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What's Really Behind Your Desire to Lose Weight (+ 1 simple tool to support you on your journey)

"Weight loss is never about the weight loss."

I recently heard this on a team call with my company.

This rang true for me.

When I set out to lose weight "for real" in 2012 after my prediabetes diagnosis, it wasn't about the weight.

It was about deep shame I wanted to let go of for my lack of discipline around food.

My weight loss was about proving to myself that I can do HARD things. My weight loss was about changing my habits, to change my lifestyle, to change the future of my kids’ habits and lifestyle.

It was about doing something on my OWN. Not with my husband. Not with a bestie. This was for ME and by me.

It was a proving ground.

I did the work.

I changed.

My weight loss journey has been the single struggle that spurred an entire 6 figure career, worldwide network, and positive movement among thousands of women to become the version of themselves that continues to GROW. We aren't afraid of growth, success and change.

We understand that our struggles are GIFTS. As we conquer the struggle, we build the skills necessary to live the life we dream of. Those dreams are there for a reason. Not just figments of your imagination. If you can dream it, you CAN do it. But you must be willing to conquer the obstacles to gain the skills to create that dream into your life. If you’re ready to live your best and healthiest life, I’m here to support you. From my own experience, I know that meal planning is a powerful way to change your relationship with food, along with improving your health. Even better, meal planning consistently saves me time and energy all week long!

I plan and shop one week at a time. I don’t go to the store more than once a week. It’s worked for me to do it this way for 7 years and I absolutely love the system! Now, I’m sharing my system with you in a FREE 5-day Meal Planning Blitz!

When you join me in this free group, you’ll learn how to easily plan delicious meals to support the health of your family and yourself (all while staying within your budget).

We start on May 4th! Sign up to join us right here!

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