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My husband slammed on the brakes...

Something happened on our Spring Break trip that felt to share. On our way down the interstate, through Salt Lake City, Utah it was (and always is) very congested. We were cruising along on a 5 lane section (10 lanes across both north and south bound) talking and laughing and planning where we'd stop for lunch. I mentioned to my husband that we were oddly "alone" in the far left carpool express lane. Just seconds later, a 20 ft trailer being pulled by a pickup truck in the far right lane came loose. . Yes. On the interstate. Going 75 miles and hour. . We saw smoke from the tires as the trailer skidded sideways and hit the cement barrier on the far right side, and then, almost in slow motion, it came barreling over across all 5 lanes (in reality this was all within 20 seconds) in front of our YukonXL. My husband had seen it come loose and had let off the gas but now was slamming on the breaks as it came toward us. I glanced quickly into the rear view mirror with a prayer in my heart that no one would be there to prevent an almost inevitable rear ending. And guess what..... no one was. The trailer hit the center cement barricade not 50 feet in front of us, causing sparks to fly and catapulted it back across traffic barely missing a Land Rover that, quite honestly, did some amazing driving to avoid it! The trailer then somehow skidded straight again, hitch facing forward, and it slowly came to a slow roll moving forward perfectly inside the center lane. Mind blown, right? Another pickup driver (not the owner), smoothly slid right in front of it and backed up to it, stopping the trailer and turned his flashers on and got out to put cones up to warn other drivers. From what I saw in my mirror, he had gloves on and intended to pull the trailer from traffic. I don't know where the owner was- but this other man was taking the time to keep this trailer from causing harm. Seriously- this was all within about 20 seconds. . Our family recounted this experience a few times as we continued down the road.

A few of the kids had put their shoulder straps behind them, thinking it was a "minor detail" and now understood WHY we should keep them over our shoulders. ;) We talked about how incredible it was that NOT ONE vehicle got hit from this rogue trailer! And that it stopped perfectly inside a lane, and that another pickup was available to stop and get it, and how NO one was behind us in the most congested area of that part of the interstate. I could feel that the other cars in our little "possey" (do you ever feel you are in a little pack of the same cars on the hiway? lol! Anyway- I felt that the other drivers in our group were ALL aware of what was happening, and that was the biggest reason that no one got hurt. . This incident was minor, but could have been MAJOR. Being aware on the road and having our seat belts on made this event minor for us.


A little wisdom draw from this, that I'd love for you to consider:

Many times in our lives, it is simply our lack of awareness and a lack of staying disciplined about little things that seem minor, that make the biggest difference in how things play out.

Things like whether we can feel victor, or victim. Whether we can feel confident, or shameful. Whether we can feel hopeful, or despairing. Whether the task is a molehill or a mountain. Becoming self aware and intentional with our time, our nutrition, our activity levels, our relationships, our work goals, etc. is KEY to creating a life where WE are steering the car. We control whether we are going forward, or backward or if we are out of control. We control whether we are getting regular tuneups and oil changes and putting in good fuel to keep things working to handle whatever roads we need or choose to go on. "By small and simple means, are great things brought to pass." This is an eternal truth.

It is the little decisions you make hour by hour, that make up the day.

It is the choices daily, that make up the month.

It is the monthly ledger of total daily choices that make up the year.

And ALL OF IT is written by YOUR HAND.

How is your story playing out? How is your road trip going?

Are you having fun and learning and having the choices to take whatever roads you find because you've stayed aware and made the choices to take care of your vehicle?

Or are you constantly breaking down having to stall your progress due to lack of awareness and disciplined decisions to care for the vehicle?

I hope that you are mustering the courage to be mindful of all of your choices.

I hope that you are putting in the good fuel, getting the tuneups, and doing the small things. They will bring you the highest joy and bring ALL the choices you could ever want

into your life!

xo Robyn

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