Hi, I'm Robyn

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Robyn Whitworth is a mother to 5, and married to her best friend. She has degrees in Culinary Arts and Business Management. She has certificates in nutrition and weight loss mentoring, life coaching, goal and purpose coaching and happiness coaching. Robyn owns two online businesses, health coaching in partnership with TeamBeachbody, and Life Coaching under her own LLC. Robyn has overcome obesity, diabetes, infertility, severe pregnancy complications and traumatic birth resulting in learning to conquer PTSD and mild depression from hormone imbalance.


Robyn loves to be outdoors, enjoys water sports and hiking, and going on road trips with her family. Having faced death, trauma, and lifestyle change, Robyn has a unique perspective on the gift of the struggles we face through life, the value of physical health, creating systems to sustain good energy, and learning how to find perpetual Joy.


Robyn has been a University adjunct professor in the Food Sciences Department, Nutritional speaker for Natural Grocer's education programs, presenter for local events put on by an international health and fitness company, Speaker for 5 online conferences, and teaches hundreds of students yearly online and in person through courses about weight loss, energy management, self grace, and her personal life coaching clientele.


She loves her clients and has loved working in this space since 2013.

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