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What to Remember When You Feel Like You're Failing

With Spring arriving I have been inspired by the flowers, leaves and grass that have come back to life all on their own!

I remember cutting back all the flower beds. I remember pruning the trees back to almost nothing. I remember chopping the raspberry bushes to the ground before the snow came. ALL that cutting back so that they would be BIGGER and better the coming year.

This inspires me to appreciate and embrace when life seems to be "cutting me back." When things don't go my way, or something seems like it was taken away that I worked hard on, or life just happens that is heavy and I have to take a step back to survive.... I remember that I am becoming pruned for the next season of my life that will be even better.

I retain the lessons, friendships, and love--- and get to be fresh for the next wave of joy to come my way.

Over the years I’ve experienced “seasons” of constant joy, seasons of inner turmoil, seasons where I’m in the spotlight, and seasons where I feel literally invisible.

I don’t always have to see the sun (feel the best), to still maintain my light. I can go through seasons where my colors aren’t as bright, and I don’t get worldly praise, but yet maintain my value doing unseen work for another season inevitably that will come.

I think this is also a beautiful reminder for our health and business goals. We don’t always see the results we desire as quickly as we’d like, but with consistent commitment and action, we keep moving forward. And then “suddenly” we look around and realize we’ve done it - those far off dreams are now our everyday reality.

As we enter this new season, I’d love to support you in living your best and healthiest life. And so, I’ve created a FREE 5-day Meal Planning Blitz. When you join me in this free group, you’ll learn how to easily plan delicious meals to support the health of your family and yourself (all while staying within your budget).

If you are like me and wondered if an online group “really” can make a difference... it does if you open yourself to it!

If you have been waiting for the perfect time.... it’s not going to come.

I can guarantee it. Life doesn’t align for our goals. We make the choice to take daily intentional efforts towards our goals and allow life to flow within it.

I’m ready when you are.

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