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5 most popular Weight loss strategies explained---->

LOTS of people want to lose a few pounds.

We live in a time of extreme abundance!

There is MORE than enough money, food and entertainment to go around. Hence.... a time when weight loss is a constant topic of interest as we've become more indulgent with our food, less intentional with our time for lack of working every daylight hour, and money has gone virtual. We are less engaged in things that REALLY matter than ever before. Our health being one of them. And in my mind and from my experience? Our health is the TOP item to take seriously.

I truly believe that our health is our financial security. If you are well in mind and body, you can find a job anytime, anywhere. You can get education and work and make connections and network effectively- no matter your age, sex or race. If you are well in mind and body you can do ANYTHING you choose. True Health is FREEDOM.

Since 75% of all adults in the United States are overweight, let's tackle weight loss today.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained physician. This information is not meant to cure or treat any disease or ailment. If you choose to engage in any of these suggestions, you do so at your own risk.

I've been coaching and teaching through weight loss since 2012, and these are the TOP 5 most effective and most used weight loss strategies. Let me share a little about each one below:

1: Calories in: Calories out Strategy

You losing weight due to a lack of calories. Your body burns any excess stored fat or muscle for energy.

PROS: simple to do

CONS: doesn't work for hormonally imbalanced people and you must be following a specific exercise routine to be sure you aren't burning muscle, which is easier to burn than fat.

HOW does this work?

The calorie equation is simple. But that doesn't mean it's easy. However, the calorie equation is grounded in sound evidence.

If you consume more food than you need (calories in), the excess calories turn into extra weight. But if you burn more calories than you consume (calories out), you burn stored body mass for energy and you lose overall weight.

Think of food as fuel and your body as a car. Food is the energy our bodies need to move. Overeating is like over-fueling. Any excess fuel you don't use turns into fat and weight gain begins.

The process of weight loss is just as straightforward. If you consume less fuel or less food than you need, your body burns stored fuel and you lose weight.

For more information and to calculate your calorie target, visit this website:


2: Macro Tracking and Portion Control

You will be giving your body exact amounts of macro nutrients, fat/carb/protein within your calorie target so your body functions super efficient.

PROS: You can eat all foods within the guided portions

CONS: takes a lot of trial and error to find the right balance for hormonally imbalanced people

"The macro diet is similar to the caveman or Paleo diet because it emphasizes the value of whole foods, rather than processed foods. Additionally, it shares some commonality with Weight Watchers and calorie counting because you do need to track your intake and stay within certain ranges.

On the other hand, the macro diet is different from other diets because it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting. Everyone starts with a target macro ratio (for example, a macro ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 25% fat). An online calculator—or better yet, a nutritionist—will help you determine your macro ratio based on your body type, goals, activity level and medical history. As you aim for your specific macro ratio, you might adjust it based on what’s happening with your body. (See below for more info on that.)

With a macro diet, you’re not meant to be depriving your body; you’re meant to be feeding it ideal nutrition that makes it more efficient." (https://www.cookinglight.com/eating-smart/macro-diet-counting-macros-weight-loss-better-nutrition)

There are two sources I highly recommend to begin this type of weight loss strategy:

A) The If It Fits Your Macros online nutrition coaching and support center. Learn more here:

https://www.iifym.com/ With this resource, you'll need to sign up to use their site (for the most successful scenario) to use their calculators to find your goal percentages and their searchable food base to find the macros of all the foods you choose to eat and track, and you can choose to use their online forums for support. You'll measure out your foods for every meal/snack with a food scale or find it in the food base listed by "serving."

B) The Portion Fix Program from TeamBeachbody. This option is my favorite because I've used it and absolutely loved the process. It is WAY simpler than option a. That option you must look up all the foods you eat and track them on your own and watch your percentages through the day. With the Portion Fix program, you buy a package that has EVERYTHING you need- no subscription necessary. Simply calculate your calorie target using a simple sheet included in the package, and then there are color coded containers that are specific to portion size and food group that are listed on your calorie target column. It will show you how many of each container you'll eat each day. Example: 1200-1500 calorie range (the lowest) might have 3 green containers (vegetables), 2 purple (fruits), 2 yellow (carbohydrates), 1 blue (healthy fats), 2 oranges (nuts, seeds, and dressings), and 2 teaspoons of nut butters or butter each day. The containers are calculated for macros already, so you just fill it up, and you can eat everything that fits. There is an online tracker if you want to check of your containers through the day and I have ongoing support groups as a Team Beachbody Coach that you will have access to.

To learn more about this strategy, go here: Portion Fix Program Package

3: Ketosis

This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Mimicks starvation, forcing your body to burn excess.

PROS: Works for anyone, especially very overweight individuals

CONS: dangerous if you have less than 60 lbs to lose. Dangerous for longer than 2 weeks at a time; must have 4-5 weeks in between ketosis forces. Potentially damaging to liver and kidneys.

I personally do not ever recommend this type of weight loss due to the long term side effects. To me, the risk is NOT worth the weight loss. To learn more visit this website: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/ketogenic-diet-101

To learn about the dangers of this strategy, visit this article: Ketogenic Kool-Aid

4: Visual Plating and Food Tracking: Training the mind through data

This approach uses basic human nutrient need data to offer plate diagrams for each meal. Log of all foods, weight and water daily to document what combinations leave you feeling satisfied and losing

PROS: works for anyone, very effective for emotional eaters and hormonally imbalanced individuals

CONS: takes time to track all the food, water, and weight daily

This approach is the newest approach to weight loss in my world. And it is by far my most recommended and my most favorite, as it is how I finally lost 20 lbs of post-baby weight after trying other strategies for a full 18 months. After my baby, I had to have a hysterectomy, which altered my hormone cycles. And NOTHING was working to help my body lose weight. I tried 3 of these strategies and some moved the needle a tiny bit, only to spring back for reasons that I could NOT figure out. With this strategy, I tracked all my food and my weight each day and I got to see what patterns of food offered me the most weight change, and then simply repeat those days to lose weight consistently. You see, with hormone issues from menstrual cycle issues, to mental issues like PTSD and depression or PCOS to medication dependence for blood sugar and more foods don't behave in the body during digestion like they do in people without hormone issues. So this strategy is not only effective for emotional eaters, so see what they are eating written with their own hand and finally let go of the emotions tied to their foods and lose weight, but it is awesome for people who feel that "I can't lose weight" due to hormone issues. You'll be able to see EXACTLY what foods your body loses weight on and what doesn,t and plan accordingly. I LOVE this strategy. I love it so much I took the offered certification taught by the dietician and nutritionist that created it and named it the "2B Mindset" and passed! I have ongoing groups that use this strategy and would love for you to join me there, or in private if you choose. To order the package you'll need to start with this strategy, GO HERE->

2BMindset Package

You'll get a tracking journal, educational videos to learn about emotional weight loss and food groups and more. :)

5: Intermittent Fasting: Fasting cycles to burn 24/7

Various "on" and "off" times for eating food, to work with the body's most active times pushing the body to burn excess consistently through each day. A 7-8 hour sleep period is required each day.

PROS: Works for anyone, ideal for hormonally imbalanced and over age 40

CONS: Requires a regular sleep cycle of at least 7-8 hours each night. The body needs that time to rest, as its highly burning 24/7 (many websites don't mention this, but from what I understand about how the body functions during fasting intervals, adequate rest is essential to its efficacy. Otherwise the individual feels fatigue and will get headaches frequently during the longer fasting periods.)

I wrote a post regarding this and you can read more here: Weight loss for Hormonally imbalanced Women sdfsdf

You can also read more about fasting and its benefits at this website: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/intermittent-fasting-guide

So What sounds good to YOU? What is your GUT instinct leaning toward? Its been my experience that our bodies usually know what we need.... we just don't "listen" to its cues close enough. I invite you to read over these options and really visualize yourself participating in them and then GO FOR IT with one of them! I found the most success when I actually combined the Intermittent fasting WITH the Visual Plating 2bMindset strategy. I am more than happy to share how I did that if you are ready to try it! Email me lifetimefitnessteam@gmail.com

All my love and belief in your successful weight loss journey!!!



PS------ if you decided that you want to try either 2 or 4, I have discount code access to share with you as a Coach and Certified Mentor for the company that created the Portion Fix and 2bMindset packages. I'm a SUPER thrifty shopper, so coupons and discounts are my JAM. lol! SO please reach out and let me know you will be ordering them, and I'll shoot you over a code!

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