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How to sell anything in 3 steps

How you sell, depends on what you know and who you know.

We are ALL salespeople. You know that right?

When you share your photo of those saucy ribs with those steaming sweet potato fries and that to DIE for huckleberry frosted lemonade from that greasy burger joint downtown with the exclamation caption, "Best bbq ever! Hands down the best we've had in forever. We highly recommend a night out here. You won't be disappointed!" You just put out an ad that burger joint will make hundreds of dollars from.

You and I are both GREAT salesman.

What about the time when your kid had an undiagnosed ear ache that damaged their ear drum, even after you took the time to have your pediatrician look at them?

Did you put out a post cautioning people against the diligence of your (now past) pediatrician?

--> Sales.

Sales is simply YOU putting out an idea, or belief, or experience about something with evidence to back it up to show the value. Marketing is putting strategy into how you share the value you've found.

If you are reading this, you are in sales and you want to get better at it. (Or you've taken the back door and simply want to know how to avoid being sold to. haha!)

I'd LOVE to help you in this. Because if I help you, and you learn to be great a sales, then you'll be able to train your team how to be great at sales and the world will be a better place.

First step.

1. KNOW you product.

What pain points does this product ease? What problems does this product solve? If you've done the work on understanding your Ideal Customer, then you'll be answering these questions based on THEIR needs, not your own. If you are JUST starting out, and your ideal client is a recently past version of yourself, take some time to recall your state of mind and current needs, struggles and fears before you found the value in the product and what you had to hear, see or know to see the value in the product. Do a little research. Find your unique selling point. What makes YOUR product, and having this product come to your ideal client from YOU, the best way they can get this product? What will YOU do, or what do you know, or what do you offer that is different than another person who might offer the same or similar product?

Let's expand that burger joint experience that led you to make a post as the example to illustrate this first step:

Product to sell: The burger joint.

What you experienced to learn what you know (your transformation): You had hunger, you felt fatigued, you really just needed some down time. You went to a burger joint and were seated quickly. That felt good. Then the waiter attended you well, took your order without fumbling, and that fatigue slowly drifted away. When your food arrived you felt so impressed at the plate presentation that you snapped a photo with your phone. Your senses were sending ALL the good vibes! Then after eating the delicious food, you again were so impressed with how satisfied you felt that the VALUE shot up for you. The cost was totally worth it, in fact, you don't even remember how much you paid because it just doesn't matter at this point. You were promised dinner. And the restaurant OVER delivered on your needs as you walked away with your taste buds zinging, your belly full, your fatigue melted into satisfaction and you didn't have to do anything but sit there and be given everything you asked for. What a marvelous experience!

What do you KNOW?

The restaurant wasn't overfilled, so you didn't have to wait long. The waiter was knowledgeable. The prices were reasonable. The food presentation and taste were top notch. Your hunger was satisfied beyond expectation.

What pain points does this knowledge satisfy?

  • Evening fatigue

  • Dinner time hunger

  • Needing a respite from the day

  • The desire to be served after serving all day

  • Desire for entertainment or novelty from an environment and opportunity to eat foods you don't get to eat every day

  • The opportunity to praise someone for a job well done

What are you selling?

A trip to the burger joint


Know Your Ideal Customer by asking the right questions

There are 2 categories to define here.

Questions about the product: Who has the pain points that your product relieves? Who has the problems your product solves? Who is looking to have the same experience, and WHY?

Questions about the actual PERSON: How old are they? Where do they live? What is their budget for this type of experience? How late do they get out of work? Do they work from home? Do they have a large family with young kids or are they empty nesters?

If you have not gotten CLEAR on your ideal client, please download my client clarity workbook now and work through it!

The questions you ask, allow you to know how to position the product to solve a problem they have. Once a person sees how something solves a problem, they begin to see the value. How high the value is, is how conceivable the amount of money exchange needed will be.

Back to the trip to the burger joint example.

WHO is the ideal customer for this trip to the burger joint, as valued by you based on your post?

Someone who also experiences:

  • Evening fatigue

  • Dinner time hunger

  • Needing a respite from the day

  • The desire to be served after serving all day

  • Desire for entertainment or novelty from an environment and opportunity to eat foods you don't get to eat every day

  • appreciating the opportunity to praise someone for a job well done


Match the people with the desired with the solution.

Continuing with the trip to the burger joint example: You want lots of people to experience this amazing burger joint, so you really get serious about sharing this information you have! You start posting in social media or emailing your friends asking questions about evening fatigue, taking polls on how many of your friends feel super hungry after work, which ones love an opportunity to praise others for a job well done, and after a few days you've got a list of about 12 friends who have mostly agreed with you on all counts! (Congrats, you just finished your first marketing campaign!)

These 12 people are your ideal clients to suggest a trip to the burger joint.

You reach out personally, and share your experience with them, invite them to join you on your next trip to the burger joint, they are all SO excited to have these pain points met like you described, you follow up one more time before you leave to remind them of the amazing experience they are going to have (or miss out on if they forget!), and boom.

You just "sold*" 12 trips to the burger joint.

*PLEASE take note. You didn't have to ASK those 12 people if they had money. You didn't have to ask or expect those 12 people to trust you implicitly. You didn't have to send each of them a menu and offer a personal experience with each menu item. You didn't have to send them 15 emails about the restaurant to prove that it really will be what they want. All you had to do was SHARE openly with integrity, offer an invitation with a plan, follow up and move forward. Even if you earned affiliate commission from the business these 12 people bring in, they will be happy for you! That's the kind of people you attract.

Sales is SIMPLE. It is one of the most natural things for humans to do! It is how we help people. It is how we raise kids. Right? Don't we "sell" them on the need to eat their lunch? Don't we "sell" them on the idea of sleeping on the floor at Aunt Karen's house since you aren't investing in a hotel? Don't we "sell" our children on the idea that they must hold our hand before going across the road?

Sharing our experiences for the benefit of others, because we CARE about them, literally is the same process as sales. Ever heard the phrase, "sharing is caring?" or in the business world we hear it as "sharing is selling."

When selling gets "icky", is when the person doesn't do step 1 or step 2, and tries to do step 3 by using persuasive words, fear based phrases, condescending tones, and "me based" communication. And its not just in actual product/money sales either. This "icky" selling happens in our everyday communication when we are trying to offer people our perspective, or ask them to adopt our belief systems or simply because we LOVE where we are at and naively think that everyone would love to be where we are at too. But if we did step 1, and really understood what we were offering people, we would come to understand that NOT everyone needs or wants or even appreciates what we have to offer. Further more, as you mature in your understanding of life, you learn that its OK and very much needed to have people who don't need your product or perspective. You learn that it is beneficial for all of us to be experiencing seasons of life learning and doing and finding value in different ways and at different times. Can you imagine if we all had babies at the same time? Can you imaging if we all gained weight at the same rate? Can you imagine if we all experienced tragedy at the same time? It wouldn't work. We must learn to appreciate and respect the place people are at and meet them there. There is value for them in every season they are going through. Lessons they must learn. If you are meant to help them along at a certain point in life, they will have the pain points that you can help solve and if you are in their peripheral vision (through regular communication) they'll call upon you when the time is right.

When you properly define your ideal client and look for only THOSE people from step 2, trusting that there are PLENTY of people who are at the place where they need your product, your message you communicate to your audience becomes streamlined. The people who will see the value, will appear. In business, we call this group of ideal clients your niche. Once you find your niche it become easier to sell to them. Your messaging makes sense to them, so your product does too. What is awesome, is that your ability to serve them well skyrockets!

When you are inside your niche, and offering solutions that solve pain points this group shares the sales come faster! The sales come regularly. There are minor if any objections to what you have to offer. Your confidence in your ability to serve will grow and you'll feel more and more capable of expanding your search for more and more ideal clients!

I'm expanding my online health coaching team and would LOVE to have you long if you are my ideal team member! Here are the desires that this opportunity will fulfill:

  • time freedom

  • financial freedom and unlimited growth potential

  • ability to stay in the home and work online

  • become healthier mentally and physically

  • know you are making a difference positively for the future

  • be surrounded regularly with positive, forward thinking women

  • become a leader

  • to eat healthier

  • to exercise your body with professional trainers

  • to travel and have your hotels and activities and food paid for

  • to grow at your own pace

  • to coach others through lifestyle change with simple support systems

  • to do something that honors your hard work ethic

If most of these resonate, I invite you to book a 30 minute call with me to tell me your concerns and ask questions you have OR join me on a LIVE informational Zoom Call with other candidates March 17th at 10 am MST. You can get on the list to get a reminder email for that by emailing me lifetimefitnessteam@gmail.com subject line, "Zoom Call." I will begin the training for all new team members March 23rd.

I have absolutely LOVED working in sales. I LOVE sharing what has worked a miracle in my life, and finding others who desire the same. I have FULL confidence in my products, my offer, and I know who my ideal clients are. I LOVE them. We resonate on such a fun vibration! Every meeting, every touch point has me smiling in the process. If you are loving my posts and blog entries, then chances are you might be my ideal client. :D Reach out! Let's see if we can work together! I LOVE to work, I love to serve, and I LOVE that I have a business where work and income are directly correlated to = serving others. (When you do it right... that is how any successful business thrives.)

Until next time-----

xo Robyn

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