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The Great Mask Debate

I've gone back and forth on sharing more about this. But.............. since I still see people pointing fingers and shaming others openly, there is evidence that more knowledge and perspectives need to be shared and taken in.

Please move forward on this particular post not only with an open mind (meaning--- you aren't going into this thinking you are going to turn around and prove anything different- you are simply here to learn WHY others feel and act a certain way to better your own judgement) but with kindness as your motive. You want to understand your neighbor or respected friend who maybe understands things differently than you. You want to see their side so you can have sympathy for their cause and compassion for their stance, instead of indifference and arrogance.

MY STORY: When Covid first became a "thing" in March 2020 there was so much unknown that I wore a mask if I had urgent needs and stayed home during the initial shutdown. Seemed like the safe thing to do. As time went on, and more about the sickness was made known, I eased up on my choices of quarantine. I learned that kids weren't affected like adults. I learned it was a virus, not bacteria. Knowing this information I know it can't breed on surfaces and that it is smaller in size than bacteria. I learned that Corona Viruses have been around forever, and that they are within the same family as "the common cold." They are respiratory viruses that travel from person to person quickly through the microscopic water molecules that humans breathe in and out. Meaning, a person has to be within 6 feet or so to spread it to each other.

I also learned that, just like other viruses, it affects people who are immunocompromised more than others. Elderly, pregnant, diseased (cancer, asthma, heart conditions and more), or already fighting hard viruses or bacteria in their bodies. I know from experience and college studies and medical journals I regularly read as a wellness coach, that humans are fighting a number of viruses and bacterias DAILY. Our world is FULL of viruses and bacteria that are new, old, mutated, etc. And our world is full of humans who love to hug, kiss, stand in line, and party next to one another! In other words....... we are spreading stuff to each other DAILY. Some will never know that they had a sickness, simply because their body was able to fight it off superbly. Others will suffer harder for various reasons. Underlying disease, fighting illness, poor health habits, etc. This is NOT new information.

I used to fret when I'd babysit a child with a mild cold. "Oh no! Now my kids will get it....."

Not anymore. I am confident that the foods I feed my kids, the rest my kids get and the routine nutrition we monitor and physical exercise my kids get (and according to their well checks) they are very healthy children. So if a mild cold comes into my house? I'm not afraid of it. If someone in my family has influenza, we will ask them to kindly wait a few weeks to visit. When we had family members fighting cancer, we wore masks to visit.

With this experience, and watching the absolute horrendous social media explosion of shaming, fear mongering, and fake news spreading, I turned a blind eye to the mask debate. I figured my health and my kids health was my responsibility, and we weren't at risk based on the REAL figures of who was dying and how many, and the predictions from REAL sources of the affects of the virus. This virus damages lung tissue long term. Guess what? So does influenza. We've been dealing with that for centuries, right? Ok. Tell me something else I don't know? YES my friend I HAVE had family members with Covid. Did I turn tail and run? No. I took groceries and health supplements to their door and called them daily. Just like I would if they were sick with anything else. Have I known someone who died with Covid in their system? Yes. I have. Did they die alone and was it tragic? Yes. It was. But here is the thing.......... I think it is a SAD reality we've created. WE created the dying alone scenario because we are AFRAID of something that just isn't that different than anything else. If we counted and tested EVERYONE that got "the common cold" every year the numbers would be totally pandemic proportions. If we counted and tested EVERY death that was exacerbated by flu and cold viruses, it would be a HUGE percentage.

My point.... is that that hand washing and not sneezing and coughing around people.... is what we SHOULD be doing ALL the time! Not sending kids to school sick is something we should be doing ALL the time. Right? Are you hearing me on this? As I watched Sweden and Austria battle the virus very nonchalantly, with very small adverse effects I followed suit within my own family.

But then...... my own country and my own state started to freak out. Literally. With no work, fear at an all time high, the hysteria about everything peaked. Social media became Bible. Neighbor and friend started basing their relationships- no matter the longevity- on who they followed and shared perspectives with in a virtual space. I watched at first with side ways glances and double takes. Hoping it was just a few people who are so intellectually immature that they couldn't see the error of their decision making paradigms. Unfortunately I was wrong. Some of my own close friends and dear family members began sending me messages of shame, finger pointing and letting me know they were disappointed in me if I shared a post that had helped me make a well rounded decision or offered insights I felt valuable. As if they had some expectation of my life choices and a direct need for me to fall in line with their actions and beliefs all of a sudden. Bazar I tell you. That is how I feel, even NOW. Bazar! Even some of my kids friends, are all of a sudden no longer allowing my kids over simply because we didn't wear masks like they chose to. As if they know where we go, what we do and who we associate with 24/7, and believe that masks are as good as a hospital isolation chamber. Odd, isn't it? Please tell me we are more intelligent my friends? PLEASE.

I did NOT love that the governments then said masks were so super effective that everyone should wear one all the time. Even though the mask boxes don't declare they protect 100% from any disease or sickness. And they said that we should not travel or gather in large groups or go to school or worship------> for our health. Except..... you know, when we go protesting racial issues. Or you know, they said sure- go to the store and buy your cigarettes and alcohol and poison stuffed foods, but please don't practice religion. Then states allowed their governors to release prisoners ..... to keep us safe. (???) Friend. There is seriously some issues here that NEED to be talked about and changed ASAP.

Alas----we can't cover ALL things in one post.

But at this point in my understanding of the virus, and seeing and reading plenty of solid evidence that it was indeed just like a bad cold.... and then seeing the hysteria break out, that I wondered WHY are all of these freaking out? I discovered I had ZERO fear. ZERO fear of the future. Many things factor into this. My job is online, and therefore wasn't affected at all. My city has lots of space. No subways or bus systems and no high-rise apartments with thousands of people living together. As a health career person my job got more busy. This lack of fear for me, had me feeling like wearing a mask was unnecessary for myself and my health. I felt that my family didn't need to wear them either. I felt that a government MAKING me wear one felt a little out of the ordinary. Isn't my health up to ME? The government doesn't care about my health. This I learned in 2012 when I saw how much lobbying goes into our health standards and food safety laws. Nah. There is NO clear lines there that our government agencies such as the USDA, the FDA or the CDC truly has American's health at the heart of what they do. They are paid to print and say everything they do. The amount of corruption within our government runs DEEP my friend. Just know that.

I had started to read (about May 2020) that some people felt that the mask mandates were an attack on liberty. That our health SHOULD BE up to us. And mandating otherwise was in err of the Constitution of the United States. I tended to agree with some of those thought patterns. But a part of me also wondered about other health suggestions people don't follow that would totally help public health as a whole. Why haven't we caboshed the recreational use of tobacco already? Why haven't we caboshed liquor and alcoholic beverages that we KNOW have ZERO benefits to humans? When people consume, the stats are clear: more domestic abuse happens with alcohol in the veins. More deadly traffic accidents happen with alcohol in the veins. And so much more. Tobacco literally takes YEARS off of a person's life and messes deeply with their brain patterns. HOW is this a good thing? HOW is this good for public health??? So the masks, said to be mandated as a help for our health, for the good of our country ..... just seemed a little shallow. Could that REALLY be the reason? Or IS this something bigger? IS all of this something possibly planted? To make citizens of a powerful country, the ONLY one in the world who practices capitalism like we do and founded on liberty like we are, do something so small claiming it is for my Health and Longevity? I'm still not clear on this to be honest.

But a post went out by one of my well education and well rounded friends not long ago that helped me build yet another side of the equation that did make sense. Her perspective was a sound one, not an emotionally charged mass hysteria fed one.

Here are her words:

The argument to end the mask debate. Yes, I’m that arrogant...
There are 4 scenarios: 1) Masks work to reduce infection, but you don’t wear one. 2) Masks work to reduce infection, and you do wear one. 3) Masks don’t work to reduce infection, and you don’t wear one. 4) Masks don’t work to reduce infection, but you do wear one.

(The only reason there are 4 scenarios instead of 2 is because of the rather confusing info concerning mask efficacy being spread over social media and the politicizing of health information. How the heck that happened is for another discussion)

As two of these scenarios carry the most discussion-worthy consequences, we’ll focus on #1 and #4.

- If masks work to REDUCE the risk of spreading infections, the consequence for NOT wearing one will be possibly getting someone else sick. (You may not know you carry the virus for nearly 11 days and could spread it without knowing). This, thereby, can result in other consequences. If you get someone sick, they could become hospitalized, they could suffer some of the long lasting lung or heart damage that is being reported, or, worse they could die. Additionally, if you get someone else sick and then they get others sick and too many get sick and the healthcare system is overrun, we’re headed for another lockdown. 7 other states are already in this position. I would hope we would rather wear masks and try to carry on as usual than be forced to do another lockdown. And even if we get someone sick and they don’t suffer additional adverse health effects, they’re going to miss out on work for anywhere from 2-3 weeks, which they might not be able to afford. - Now if masks don’t reduce the risk of infection, the consequence of wearing one is you needlessly wore a mask at public places, fogged up your glasses, or got your face all hot and sweaty. There are no other consequences that I’m aware of. (The lack of oxygen claim as been debunked over and over, and if a surgeon can wear one for several hours during surgery or a Walmart worker can wear one for a shift and not keel over, than I think we’ll be fine). - If you just go off the consequences, it would seem like the safer bet, the one with the least amount of negative consequences, would be to wear a mask. Google how to effectively wear one. Hint: It’s not on your chin. That’s it. That’s the argument. It’s rather simple, but I believe it to be valid. It’s all about weighing the consequences. You actually have lots of practice with this. How far over the speed limit do you go on the highway? You choose that number based on the level of risk or consequences you’re willing to accept. You know going 5 mph over carries little risk of getting pulled over and if you did, the consequence is a citation/warning or a ticket with a lower fine. You know going 10-15 mph runs a higher risk of getting pulled over and a large consequence of a much bigger fine. In a split second you go over this in your head and choose your speed. Some aren’t okay with any risk or any consequence and go the speed limit. Put ice on the road and now we’re weighing a whole new set of consequences. We weigh consequences all the time. “I’d rather get this important report done for the boss and be tired in the morning than get fired.” “I’d rather be pasty pale than writhe in pain from a sunburn.” “I’d rather gain five pounds than deny myself this beautiful doughnut.” “I’d rather miss out on the party and study to get an A than mess up my GPA.” The difference in consequences for wearing or not wearing a mask are stark, so now you’ll have to figure out which set of consequences you’re more okay with. I hope none of us are okay with the large amount of life altering consequences that come from the 1st scenario.

Some additional considerations because there will be some “Yeah, buts”: - In pretty much every state, or county, or heath district that has issued a mandatory mask policy, they don’t include young children or those with limiting physical or mental health conditions. So if you’re worried about that, don’t. And if the rest of us do wear masks, we can help protect the people who can’t wear one. - I understand that being required (if it comes to that) to wear a mask ruffles some freedom feathers. Since masks work primarily to stop your germs from hurting others, wearing one therefore helps to protect everyone’s RIGHT to life, since exposure risk goes down, liberty, since we’ll be free to go about our lives and not be locked down, and the pursuit of happiness, since I would imagine health, providing for your family, going to school, not being at the mercy of a virus would make you happy. Being required to wear one shouldn’t ruffle your feathers anymore than being required to stop at stop signs or red lights, things that when we obey, protects the lives of others. And if you took a minute to list off all the things we’re required to do normally and that you’re also okay with, you’ll have to then ask yourself why masks are any different. Lastly, not wearing a mask and following other precautions might put other freedoms at risk....think about another round of lockdowns. -We are not powerless. We know from the last lockdown that we can do something, many somethings in fact, that thwarts this virus. Staying home worked. But if we aren’t going to stay home, we’ve got to do something else instead to help keep numbers low....social distance, masks in public, washing hands, staying home when sick.

Last words: - Pandemics come with out-of-the ordinary conditions that require out-of-the ordinary solutions. No one wants to have to function the way we have to with a pandemic. We don’t want to have to worry about how far apart we are from someone else. We don’t want to have to be fearful of every cough or sneeze. We don’t want to have to quarantine and we don’t want to have to wear masks. The people you see wearing a mask don’t want to wear one either. We can’t control the fact that this virus exists, that it requires hospital-level hygiene measures for everyday citizens (exempting washing your hands, y’all should have been doing that already) or that it’s so new that nearly everyday we learn how much this thing sucks in an entirely different way than it sucked the day before, but we can control how we react to it. So we can focus on how much it all sucks and kick against the need for change OR we can adapt. And I’m fairly certain that the future looks pretty gloomy for any species that refuses to adapt. To adapt, do all of the things: socially distance, wash hands, stop touching your face, stop being a hero and stay home when you’re sick, and wear a mask in public.

Edited to add sass: -If you already realized all of this but weren’t able to articulate it, you’re welcome. -If you already realized all of this but I beat you to posting about it....”last one to post a logical mask argument on Facebook is a rotten egg!” -If you hadn’t realized this and you’re convinced by it and have to change some things, no one is going to fault you. The ability to change our minds is a great characteristic to have. I had to do that many times. -If you hadn’t realized this but you can’t bring yourself to admit that you might have been wrong about the mask debate, just pretend you were never against wearing a mask and delete all evidence. It works for others . -If you aren’t convinced and still think I’m wrong and other health officials are wrong, well then, I guess we’re done here.
-ANNA DURFEE, MS Education (post address: https://www.facebook.com/anna.durfee/posts/10218849690976780)


I felt after reading her post that I might ask HER directly about my question and had faith that I would get a non biased answer. So I did!

I get why the masks are being worn. And I wear one when in a public place that asks- but I don’t get why it has to be signed into law and enforced- to the point of violence and shaming. Whether a “smart” choice or “reasonable” choice or not, wearing a mask for personal health or for the welfare of others should be a personal choice. Right?

If a business says please wear one? They can do that. If the schools say please wear one? Ok. But for those who don’t wear one everywhere they go, for whatever reason, whether due ignorance, stupidity, doctors orders or whatever claim they are making on their choice, they can and should still be able to do that, right? Like you said- those who don’t adapt will die out. Those who are vulnerable can stay home.

So what’s the argument about really? I’m still trying to understand.

To which she replied:

  • Anna Durfee Robyn Christensen Whitworth I think the way I see it, similar to traffic law, is that someone’s failure to follow the rules puts other ruler followers at risk. This isn’t a personal health issue anymore it’s a public health issue. Personal health issue: deciding not to seek treatments for a cancer diagnosis. No one can tell you what to do there because it’s just your own health at risk. Public health issue: A pandemic...if some don’t wear a mask and social distance, they increase the risk for everyone, not just themselves. Masks are most effective with everyone wears them just like traffic laws are most effective when everyone follows them. I don’t like that we’d have to make it a public policy, but leaders may have no other choice when personal choices threaten the public at large. Public issue may require a public policy. Anna Durfee Robyn Christensen Whitworth PS: regardless, no one should be attacked for not wearing a mask, if they were, we enter into another category of rights violations. However, if they make it a temporary law and you chose not to wear one, you’d have to deal with the consequences. The same goes for if I choose to not buckle up or not stop at the light. I don’t anyone wants to go there, they’d rather have us all voluntarily wear a mask but it would seem that when situations become desperate, people tend to enact desperate measures. It’s best to avoid desperation. Robyn Christensen Whitworth Anna Durfee good points! Anna Durfee Robyn Christensen Whitworth If I had the time to study the different reasons, logical and illogical, for not obeying what seems to be common sense, I’d love that. Mostly I hear that people don’t like being told what to do. For real, that’s how they feel. What I hear when they say that or when you question them though is that they don’t like being told to do something by certain people or organizations, even if the action makes sense. That’s just a theory though.

  • Robyn Christensen Whitworth Anna Durfee I agree. I think most of us would like to have time to study out issues and wrap our minds around every choice we make. Especially choices that change our lifestyle/comfort. There is a severe lack of correct information shared like wildfire on SM, lots of emotionally charged messaging without enough real evidence roaming around, and people are literally just picking a “side” based on their emotional intelligence level amidst the chaos. It’s kind of odd to watch. Anna Durfee Robyn Christensen Whitworth It’s totally bizarre I agree. A man was beaten to death in France for asking his bus passengers to wear masks. Like, how ludicrous is that? People are on edge and may be having a hard time setting aside the emotions for sure.


I appreciated these thoughts and points and comparisons SO MUCH.

I finally started to wrap my brain around the idea of public health, needs public policy.

So the masks MAYBE really are just a shallow thing. Just a SMALL thing.

Then, another person who had extensive understanding of our constitution and the history of other instances like this in our country's history chimed in with some excellent points. The following comments really helped me to see more truth about this whole thing than I had heard in 4 months.

Here are HIS words: Ryan Durfee Anna Durfee you are spot on with all of this. My experience has been the same - people say they don’t like being told what to do. That’s an interesting statement in itself, and it brings to mind an important question: is there a difference between being told what to do and being told what to believe?

Unless you take the time to study it out yourself - a practice that is necessary, although, unfortunately, often neglected, in a place where the government is “of the people” - you are simply believing what you are being told to believe. While being told what to do can feel akin to slavery, one could argue that being told what to believe is even more dangerous. Although there are countless others, let’s consider just one historical example: the Holocaust. Was Adolf Hitler “successful” in the systematic murder of millions of Jews and others because of what he told the German people to do or or because of what he told them to believe? It didn’t take long before books, radio stations, and everyone and everything that sought to offer another perspective was silenced. Hitler controlled his people’s beliefs, and, consequently, they behaved in regrettable ways. This “freedom” issue in relation to wearing masks in a pandemic is troubling. And calling on the Constitution to back this senseless perspective of freedom is equally concerning because it means that we don’t understand either this most basic and important belief or the document that supports it. The founding fathers were incredibly wise and clearly inspired. Some argue that they didn’t give the government, within that document, power to do something like require citizens to wear masks during a pandemic. No, they did something better. They recognized that if this American experiment was to last, they would never be able to anticipate all of the technologies, problems, arguments, etc. that might arise, so they created three branches of government that could create new laws, interpret the constitution and other existing laws as new situations arose, and enforce those laws. Perhaps the same people who cry for freedom and a return to the Constitution don’t remember its history. Following a very long, secretive, and argumentative Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, ratification of that document proved to be an even bigger challenge. Why? The people had just lived through King George and had fought a revolution to throw off a tyrannical government. They didn’t want another to take its place. Anti-federalists fought hard against any form of centralized government; they didn’t want someone far away from their homes, lives, and beliefs telling them what to do. So, James Madison, our fourth president and the “Father of the Constitution,” and many others set out to inform the people of what the Constitution actually said, what kind of government it would actually set up, and why it was needed. In one of the most significant of Madison’s Federalist papers, The Federalist No 51, Madison explained that a system of checks and balances would allow a government to make important decisions - such as requiring the wearing of masks during a pandemic - and yet prevent itself from getting out of control or gaining so much power that freedoms are eventually limited: “The great security against a gradual concentration of the several powers in the same department, consists in giving to those who administer each department the necessary constitutional means and personal motives to resist encroachments of the others. The provision for defence must in this, as in all other cases, be made commensurate to the danger of attack. Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions. ([1788] n.d., 337) To paraphrase, if we would choose to wear masks, there would be no reason for the government to consider making it a requirement. But, alas, as we are not angels, we must “enable the government to control the governed.” At the same time, we must also oblige that government to control itself. In other words, let the system that is set up - both checks and balances and the right to vote - which places “dependence on the people… the primary control of the government” make sure that our freedoms are protected. They will, if we let them. As I teach my fifth graders about government and political parties, I have them participate in a “Freeland vs Leaderland” debate. In a futuristic world, only two countries exist, and everyone must choose between the two. In Freeland, there are no rules, no laws of any kind. Anyone can do whatever they want. And there are no punishments. While there is absolute “freedom,” there is little to no safety. In Leaderland, there are rules for everything - you are told what to do, what to believe, who to marry, etc. However, as long as you “follow the leader” you are safe. There is absolute safety, but little to no freedom. Students are required to pick a side and defend their decision. It’s an impossible choice - as neither option is good - and it opens up some great discussions. In the end, kids are surprised to learn that most people throughout history have lived in one of these two places - anarchy or tyranny. More importantly, they come to recognize that true freedom is not unrestricted. In the absence of all laws, you have no safety. And, if someone can steal or murder without consequences, doesn’t that limit your freedom in the long run? Somehow, our founding fathers found a way to provide a balance between both freedom and safety. And so far, it has worked. One of the first situations akin to what we’re experiencing was the yellow fever epidemic of 1793, only six years after the Constitution was written. Philadelphia - the nation’s largest city and the home of the federal government and Pennsylvania state government - was the epicenter of that epidemic, and 1/10 of the city’s population died. The federal government fled and President Washington left on vacation. The state government also panicked and fled. Management of the situation was, therefore, left to the mayor and some committees he formed. Some of what they did included the forced evacuation of certain neighborhoods and, after the epidemic, the inspection of all houses and destruction of those the city deemed unhealthy. Talk about limiting freedoms! And yet, over the past 200+ years, Philadelphia has not fallen under total governmental control. Over 100 years later, the judicial branch got involved following a smallpox outbreak in Massachusetts. The state has passed a law requiring vaccination. One citizen, Henning Jacobson, who refused to be vaccinated and was fined, sued the state. In February of 1905, the Supreme Court sided with the state and in Jacobsen v Massachusetts said, “Upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity, a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.” 13 years later, during the Influenza pandemic of 1918, which killed more than 50 million people worldwide, numerous temporary laws were enacted, including the requirement to wear masks. The same arguments were given 100 years ago, but, we still haven’t seen that drastic “push to the left” where the government controls everything. In 1925, Charles V. Chapin, a pioneer and leader in the public health movement during the progressive era who was responsible for drastically reducing the death rate of typhoid in Rhode Island said, “Everyone condemns unnecessary legislation and equally abhors ill considered and badly formed laws, but the relations of human beings are becoming more complex every day... There is no doubt, too, that those who ‘on general principles’ condemn ‘meddling legislation,’ when it comes to specific problems affecting themselves, are in favor of rat proofing plague infected cities, of stamping out virulent smallpox by drastic measures, of compelling one city to cease discharging its sewage into it’s neighbor’s drinking water and dealing summarily with him who peddles tuberculosis with his milk.” In other words, once the specific problems affect us personally, we find ourselves in favor of “drastic measures.” In addition to traffic laws that were already mentioned, child safety seats, sanitation laws, etc., consider these laws that encourage healthy communities - the Surgeon General’s warnings on tobacco products, laws that prohibit underage smoking and drinking, and laws that prohibit smoking in public places. Do they “limit” some people’s freedoms? I guess you could argue that. But, in the end, the laws protect our health, safety, and even the economy. However, none of those laws came without opposition. Lobbyists, especially from companies who make lots of money growing, making, and selling alcohol and tobacco, fought against passage of these laws. In fact, there is always an opposite opinion, agenda, and lobbyist against any effort to pass a law. So, you have to ask yourself, what is the reason I am being persuaded to believe one way or another. And this, to me, is what is most frightening about all of this. Somehow, the issue of whether or not to wear a mask to protect yourself and others has become a violent, divisive political debate. Anna Durfee clearly made the point that when you look at the outcomes, it isn’t a debate. After all, how many people have died from wearing a mask? And even if they aren’t 100% effective, the science is behind them. Once this specific problem affects you personally, you will be in favor of “drastic measures” yourself. Yet, the debate rolls on. So there must be more to it than that. Both sides have an agenda. So what is their motivation? Is anyone in the pro-mask corner looking to make a quick buck? No, they simply want to protect their families’ and loved ones’ lives, keep our economy rolling, and keep our schools open because without some kind of preventative efforts, we all know the choice is either losing lives or going back into lockdown. Neither sounds very “free” to me.

So, what is the other side’s agenda? Honestly? What will wearing a mask cause anyone to lose? What is this side fighting for? Will a temporary requirement to wear masks - which wouldn’t even be necessary if men were angels and we would just choose to wear them by ourselves - really lead to some absolute dictatorship or control by the government? We have to ask ourselves, who is persuading us to believe that, and why are they doing it?

This is what is most concerning to me, because there isn’t any logical argument against masks that hasn’t already been addressed. Yet consider the feverish efforts by some politicians to tell us what to believe. They continue to paint themselves as the guardians of freedom while constantly spreading fear of “growing control of the state” regarding this issue. So, why are they doing it? What do they have to lose? An election, perhaps? Are our safety, freedom, relationships with family members and neighbors, etc. all being sacrificed simply in an effort to win an election? The far sides of either end of the political spectrum are dangerous. Efforts to silence opposing voices and to pull us too far to one side are particularly dangerous. If we let them, efforts to control our beliefs are much more dangerous than efforts to “tell us what to do.”

Maybe we ought to take some time to learn about our history, read the Constitution, seek to understand media bias, and maybe even read or watch our news from a variety of sources.

Instead of continuing the senseless debate, we should be coming together, letting our opposing beliefs help us find common ground in the middle, where both freedom and safety can coexist.


I know.

It is a lot of information.

But isn't that just it? Isn't that what we NEED more of to make wise decisions?

You know what though, the other thing we need more of is people who are compassionate toward the truth that everyone is at different levels of intelligence. Emotionally and academically and in lived experiences. Not everyone is a good Leader. Not everyone is a good listener. We've lived too long as sleepy zombies in this country is my own personal opinion. When it's time to actually make a decision and help people.... we don't want to wake up. Its HARD to wake up. Some people are claiming that to be truly WOKE means that "anything goes." WOKE people say that everyone can just do what they feel is"right" for them. Excuse me? What just happened to understanding that your actions affect EVERYONE and not just you? Scary logic there. I tend to be very WARY of this WOKE movement. I'm wondering sometimes if those who subscribe to that are the most zombie of us all. Completely drowned in the world. Only seeking their own personal "righteousness" and calling EVERYTHING good..... even when their soul tells them some things are NOT. But they persist that everything must be good, for why else does it exist? Have they forgotten the law of opposition? There is most definitely DARK, evil and erroneous things going on. There are SO many tangents I could go down here.

At the end of this lengthy discussion.... I want to leave you with this.

I am choosing to wear a mask when asked. I now understand the smallness of this thing.

I have been accused of not following Christ and not being kind when I don't wear one everywhere and all the time. I don't have to forgive these people, for I believe that they simply don't know everything either. They are making the best choice that they know how, and that is all them. It has nothing to do with ME.

I still stand by the confidence that my standards of living uphold my health and the health of my family, and I am SO incredibly grateful that I can still choose my lifestyle and the foods that I consume. I am so incredibly grateful that our country allows capitalism and that companies can compete and that I can have SO many choices for what I put into my body and who I spend time with and can earn as much income as I put forth effort to. I have ZERO fear of Covid. I have ZERO fear of the future. I do however, have a wary feeling of sadness for those who are using their energy and short days of life shaming others and condemning them for not believing as they do. We need to have differences of talents, gifts, and understanding to evolve as a people. We NEED differing voices and variety in our leadership. We must be willing to have conversations that are hard, so we can LEARN and then do better.

When I really sit down and ponder on all the issues that have come up in my life time..... what we truly need more of, is God. His original laws of loving one another. His original laws of honesty, integrity, and honoring each other as equally important creations of His meant to be together for our JOY. His laws of honoring the Sabbath and having a day when we can reflect and feel our Power and Holiness and remind ourselves we are HIS and as He said, enjoy the day that was made FOR US. We need His son who emulated what a meaningful life was. A life of service, compassion, healing, opposition to become even more powerful, and above all to see all the people, go to all the places, and experience the love of others and enjoy this earthly experience. Some say our founding fathers built this country and the Constitution on archaic ideas and it should be done away with. That.... I would fear. Our country is unique in its long standing strength from a Christian Based foundation. Christian values came from Christ. Have we forgotten this? Before Jesus Christ, we only had Laws, minimal teachings about compassion and service. I believe a return to Jesus Christ would heal so many wounds, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. Did you know that the ancient original translation of the word "repent" actually simply means "a return?" A return to the Light. A return to our HOME.

So this is my personal exit from the mask debate.
I'm returning Home. I'm going to wear a mask when asked, and focus on more important things.
There is SO much more to change than that to heal the world. I'll stop putting my energy in this space.



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