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Let's talk MONEY. Do you love it? Hate it?

Money is something I've been learning about this past year with myself and my mentors and coaches. I am learning I had some hefty limiting beliefs around money and my ability to command it in my life, but that I have had the power to change that.

In a nutshell----- watch my Facebook live feed here:

I teach two things in this video:

1) Money is an ENERGY exchange. Someone put forth a TON of energy to acquire a tangible object (paper or metal money), that they could then TRADE for something someone else put a ton of energy into acquiring (a course, a car, an apple, etc).

2) Money is the energy needed to bring more opportunities to your door. More choices. More value based living. It is a means to live as the best you, you can be.

The amount of money you have right now, is the amount that you believe you are capable of commanding. It is the amount that your current energy exchange regarding money is at. If you want to level that amount up? You get to level the amount of energy you are putting out UP. Are you taking courses to increase your knowledge and expertise? Are you putting energy out into the world to add value to others through free video classes, volunteer work, online TV episodes of value, there are SO many ways to up your energy investment.

Once I started understanding this, I understood that I needed to invest more in others. I needed to PAY more for my knowledge to GET more knowledge. I know- sounds elementary. But really go with me on this.

If you want more MONEY----- you get to put more effort (more money) out there. I've heard it said for SO LONG, "To make money, you gotta spend Money". But I don't think I really got the real implications of it until this past year. When I put SO much money on the line to create a product that wasn't in the world, and then offer it for FREE to people that wanted to create more money in their lives by using this product, and BOOM> more money started showing up for me in my business.

It didn't come how I THOUGHT it would, however.

I thought I'd get tons of paying students for my course I built. While there was definitely energy on the line there, it was the FREE members, the first group of test students who then went on to create businesses that were bringing in money that then offered me residual income from referrals, testimonials, and just their energy pouring back into me boosting my motivation and belief. Then, the pure ENERGY I was putting out attracted new clients of my own in my health coaching business I've had for 6 years. My health coaching business (my first business) has grown without my attention on it simply because of the energy I'm putting out with this course creation (my second business brand) and investment.

Can we just briefly mention the non money victories that I KNOW will transfer into money over time? I learned a boat load about delegation and the power of doing things as a TEAM vs myself. I hadn't had this clear of an understanding about how money energy and teamwork go together until I put this amount of energy into a virtual assistant, software capabilities, and my own team mates from years gone by who have showed up to the party recently.

I am SO SO SO SO SO motivated to move forward with my business endeavors. I am STOKED to use what I learned through this process moving forward. I realize that this course idea isn't going to create millions today, but it will over time. I KNOW that my ability to command money is tied to the VALUE I put out into the world. Not just that, but I also have to BELIEVE in the law of reciprocity. Believing that everything I put out, will come back to me. To GIVE freely without emotion or results tied to it. To confidently ask those who ask me for an exchange of energy, for an exchange of their energy in the amounts that will serve them best. The higher the exchange, the more committed and more serious they game they are ready to play, and this will result in them coming to the table ready to move mountains.

With this truth in mind, I will be raising my business coaching and course rates in a few months* when I have my course updates done and I'm ready for a new wave of students.

I am ready to play big, with people who are also ready to play big.

I am ready to command the BEST from people, so they will command the best from me, and we will BOTH be more successful with this kind of energy exchange.

If you are ready to play big, I'm ready.

I can tell you truthfully that if you want to start commanding a higher amount of money in your life, you get to start showing up for it. You get to start investing in yourself, your education. Take my Course if you are floundering in your online business, invest in a coach, invest in a home nutrition program and exercise group, whatever it is that you need to change in your life, invest money into it and you'll start to feel the pull of energy from within you to get up and DO SOMETHING more as that energy you exchanged starts flowing into your being.

Cheers to loving the choices that will show up for your life with money! I LOVE money. I LOVE the opportunities it brings me and my family. I LOVE being able to live VALUE based and choose everything I know is the BEST for me and my family.

All my love and belief in your ability to create MONEY too-

xo Robyn

PS. If you want the current rate of entry for my business blueprint for online mompreneurs, you can get it TODAY* for $497, or $169 for 3 monthly payments, on this website.

*After Feb 29 I'm closing the doors on this pricing.

PPS. If you aren't into courses or business but are into living a healthy lifestyle, I'd love to have a Free Discovery Call with you regarding my upcoming business mommas healthy lifestyle Coaching Group. Sometimes its hard to fight for your own health with little ones underfoot. Sometimes the brain space to even think about what is healthy or not seems out of reach! I am here for you. It all starts with ONE conversation. You'll tell me what your current struggles are, where you'd really like to be, and I'll share my perspective on the areas I feel you might be blindsided by and areas to focus on to see immediate changes. The impact of having space and time to talk to a healthy lifestyle expert about your goals is a game changer regardless of if you choose to work with me as a client or not. You in? Click here to schedule your call!

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