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Free Eating for Energy Class May 2019

Updated: May 20, 2019

Ever wished you could create energy for yourself WITHOUT caffeine?

I can help make that wish come true.

I've been studying energy promoting foods, food combinations that help create our human energy as well as being able to create energy from OURSELVES at any moment. Sounds kinda weird- I know! I thought so too. But IT IS POSSIBLE. I use these tools DAILY.

When I first started eating the right combinations of foods (After lots of reading about nutrition and human digestion and growth), something strange happened. I felt energy from INSIDE my body. I literally felt like getting off my chair and going for a walk... and maybe a jog! I had three small kids and had lived most of my life hating physical exercise so I wasn't quite sure how to respond.

Usually a desire for physical exercise was out of guilt for being overweight... or because I lived in a fantasy world where I believed that if I worked my body hard enough I would erase my poor food choices. Ya..... it doesn't work that way. What I ate showed up in PLENTY of places besides my weight. My skin. My hair. My attitude. My immunity. My sleep quality. Etc.

Learning to eat to create good physical energy not only helped me lose excess weight (without changing my exercise, mind you), but helped me sustain a lifestyle change.

This knowledge has helped me to sustain SO many life changes that have come my way in the past 5 years.

From learning about mild depression and anxiety, to PTSD from my traumatic pregnancy and birth in 2017, to having two of my children hospitalized and have intensive surgeries... man its been a wild ride the past few years. BUT I still have energy daily!

I am asked a lot "how do you sustain all that you commit to? How do you keep facing your struggles with a courageous attitude and consistently progress in your goals? How do you show up for your kids daily AND run a business AND support your husband AND take care of the household AND do xyz?"

It is because of how I eat my friends.

And I eat cake, too. ;)

But the majority of my foods are combinations of certain foods that promote energy in my body.

The other component is how I nourish my BRAIN through meditation, good books, uplifting and actionable podcasts and again- specific BRAIN healing foods and natural compounds.

I'd LOVE to share with you what these combinations are, how simple they are and how you can add them to your life in just a few days. The COOLEST part? Every person who takes the class I'm offering and implements 100%, feels a change within 48 hours. Ya, our bodies are amazing like that. They RESPOND in kind.

So who wants in? This class will run ONLINE, in a Facebook group. Each day I will have a few short videos, a page of recipes, combination pdf's to print, and a little 3 day challenge to help you see and feel the benefits of what you learn. You can expect to spend 5-10 minutes a day in the group for 5 days NEXT week. Click this image to request to join the Facebook group:

I know it's a busy time of year. I have a million things on my to-do list and calendar too. ---> But something I've learned from coaching thousands over the past 5 years------ there never is a best time to learn something. And furthermore- implementing something like THIS, in the busy times will prove to you all the better, the efficacy of it. :)

Shoot me an email at lifetimefitnessteam@gmail.com Subject line "Eating for Energy" and I'll be contacting you with details! OR you can click the image above, and simply request to join the Facebook group!

Excited to work with ya!

All my love and belief-

xo Robyn

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