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Serving only 1 person is how you win in home business

I've done it. You've done it. But its time to STOP, and I'll tell you why.

But first, what is it that we are doing that we need to stop?

You sit down to share some content or awesome problem solving product online in your home business and you pause to think about how you want to phrase your words and present your photos or video.

You think about who you want to speak to and your brain convo goes like this:

I want to serve moms- this is going to be SO useful!

Well..... dad's need this too.

You know, grandmas and aunts and even siblings could use what I have to share.

I bet even moms who work could use these tips.

But... I developed this while I was sick, so I think sick people need this too.

And before you know it, you feel like your posts have to be so generic and you have to be sure to include a million scenarios to cover the topic safely and well.... and then the post gets too long, and you've edited it at least 30 times while typing it, and then you look at your clock and its taken you 2 hours to write ONE post!!! By then you are tired and feel numb from having 17 different conversations going in your head about how one audience will "take" your post so you changed it..... and now? You don't even want to make the post.

Then this repeats and repeats and repeats and you start telling a story to yourself that maybe you just aren't cut out for this online business stuff. It takes too long. You are valid in thinking this too. TIME IS PRECIOUS to you. How you spend your time is one of the most core catalysts of your decision making processes. And this sitting down for 2 hours to write and feeling SO SO frustrated about it is NOT awesome.


I HEAR your frustrations. I have felt your frustrations. It all stemmed from ONE SIMPLE BUSINESS PRINCIPLE that as a woman, is DANG HARD to stick to.

Ready for it?

Identifying ONE person you want to serve, and ONLY serving them.

I know! Your female brain is screaming, "But thats not right, is it?"

Here is the thing to internalize and understand:

In your day to day life, as a mom working from home, it is important to serve those around you. It is in our divine nature to desire to serve and help all those around us. Our brains and emotions are WIRED for it. Serve your spouse. Serve and nurture your kids. Call your mom. Take rolls to the invalid. Take 10 minutes and chat with your neighbor at the mailbox at 4pm. Do all the things to be a great neighbor, friend, and working piece in your family.

In business however? You can't wear all the hats or you will die.

What do I mean by serving only 1 person? You want thousands and thousands of customers, right?


Here is how it works.

The most successful businesses have perfected their marketing, because they have a crystal clear vision of WHO they are making the product for, and they do NOT deviate from that person. They have a single person in mind, and they know that thousands of people share a "pain point" with this person. They develop wording, photos, color schemes, anything possible to define and create their target market PERSON. Some companies even have an actual person cut out in their marketing section with a name, a fake job, a fake family, and then they have all their qualities, values and pain points listed out and defined. This helps them when they develop product ideas and make sure that their ideas are staying within the zone of this ideal customer. This way, they don't get off mark. They don't spend time developing things that are outside of the pain points of this person.

Yes. MANY businesses have a vision of 1 person, that they get to know SO well, that they speak CLEARLY to them in every pain point and their product becomes a "must" for that person. Through market research, they find where the people that are most like their ideal customer they've created live. Then they launch their campaigns directed ONLY to that ideal person, and the success rolls in.

As a mom working from home we are used to our day to day caring of MANY people and wearing all the hats. In business, we only need to wear ONE.

Trust me on this!!!

It seems "too good to be true." :)

But it is. And the sooner you accept this truth as a business owner, the faster your customer base will grow.

I've developed 5 steps to finding who this IDEAL person is that you can speak to based on business training I've recieved, but mostly from failing a LOT in this area and learning how to REALLY visualize this person for a mom whose brain goes a mile a minute. (You're like that too? Awesome! Email me sometime and let me know who you are!)

and the next time you sit down to write a post, or create content------ imagine this person looking right at you, wanting that information from you, HOW would you create it? What words would you use? What colors? What size? What delivery method? And use the SAME PERSON for all of your posts and allow yourself the grace to cringe inwardly as your life long and divine belief of serving everyone is challenged for this purpose of building a thriving business. The beautiful thing about challenging this belief, is that by doing so, your business is going to grow and allow you to more fully engage in your other goals of spending less time posting and "thinking" about this, and having more quality time with family. Ya. Its THAT freeing.

and get started NOW before you create your next piece of content! CLICK on this image and let me know what email to send this to!

Taking the time to clarify and identify my "North Star" ideal client has been probably the most time saving process I've completed since growing my two businesses online.

And I KNOW that saving time and brain space are two of the most important things as a mompreneur.

All my love and belief in YOUR home business and health-

xo Robyn


If you are still struggling with time and family needs, I created a recipe book JUST for you. :) download the 30 Meals <30 Minutes recipe book. This will enable you to still have that healthy home cooked family meal AND your business too. Can I get an amen?

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