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Are you still a Beachbody Coach?

I've been getting this question lately, so I'm assuming it is apparent that my personal brand I'm building, The Healthy Mompreneur, is starting to be seen more and more. #win for me!

Something that has been swirling around in my brain for DAYS, is this thought that I should be afraid of creating my personal brand with my own product.

Interestingly enough, I haven't been really afraid to do so.

Sure, I've had some anxiety around dividing my focus from my health coaching business as I have team members there who depend on my consistency.

Sure, I've had some anxiety surfacing as I'm back in total student mode and learning a LOT of new concepts, principles, and workflows that I have never done before.

Sure, I wonder how my current clients will feel as I transition into a different role as an online educator for various areas I desire to serve instead of solely health coaching.

But I haven't been afraid. Fear hasn't been my companion for this venture like it was with my three other business ventures.

I feel confident that things will come together. I feel confident moving forward each day. I feel confident that the right students will come into my life that will benefit from the courses I create. I feel actually, LIT UP. Lit up in a way I haven't been for a LONG while. I LOVE teaching. I LOVE helping someone figure out something they WANT to learn and master. I LOVE seeing people's lives transform! That is why I am so successful with health coaching. I genuinely LOVE offering a product and service that literally transforms someone's day to day living for the better. Health and fitness are two huge KEYS to making a life better. I plan to continue to give consistent support to my lifestyle change clients using Beachbody and continue to empower my team members to grow their businesses to their goal levels. I am not quickly building my personal team like I once was. This is a fact I won't deny. My team members know this, and they are supportive of my goals to build multiple streams of income doing things I love. If an amazing soul wants to build an income from home supporting others through health and fitness on our team will I train them? Of course! We have training on a website that is always available and live team chats every week to support you through how to build it and be successful.

WHY did I shift my focus?

Number one reason is because I saw a need, and new I could fill it. Isn't that what a lot of us women do? It is out divine nature to see and recognize needs and then desire to help or nurture.

I saw other women struggling in home business in all genres of business, not just my network marketing community. I see SO many moms starting small businesses from home and being frustrated that not enough people are buying to "make it worth it." When I ask what they are doing to grow their businesses, there are always some common holes in their process. I see a lot of moms desiring to add to the family income, but they feel a deep desire to also be home and raise their babies as long as possible. What to do?

I preach BUILD A HOME BUSINESS!!! I feel that home business transformed my life as a wife and mother. I DO contribute to our family finances now. I DO have a working, mostly automated home business. I have a daily to do list, and it all flows. Having a home business has done WONDERS for our taxes as well. :) YAY on that one! It has allowed me to be 100% flexible with my time, no boss to call in to, no schedules other than the family to work with--- it has been the perfect fit for us.

I genuinely want to share HOW to grow a home business online with other moms of young kids.

I want to help those moms who have a desire to serve with their skills and knowledge and perspectives that SO MANY OTHERS NEED! I want to help them build the correct foundation to do what I do each day from home. I didn't realize how many of these mompreneurs who have AWESOME products, transformations, knowledge and skills simply don't understand Business Basics. I took for granted that my college degree was Business Management. I didn't realize how many on my own team in network marketing didn't know the full meaning or vitality of business phrases and words like: lead generation, marketing plan, marketing funnel, ideal client avatar, customer resource management, ESP, lead page, optin, email marketing, brand palette, and the like. I would use these words often and only a few times would my team ask questions that pointed out to me that they didn't know what I was talking about fully.

Within the last two years, I watched my network marketing team change drastically as my health took a dive with the birth of my last child. I watched (first with disappointment, then with curiosity) many of my leaders retreat to the stresses of daily life claiming that the business was too hard to run with family needs in the way. I watched many of the most successful team members around my upline also fade into daily life claiming the business was too difficult to sustain with family demands that were important. Some of them even started another business with another company, claiming their system was better. I began to be very curious what they thought was so hard. It is one thing to not work at high volumes due to family struggles we must be present for, and quite another to not work at high volumes because we feel the work we must do is actually difficult to do. Online business is actually very simple, and actually a very streamlined in procedure. No matter what company you are with in network marketing, the online business principles are the same. I did NOT know this when I started working my third business in 2014. I had a hunch, but had not fleshed it out yet. I grew my business to 6 figures and beyond, and weathered a LOT of life stuff happening and still pulled a consistent income because of my MINDSET but also because of the systems I have put in place. But several of these systems were a LOT of work. Keeping spreadsheets of lists and random client reports, not sure exactly how to scale this better or have good retention... I too wondered if I could sustain these systems for the long haul.


In early 2018 I discovered a mentor that I wish I had had years ago as I started building an online business. I LOVED her energy, the content she put out, and I LOVED her business. In late 2019 I was offered a spot at a leadership convention for Beachbody alongside my amazing upline. While listening to the top leaders in the company I started to see common denominators. There was NOTHING wrong with the company or the products, and yet company growth has been stagnant for almost 3 years. WHY? These top leaders, the speakers, were all growing their own businesses exponentially. Just a handful in the company were seeing this kind of growth. What were they doing?? I started to watch for their processes, business terms and similar principles. And I found it.

Email marketing and automation.

Of course!

The very thing that this mentor I had found was teaching for online business success.

These top leaders had laid the foundation for massive growth by creating a working cycle of online business- Personal Brand Creation & website, freemiums or free groups regularly (or social media paid ads/posts) which brought in emails, which built an email list, which they nurtured and marketed to monthly. They were creating a huge pool of people they controlled to consistently market to that trusted them. Of COURSE they had consistent growth. But..... why didn't my company teach this on their website in the training section?

That question rang in my mind for MONTHS.

I know that throughout the network there are trainings to be found on this. But why the company doesn't create its own training for creating an ONLINE business? I have no idea. Maybe its in the works as I type and it will debut next year. That will be amazing! But until them.... I knew I needed to figure this out.

A few months later, I decided to invest in a few of my online business mentor's courses surrounding this foundation of email and brand marketing and instantly fell in love with her teaching style. I fell in love with her business model even more. I became obsessed with how it worked and WHY it worked more than what she was teaching ;) . I fell in LOVE with the idea of being an online educator sharing my own expertise and helping others learn and grow from my experiences and knowledge. I had had a taste of that in my health coaching business through creating content for my accountability groups, and it was definitely my FAVORITE part! So to think I could possibly have an entire business built around content creation and teaching things I LOVED that can help other people had my heart beating and my brain exploding.

The course I took created my online marketing foundation. I was now reaching my niche audience across the globe and creating an email list, and marketing to them or nurturing the relationship weekly through a simple email campaign. No more sending hundreds of messages through social media! No more trying to find my ideal clients and team members all over social media through testing different types of posts- so time consuming. It was SO fun to get reply's from many of my customers in Beachbody who I hadn't heard from either ever, or for several years. My email list has grown into the hundreds and I have LOVED seeing how this all works together, and more so, feeling like this is one of the HUGE missing pieces that other mompreneurs might be missing as well. Because Beachbody is only in 4 countries right now, I love the fact that with my own brand, I can market to the WORLD. I can find these mommas who want to be effective at building their brands and having consistent business monthly and a growing list ANYWHERE, and in any business online. I plan to create other courses as well, as I am keenly aware that the business marketing piece is not the only thing that I have mastered that I know others would like to learn. I will create courses and workshops around eating for energy, avoiding burnout as a mom, perspectives on Struggle and why we NEED it and how to thrive through it, weight loss for insulin resistant and post hysterectomy women, how to change your family's eating habits from fast food and processed foods to homemade dinners and whole foods, and more.

At the end of the day my friends, the answer is YES. I am still a Beachbody coach. The product that Beachbody offers through extensive online gym programs, trainers and nutrition guides and weight loss products and wellness programs are QUALITY. You WILL change your life as you consistently use their products and programs. No contest. I Absolutely LOVE what the company is working to do and I'm proud to be a part of it! I love their community and the people they attract and keep. I love that as I'm creating courses about business and healthy family rearing and healthy business ownership under the brand "The Healthy Mompreneur" I have a concrete resource in Beachbody to send my students to that need it. And I'm positive many of them will. :) See how it fits together?

I would LOVE to have your ideas on future courses you would like to take from me!

And I am SO SO appreciative of those of you who consistently support my efforts as an online businesses mompreneur with actual product usage, or feedback or simple messages of belief and positive comments on my posts in social media. It MEANS THE WORLD! THANK YOU.

I'm feeling SUPER excited for the future of this work I'm doing and so thrilled for those that take the course and finally clear the confusion surrounding online business. I am excited for my future students to see success and experience the clarity they need on the essential daily processes that need to happen to go where they want to go and create that time and financial freedom they are working for.

If you'd like to be on my waiting list for my first course on "Business Roadmap for Mompreneurs: Step by step guide to creating a business foundation you can grow in 60 days" opening for enrollment in February 2020 please add your email to the growing list here:

THANK you for being one of my readers.

THANK YOU for caring about my business and where I'm going!! I don't take your loyalty lightly.



PS-----> if you are already a mom who works from home, and you have been struggling with ENERGY, download this Eating for Energy guide so you can SUSTAIN the energy it will take to build the life you are dreaming of!

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