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Work with ME! Earn income in MAY!

What? She's earning how much from home? Doing what? HOW?

When I heard that my neighbor, 4 doors down from me with 3 little kids was earning $458,000 from home, from her laptop and iphone that year, I nearly fell out of my chair. When I learned that my other friend who had been mentored by her was earning $1000+ each week with 4 kids at home and a part time job I was stunned. AND they both LOOKED fantastic physically. THey'd both lost weight, had a glow about them, and were always happy. It was honestly a little annoying.

Honestly I was in disbelief that it was possible. I watched from the sidelines with a close minded view. I watched from the sidelines for 2 years with a skeptical attitude and very judgemental view. I knew they were "doing" network marketing with a health company. I knew they were drinking a nutrition shake and working out with videos at home. I knew they were holding online groups and helping people lose weight. But how were they making this kind of MONEY???

Little back story----->

I loved the IDEA of entreprenuership- ever since my business classes in college. I LOVE marketing and understanding how people think and helping them change their ideals. I LOVE the idea of time flexibility and compounding income that has NO caps. I was introduced to the network marketing world as a new mom and immediately saw the potential, and joined.

I was with this first network marketing company for 8 years, and really "worked the business" for 4 of those years. I saw some success and was promoted to leadership levels and earned some decent money. BUT---> the more I learned about how the compensation plan worked, and how the leaders shared the product and grew their teams I became worried I was in the wrong business. I honestly got fed up with the caps on income, the caps on commissions, the strategies of "selling" and the quarterly inventory quotas, all the phone calling and traveling to home parties and shipping product. Not only was I feeling that the company wasn't telling the truth about how their company worked (saying it was an opportunity to be home ... not at all!), but the leadership had some legal issues that dealt with integrity and ethical practice. Eventually I just left, even though I did love the product. I didn't understand at this point that network marketing companies can be built MANY different ways, so I swore off working with them so I wouldn't spend so much time and $ on something that would only end in me being burned out and having to reinvest so much of my income to stay afloat.

This was my mindset 7 years ago. I had a wall up about network marketing, and yet I was absolutely FLOORED at the income that some of my friends were genuinely telling me about. I was floored that a network marketing company's compensation plan was actually that fluid. So what did I do? I logged onto trusty GOOGLE and looked up the companies policies and procedures. If they had nothing to hide, it would be a public document. And it was. I read through it, and was astounded at the comp plan. I was astounded at the investment of only $39.95 to open a business that had fully capable ecommerce enabled professionally designed websites ready for me to make income immediately. No inventory. No quota. And the income? No caps. 11 avenues of income too. Not just a few. I was amazed that they allowed you to sign up spouses and family. I was amazed that you could re-sign up yourself. (<-That alone almost had me signing up that night! I am a dang hard worker, and to be able to sign myself up on my team??? AMAZING!) I was amazed that all I had to do was use top of the line products to get myself physically healthy. Nothing else monthly or quarterly. AND if I didn't see results, I could get ALL MY MONEY BACK after a full month- even if I used all of the product! So....... from a business investment stand point.... this was risk free. And a no brainer at that. ALL that potential for $39.95 US? Holy moly.

After humming and haaaing about it for a year (and having a baby) I texted my neighbor and said "I want to try coaching. I'd like you to come to my house and answer all my questions."

And she did.

And she mentored me. I'm now a 6 figure earner, and I work 100% PART time.

This is an image from my Instagram highlight "work from home" and yes, those really are my paycheck amounts from March 2016 in my first business center (I now grow three!) Fill out this form for more info!

Now I have my own team and a roadmap for YOU.


I'm offering you a chance to see what this is about.

It's been 5 years. My life has gone up and down and in and out. And I have NEVER gone 1 week without a paycheck from this company. Its the truth.

It has been a HUGE blessing for our family.

I really DO stay at home.

No shipping. No inventory. NO calls.

Simple daily business tasks on a list I'll give you and the willingness to get healthy yourself, and share your experience with others.

THIS rest of this post is about YOU. This post is an OPEN invitation for you to be personally mentored by ME. This is an OPEN invitation to work ALONGSIDE me. This is an open invitation to have me say, "do this, and you'll earn." That's it. I've figured it out. You'll have to do some mindset shifting that is certain. You'll get to enter the world of online business and marketing-- but no stress. We'll take it one day at a time.

But the really cool part???? Is that in this particular company----- part of earning, can only happen when you are on a journey for a healthy lifestyle. NO---- you do NOT need to be in shape. In fact, it is better if you are ON the journey so you are relatable to people. NO----- you will not be salesy and bug people. I do NOT want you to respond to this post if you think you are "good at sales."

I want you to respond to this post if you genuinely want to get healthier, work from home and have flexible hours, earn extra income in the month of May (and beyond!), understand there is a MONEY BACK guarantee for your investment to open your business. I will be asking you to start your business 100% set up for success, which means you will be using the product yourself so you have a truthful experience with it. Yep. This is the real deal. If you don't earn and you don't feel healthier, you get all your money back. You will be part of a community of positive forward thinking people, and most importantly, only respond if you truly are coachable and will commit to what we are going to teach for the 4 week apprenticeship.

Enrollment is open NOW until May 2.

Fill out this application NOW or email me lifetimefitnessteam@gmail.com and lets chat! Apprenticeship starts------ MAY 6 and will go for 4 weeks.

So what will your response be? What could an extra $50, $100, $200, $300 + do for your family in May (with compounding 100% possible in the following months)? What could a healthier YOU do for your family and future? What would it be like to use top of the line products with a personal coach for a month? How awesome would it be to work right beside someone who already has the plan laid out? No guesswork. Just you willing to take the chance at something amazing.

Time commitment you ask? Thats up to you and the financial mark you want to hit. We can talk about that when you decide this is something you want to try. I'd say minimal, 1.5 hour a day, 5-6 days a week.

Who's in? I'm excited to work with you. I'm excited to have you see what is available to you! I'm excited to ignite your inner power to create a future that is ALL YOUR OWN working online, from home, blessing your life and others. I'm telling you. Until you try it... you do NOT know what it will be like or what you might be capable of creating into our life that will create a future for you that you only dream of now.

Let's do this!!! Need more info? I get you. Let's chat. Ready to GO? I LOVE a quick decision maker. Fill out this application and I'll be in touch!

LOVE and belief---

xo Robyn

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