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Summer Schedule for kids of all ages!

As I'm sitting here writing this, it is our kids first day of Summer. School is out for us, and my kids (I have five!) are "wondering what to do next" and its 11:30am.

Insert {eye roll}

Oh boy.

This is going to get old in about................ 5 minutes.

Friends, I live in a small city, with a fenced yard, with plenty of young kids to play with, and a house full of craft items, food, movies, books, and all the inbetweens. There is SOMETHING for them to "do."

I can't just wave my hand and tell them to go "find something" to do all the time. That DOES work sometimes mind you. And when it does, we can all praise God and hope their choices are all going to keep our bank account in the black.

MOST of the time, humans need routine to thrive. Actually... I think its all the time from the books I've read about human development and creativity. But thats another post.....

For this post we will accept the truth that humans need routine.

Our little humans, even more so.

I believe that as an intentional parent, it is my "job" to help position my kids to WIN as often as possible. If I don't create a routine for them, it will not only cause them to be sad and frustrated when they feel rushed when they didn't know what was coming up in the day, but it will definitely cause ME to be sad and frustrated when I get to deal with all of the emotional let down they will offer me from always being required to "be at the ready" for whatever I deem is important.

Helping my kids to WIN at this summer routine thing, helps us ALL to win at our positive relationship goals and having our home be a place we love to be, a place where our children can thrive and feel cared for positively.

HOW do you make a summer routine?

YES---- I'm going to give you a copy of MY routine below- but since all family dynamics are different from one home to another, I wanted to be sure to teach you the steps to take to make a successful one for YOURSELF.

That way I'm positioning YOU to win at doing this from the start.

Step 1:

DO you see the VALUE in a Summer Daily routine? WHY?

You MUST answer this question for yourself before you continue. If you don't see the value- you are going to make a super fun routine, maybe even add graphics (I'm not adding graphics. lol!) and you will tape it up for all to see, and------------> you will never use it.

Figure out why this matters, have a family council about it and ask what your kids think would be important to have on the daily routine, what your partner would like to offer and then move on.

Step 2:

Think of your days. Do you work? Does your spouse work? What time will dinner usually be? Who will be home to help with little ones? Do you have lessons or other set activities during the week? What time are those at?

Think of your resources.

Can any of your children drive? Does gramma live near by? Do you have other neighborhood kids your kids can ask to play with? Do you have some outside activities on hand like sidewalk chalk? or Bocci Ball? Or maybe just a soccer ball and some lawn chairs to be goal posts? Do you have tablets with academic games? Ebook capability? Local libraries almost all have online apps to check out ebooks now for e-readers! Does your local library do a Summer Reading program? Does your local school district to a Summer School Lunch in the park program? Have you enrolled with KiwiCrate? We've loved Kiwi Crates and Kids baking mail in programs in the past!

Think of what you feel your children really would benefit from having on their daily list.

Take some time here! (Not days.... but at least 15-20 minutes). Trust your intuition as the parent of your children. Would reading time help them to keep what vocabulary they learned at school? Or perhaps just keep their minds engaged in something other than their phones or the tv or gossip with the group at the mall? Do they need to take some time each day for basic math fact practice? Would a simply history presentation help them learn to research and engage their brain in something that will help their overall thinking ability? Maybe a weekly science experiment that is edible would be fun for your kids. What about simple chores?

Step 3:

Lay out what you'd like their morning and evening routines to be. Starting out and ending our days with routines, planned out bookends, is a HUGE deal when it comes to good sleep, good energy, and a child's feeling of security (and I will share it also helps a mom's sanity!) Letting kids just "go to bed whenever" actually isn't a "positive" when it comes to their health and future habits. Setting boundaries for your child's health shows that you CARE.

A sample morning routine would be:

Get up (seems obvious, but young kids love to have quick wins!)

Brush teeth

Say prayers

Get dressed

Eat breakfast

Take Vitamins

A sample evening routine would be:

Put on PJ's

Pick up rooms

Brush teeth

Family prayer (if your family is not going to bed all at the same time, you can do this when the youngest goes to bed or at dinner time)

Bed time story or 15 minutes of independent reading

Lights out

Step 4:

Make your Summer Schedule!

I simply hop on the computer and list it on a page and push PRINT!

See an example HERE:

I have a daily chore list as well as our daily meals all planned out, and posted on our fridge. Did you know I share my complete MONTH of healthy family dinner menus all planned out WITH recipes each third week of the month? Yep- I aim to simplify your brain space and help you all have healthy bodies like that.

My kids' ages as of this publishing are 14, 11, 10, 6, and 2. Yes, they all love having boundaries and schedules, and they really DO follow it. :)

Everyone knows what they need to do, and everyone feels empowered to do their part-> RIGHT. We are all in a position to WIN our days easily. When we set routines and boundaries, our minds have so much more SPACE to take on other tasks, create more, have more peace in our minds, and be able to actually FINISH our goals day to day.

My Summer list this year (2019) can be found at this LINK!

You can MAKE A COPY of this, and then edit it to make it your own. :D


You are welcome.

I'd love your ideas and to see your routines! Please feel free to comment below or reach out to me and share your wins!

xo Robyn

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