw fruits and more steamed veggies and green salads. I learned that there are things offered on store shelves that are labeled as "food" that are simply not "food" for the human body. They are literally like eating dyed plastic and it is dang hard for our bodies to digest it at all. I learned that our family dinner needed to have a lean protein, a fiber rich veggie, a fresh fruit, and a small serving of fiber rich carbs. I learned that for my body, I didn't even need carbs at dinner (this was key to my weight loss and insulin sensitivity issues). I learned about herbs to help and foods that were super nutrient dense to accelerate my results. I learned how simple exercise could be in less than 30 minutes a day, just a few days a week (I had been making it way too hard!) SO many things to learn. But one day at a time I did!

I have come to the conclusion that



It is true! After losing -49 lbs, and cleaning up my diet I did reverse my diabetes, brought back 50% of my insulin resistance, and I am no longer obese. And haven't had a relapse due to my lifestyle changes. My children are healthy and have a SUPER understanding of what a healthy meal is, and what REAL food is. I know I am setting them up to WIN at health and personal self esteem by teaching them these things.

April 27th, I am going to open up a 5 week healthy lifestyle group sharing 5 weeks of meal plans, healthy cooking tips, mindset shift tips, simple exercises, and so much more goodness!!! You'll leave this group feeling confident in your meal planning, more confident in your own health, and confident in how you feed your family. I am SO excited. 🥳🥳🥳

Fill out this form ⬇️ and I'll send you the details via email!

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