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Two FREE Resources to Transform Your Family's Relationship with Money

I’ve got TWO things I’d like to share with you today.

Item one---> Why I Pay for A’s: Using Money to Encourage Academic Success

We all want our kids to grow up to be hard working, creative, loving, honest and personally responsible adults before they leave our nest.

With 5 children ages 3 to almost 16, and 18 years of marriage, we’ve had our share of medical issues, unforeseen crushing household financial struggles as well as parenting successes and failures.

One area that we haven’t struggled in, however, is having our children perform well at school.

Why? How?

Well, apart from teaching them healthy habits so they are set up for successful schooling, we “Pay for A’s”.

I know. I know. It can be tricky to talk about how we use money in parenting.

My hope is that you’ll come away from this post feeling empowered to help your children learn important life skills as they “earn” their A’s both literally, and financially.

Read my full post over on Imperfectly Perfect Mama!

AND------ Item 2:


I also want to extend an invite to each of you to attend a LIVE call TOMORROW, Tuesday April 7 12pm PST, 3pm EST. The CEO of the business I am an affiliate with and earning a sizeable part time income with all from home will be sharing HOW we do what we do as online Coaches, and WHY we do what we do in this specific company. He will also show HOW we can help you make predictable side income RIGHT NOW. I have NO idea if you are interested in this, but thought to extend an invite anyhow. I know that I love knowing my options and understanding them. In this unsteady time, it has been definitely worth my time to become educated on adding more than one or two revenue streams for our household. You can TUNE IN HERE: Facebook.com/TBBCoach411

I’ve been an online coach for this company since 2014 and it has changed our family’s financial and health situation drastically. Be coachable myf riend. Be OPEN to things that drop into your lap. If you read this blog, and if you are on my email list you got this info in your hands TWICE today. This is your sign. ;) But really…. It is worth your time to know about this company and how it works!

I’ll be in touch! If you get on the call, please come back and let me know and I can answer any questions you have. Or you can TAG me in the comments section of the LIVEstream on Facebook and I’ll see it!

All my love and belief,

Xo Robyn

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