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Exciting news--- Join me on a path to a whole body-mind change!

July 29th I'm am Coaching a large group through a lifestyle shift for 100 days and the PREVIEW group is OPEN to learn all about it before go time July 29th.

Who is it for?

- humans who want or love:

  • toning

  • weight loss

  • simplicity with their health goals

  • 20-30 minute exercise sessions

  • professional training

  • fun, high energy training

  • "cross-fit"ness

  • upbeat music

  • a full mind and body experience with their fitness and eating habits

  • a group atmosphere to work through health goals/struggles

  • a personal coach who GETS the struggle and has been where you are


Then read on.

The platform to move us through this change, is an online fitness program called "Morning Meltdown 100" or MM100 for short. :)

HOW will it WORK?

You'll stream each class (100 unique classes for 100 days) from an electronic device, your smart tv, tablet, laptop or smartphone for 20-30 minutes each morning (or whenever you fit it in). You'll be guided by an expert fitness trainer and mindset master along with a group of us doing it WITH you in our homes. :)

I can hear your head committee.

"But workout at home? I've never been able to stick with it. What if I don't do it right? I don't know if I can do the moves... I'll feel stupid or weird. I am unsure if I am ready for this. I don't think my spouse will say YES to another health investment...." Can we just speak upfront and say that ALL of those feelings are based in FEAR and self-sabotage?

What if we turned around that fear and said, "BUT WHAT IF I did succeed? What if this program DID change things for me? What IF my spouse just says, "Cool- go for it!" and you do and you finally move the needle on your physical health and body image? What if you DID take the leap?

Lemme share how things started for me, to give you some perspective---

In early spring 2012 I had made the choice to change, and I knew that exercise was a huge void I needed to fill and embrace. But I hated the gym scene. I just did, and still do for the most part! I don't like the smell. I don't like sharing equipment. I don't like the sideways glances and constant awareness of other energies and anxieties. I like to sweat and focus and cry if I need to- in my own energy sphere. I knew I needed workouts for weight loss, so I typed into my web search bar, "home workout weight loss for women." My search came up with a LOT of options, but I had a price point that I couldn't pass. In fact... in all honesty, I didn't have any funds to put toward this investment. I hoped to find something under $30 that I could secretly put on our family Credit card that my husband just wouldn't notice. True story. And NOT one I suggest, but I want to illustrate to you one way that this journey begins.

I picked one from eBay, that was $34.99 that promised 90 days of learning technique for fat loss and metabolism boosting, being taught how to clean up my kitchen, and it was all on DVD's designed for in-home use.

They day it came, I hid it from my spouse and started the program in secret. I took "before" photos in secret with my old 3.1 megapixel camera lol! and downloaded them to our computer in my personal files and deleted them from our memory card so my husband wouldn't see them. I was mortified.

A few days in, I was SO impressed with the guidance from the trainer and what I was learning and how I was feeling I wanted to share with someone! I took a deep breath and showed my husband.

He just said, "Huh, that looks cool."


I'm NOT kidding. That was ALL he said. (Ladies and gents.... the stories we tell ourselves in our head regarding what others think are almost 100% NOT true.)

I am not sure what I was hoping for, but with a little deflation, I decided to just move forward. 90 days later I finished the program, and had changed my diet and I took my after photos and was blown away. I actually didn't think I looked all that different in the mirror from day to day- but after seeing the side by side photos from day 1 to day 90, I could NOT deny that my body had changed! I was SO motivated to continue exercising and felt I had found my answer to my exercise dilemma with Home workouts.

And I've been working out at home ever since.

In 2014 I joined the company who made that first workout as a Coach to coach others through the programs they create. Their track record is flawless. If people DO the program- they inevitably see healthy changes. I am proud to Coach people through their programs to this day! I Coach through groups online with daily posts in groups and email lists, personal text and phone calls, and have helped hundreds to lose weight and reach fitness goals they never could before. All the while I've been having my own health journey being sustained by this online community.

I absolutely LOVE this process.

I LOVE this company and I LOVE what I get to do FROM home as a Coach.

So BACK to MM100.

The company is launching this new fitness class this MONTH.

Coaches got early access to start learning about it, reading all the materials and doing prep- workouts July 1st.

I am LOVING all that I am seeing and reading!

This program is revolutionary in the fitness industry.

WHAT I LOVE from a MINDSET point of view:

Jericho, the professional trainer leading the class is a mom of LITTLE kids.

Jericho gets the sleepless nights. She gets mom/dad guilt. She gets the postpartum body image struggle. And she SPEAKS to empower through every class.

I really enjoy the motivation that she speaks, I enjoy the booklet that comes with the program. "The center of your journey is the Be 100 Book, a daily motivational tool to help you track workouts, discover your potential, and guide your day-to-day commitment as you achieve each new milestone." (Company Program Article). This Be100 Book is essentially a journal really- that consistently reminds me of my power, my ability to change, and to allow for self grace when I tend to self sabotage.

Journaling is a universal way to help the MIND to change, to help your limiting beliefs come to the surface to be examined and changed or shifted. I am SO SO SO excited that it is included in this class experience!

I also love that it is designed for the MORNING.

The morning sets the tone for your entire day.

Having Jericho speaking positivity into your mind while you move your body and activate the natural energy meridians of the body, creates a mind-body connection that is necessary for REAL change and habit building!

The other part? It is 100 days long. 100 days is also PROVEN to be a length of time when our brains re-build and our very body tissue is greatly recreated. Doing these workouts first thing in the morning, having these empowering words daily- in the morning-, and journaling ALONG with the suggested nutrition is the most PERFECT combination I could have ever put together for a REAL mindset shift toward a healthy lifestyle change.

WHAT I LOVE from a Physical point of view

There are 100 unique exercise routines. No repeats. I think back in the day home workout DVD's could get a little boring and even ineffective after the first "round" of the classes because it was the same sequence of DVD's over and over. No muscle memory challenge, no actual brain memory challenge. Stagnation in progress and change = loss of joy and motivation to experience new things. However- the company I'm Coaching with has been working on this and for the past 18 months has been pretty amazing at solving it, by putting out STREAMING fitness classes instead of DVD's so that they can do all of their classes in REAL TIME. So if the class goes 80 days? It is 80 days of filming, 80 unique workouts, and the cast in the exercise film goes through the program WITH you from day 1. You get to see their transformations, hear their perspective, and feel like you are in a group fitness class together. I have LOVED this shift! If they tried to put 80 full workouts on dvd? It would be SO pricey and bulky! So streaming them has been genius, not to mention SUPER convenient. I can pop up a workout in 3 seconds through their app on my phone. This MM100 will be on the same platform.


The cast goes through 100 days.

There are 100 unique workouts.

ALL 100% streamable online so you can click "play" whenever, wherever.

The other part of the physical fitness aspect of this that I love is that these workouts are all put to music. Music is a powerful catalyst for mind-body connection. Has been since the dawn of musical age. Traditional workouts have you doing slow reps pushing heavier weight to gain muscle, or quick reps pushing lighter weights to build muscle endurance. And someone usually counts for you or you count yourself. In MM100, she simply has you doing a faster tempo or shorter tempo for different amounts of time to achieve the same fitness principles. "To help you get stronger and rev up your metabolism, Jericho splits the 100 workouts into 5 phases, 20 workouts in each phase. You’ll complete 10 workouts, then crank up the intensity by adding challenges to the next 10. At 20–30 minutes each..." (Company Program Article) the progress is simple, sustainable and exciting. There is a LIVE DJ mixing the music in EVERY single workout. The music is hand picked for brain wave registration during exercise, and it literally HELPS your brain and body connect for not only a more fun experience, but it is actually a SAFER experience as your body is in sync and less injury from lack of focus tends to occur. I LOVE THIS!

Want to try just ONE of the workouts and see the cast members and see the modified movements for those of us (like me!) who are NOT as in shape as Jericho?

CLICK the IMAGE here:

As I've been working through my own health journey, I have been using the online gym my company provides and I have been choosing classes based on my needs week to week. I haven't committed to a certain class or trainer for a year now. I have seen GREAT progress mentally, emotionally and physically from committing to a specific class and trainer in the past along with a group, and I am really motivated to do this one! It meets SO many of the areas of passion I have regarding health and physical fitness, I know that so many of the people in my circle will benefit from it as well.

I am officially inviting YOU to join my MM100 group!

What does that entail?

Morning Meltdown 100 Program Breakdown:

Trainer: Jericho McMatthews leading the online workouts, with me online in a group and in private with you daily

Intensity: Intermediate

Program Length: 100 days

Daily Commitment: 20-30 minutes

Equipment Needed: Light, medium, & heavy weights. Workout mat

Best For: Fat burning & muscle toning

Release Date: July 29, 2019

*****OUR Preview GROUP Is OPEN NOW! The official launch group will open July 16th! We will do all of our photos, measurements, journal/mental prep, getting used to the program using the prep workouts, meal planning and getting to know each other before the program goes live in our online gym July 29th for Day 1.

GROUP will be open for 120 days to allow for LIFE. :)

If you are a Coach on my team already- You can order your package NOW at a discount and start prepping! I've got my package and I'm loving it!

IF you are not a Coach on my team but would like to be to get a discount (you won't have to coach) reach out to me online and I'll send you the link for that and explain the necessary details.


As a regular participant in our group, here is what you will get:

*a private online accountability group to access through an app with tracking software to track your inches lost, weight change, and progress photos

*30 days of a nutrition supplement= either a meal replacement shake (the one I use daily and absolutely advocate for!) or a performance supplement bundle to aid in your initial energy pre-workout and your physical recovery post workout. OR both. :) *meal plan and recipe book

*access to over 600+ additional workouts to stream anywhere, anytime for an entire YEAR. Not the just 100 days for this fitness class.

*a cooking show to help you learn healthy cooking- also available for an entire YEAR.

*access to 700+ healthy recipes and meal plans to download and have forever!

*Lifetime access to my groups I coach through this company

*everything in the photo below= your Be 100 journal, the calendar to track your progress, shaker bottle, and when you complete the entire 100 days of class, you'll get a t-shirt from me!

*I will also make a professional progress collage of your photos for you if you would like

*My personal 1:1 Coaching available 24/7 at your fingertips -in addition to the resource of the group- for the duration of the program.

I've priced out personal coaching, group programs, and personal trainers ALONG with nutritional guidance and supplementation and this program in any other gym would range from $399-$1000 (or more depending on what city you live in.)

This experience will be $160.


You get ALL of those materials and this experience, for $160.



So what do YOU need to do to get into the group?

Request access to the preview GROUP now!

FACEBOOK Morning Meltdown FREE Preview Group

The preview group will go over ALL the details before you purchase. You will have an opportunity to purchase July 16th-July 28th inside the preview group. Those that purchase in this group will be moved to our official 100 day group to prep until launch day, July 29th for DAY 1.

You'll order the MM100 package from my coaching page HERE after July 16th!

CLICK the IMAGE to take you to the link (but remember----- the PRICE won't show up until July 16th!)

I am SO SO thrilled you are interested and I look forward to being with you on this part of YOUR journey! I look forward to helping you meal plan, lifting you through the hard times and praising you through the successes.

All my love and belief-

xo Robyn

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