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Robyn Whitworth

Owner, Founder "The Healthy Mompreneur"

Robyn Whitworth is a mother to 5, and married to her best friend. She helps Christian Mompreneurs gain clarity on their goals, energy to sustain their dreams, and mindset coaching to live a regret-less and limitless life through her signature coaching experience, "The Healthy Mompreneur Roundtable." 


She is the creator of the "Eating for Energy" workshop for busy moms, Author of "30 meals < 30 minutes'' family cookbook, and "The Healthy Mompreneur’s: Family Chore Binder System" top download and workshop. So she knows a thing or two about building a business as a busy mom by creating systems for the home, staying healthy and busting out of hustle culture and limiting beliefs!



In 2017 Robyn had the unique opportunity to go through a life and death experience which offered her the chance to sincerely look at her life and what she had and had not done, and consider any regrets she would have. Given a few months to consider this, Robyn decided to reconcile her life at that point. To truly live each day as if it was her last. She discovered "the work" by Byron Katie and undertook a serious study of thought attachment mindset training and self study. Her life goals became surrender, love and alignment. A regret-less, joy filled, love fueled, life. It changed how she did business. It changed how she mothered. After coming through the possibly fatal surgery, she determined to continue "the work." She created "The Healthy Mompreneur" brand and coaching program after watching mother after mother lose her confidence in the entrepreneur space juggling home demands, being told to "sacrifice for the short term", only to struggle with "trying to do it all,” and eventually lose their health and become plagued with self sabotaging thoughts and limiting belief systems that keep their wheels spinning instead of their dreams becoming reality. Her coaching  process involves guiding her clients to greater clarity on their dreams and what their life story will read, and teaching her clients food combining for optimal energy, and to self coach through thought attachment/detachment, so that not only do her clients come away being able to coach themselves through life's inevitable obstacles, but they can have the energy to sustain the dreams they define! Even more exciting to witness, is as these mothers begin to see their lives shift, they now have the skills to effectively coach their children through thought attachment/detachment, goal clarity, and healthy eating. Robyn believes helping mothers elevate their consciousness and learn these skills, we will witness untold generations of more powerful and compassionate human beings coming into society. She believes that we are always just one mother away from changing an entire generation for the better. With 10+ of years in the lifestyle and mindset coaching industry Robyn has helped thousands of mothers transition from feeling broken and small to a place of daily joy, confidence and personal power believing they are raising an army of goodness. Our table is round for a reason- there can ALWAYS be another seat added to the table. We would love to have you be our next addition! CLICK HERE to join our Healthy Mompreneur Roundtable Facebook group.

Robyn has degrees in Culinary Arts and Business Management. She has certificates in nutrition and weight loss mentoring, life coaching, goal and purpose coaching and happiness coaching. Her clients appreciate her non pushy, empathic approach and her ability to make you feel like you’ve known her all your life within minutes of meeting her. When she isn’t coaching, Robyn loves to be outdoors hiking and paddle boarding, road tripping with her family or indoors watching movies, baking, or reading a good novel.

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