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Why you can't find motivation?--- You told yourself you couldn't find it.

Our brains are incredible. They will compute and compute when asked a query to the best of its ability. It will give you answers to questions you ask as best it can. The questions come from your thought patterns. And your thought patterns are created by your emotions, your environment, and your goals. Keeping your goals written out, and in a place you can see them daily will help those questions you ask daily about what you should act on and why, to keep you going in the direction you want.

Watch this video for summary and real life examples of the following text:

Examples of POOR questions to ask, if your goal is to exercise in the morning but you find you continually sleep in:

1) "What is my problem?"

2) "Where is my willpower?"

3) "If I can get up with my baby, I surely can get up to take care of me, right?"

4) "Whats the point of trying if I'm always going to screw up?"

Your brain will come back with answers to these like this:

1) "You must have a problem. Not sure what it is... but you HAVE A PROBLEM" {negative stream starting revolving around this goal.......

2) "You must not have willpower. Remember that other time you didn't get up to do something for yourself? Yep. You must not have good willpower. So you must not have a strong enough goal or something. Or you don't care about yourself." Oh man.

3) "Your baby must be more important to you than your health. But that doesn't make sense... your baby needs you to be healthy to be able to take care of it....wow. I'm messed up....." Yikes.

4) "You are right. You know you'll never be perfect. This is stressful. I don't like stress. I might as well just start at another time when I feel stronger mentally." Um...... wow.

Sound familiar?? Self talk is something we ALL get to work on. It isn't our brain's fault. Its just lack of training our thought patterns.



Here are examples of what you could have asked if your mind was looking for BETTER ANSWERS that would create positivity and motivation to take ACTION even though you slept through the alarm:

1) "How can I fit in my self care now that I chose to sleep a little longer?"

2) "You have plans and goals today, you slept a full 8 hours so you can really be productive today. How can we make the most of these next few hours?"

3) "I got up with the baby and missed my workout time, but now I gotta take care of me so we can have more moments like that! How can I fit it in?"

4) "How can we work on getting to bed earlier so we can still have this morning routine consistently?"

THEN you'll get answers like,

1)"We can move up breakfast time with the kids by 15 minutes, and workout for 30 minutes, skip your shower and get them to school on time."

2) "Gosh I feel GOOD with 8 hours of sleep. I'm going to be able to get a LOT done these next few hours. Lets make a list!"

3) "I'm so glad I got up with the baby! That was a tender moment I'll never have again. I'll get my workout in regardless. Each day looks different, and thats ok."

4) "We don't sleep in everyday, but we needed it today. I'll get to bed by 10pm tonight- non negotiable. We can do it!"

And all of a sudden your day is bright, your motivation that you can DO IT ALL is there, and you MOVE FORWARD proactively tackling the day instead of feeling defeated and low and worthless.

It all starts with the questions you are asking yourself to answer.

If you lost your motivation, it is because you ASKED yourself "why am I not motivated?" and you answered "because of ________________ so you aren't motivated." it found the evidence, the experience, whatever it could, to answer that question. But if you would have asked, "When I felt motivated, what was I doing? Where was I? Who did I talk to?" then your brain could find all the evidence for you and help you find it again, "You were eating more veggies, you were checking into your success group, you talked with your coach, you had a meal plan on the fridge, you were getting up a little earlier to exercise first....." etc etc etc. Your mind will remember the good times, I PROMISE. But you gotta ASK it to. :)

Ask better questions, to get better answers to move through your days more proactively and positively.

Love and belief,


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