Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of our Coaching

Our mission is to help people unveil their best selves through personalized coaching and being available online 24/7. Our diverse offering of online courses, support groups, 1:1 coaching and lectures have helped thousands! Here are just a handful:

"I just completed the 7 Day Clean Eating and I am really happy with my results! I lost 4.7 lbs. and 3 total inches off my waist and hips. If you are sitting on the fence, you need to get over it and do the next challenge. It's only 7 days and look what a jump start it can give you on your health!" Jennifer J. Mom of 2

“I came to Robyn with a LOT of concerns about food, and time, and ability. As a busy mom of 4 kids, and a treat lover, and one that didn't ever really exercise before, I didn't want to feel restricted and stressed. Together we were able to make that happen and STILL lose the weight I wanted, and achieve results I was wanting for YEARS before this. I have been dedicated in my goals, and realistic in my time table, and I FEEL AMAZING. I have lost 26 lbs and 12 inches in just 6 months!” Dominoe H.

Mom of 4

Dominoe SIDE 4.20.jpg

I was in the first group that Robyn started in 2014. My main worries were being hungry and having sugar cravings. I was ready for a Lifetime Change! I have kept eating clean (85-90%) of the time since then and here are my results. I have lost 29 lbs. My almost constant heartburn is gone. My stomach pain is gone. My snoring has been reduced by 50% (my husband reports). I haven't had a headache the whole time. I'm generally happier. My skin looks more moist and healthy. The other day I actually felt my body telling me it desired more getting on the treadmill or something! Now I haven't felt inner compelled to expend any "extra energy" for quite some time! I've even dared think about getting ready to sign up for a 5k this Fall! How weird is that? Weird for me. My challenges have been the eating habit patterns that surface during the day that don't support my new direction. Every time I go to town I have a thought about what treat I'm going to buy to enhance my "getting away" experience. Still my favorite saying to myself is that Robyn helped me define, "I don't eat like that anymore." My treat is that I'm not in pain anymore, that I feel my body gaining energy and health, that my future with my children and grandchildren is brighter due to better health, and that me and my husband can enjoy active lives into retirement.”

Beverly C. Mom of 10

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These groups are making such a huge difference in my life! I have more energy, my body feels better, and I know I'm setting a good example for my daughter from a young age. She likes to stretch with me on the yoga mat, and that makes me happy. My clothes are getting baggier and baggier, and my self confidence and self esteem are getting higher. I can do hard things! I am incredibly thankful for the nutrition education I am getting. I used to think I was eating so healthily. Nope! I was so wrong. But now I know what kinds of foods and how much of them to put into my body. These sessions with Robyn are a complete game changer!”

- Crystal W. Mom of 1

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This 4 week session was awesome! I am happy with myself for sticking it out 100%! I ate every meal and snack and kept up with the water. It is awesome that I lost 5 pounds. I am loving the clean eating and am learning that it’s easy too. I really liked all the water drinking and hope that my body will soon adjust to it all! I learned that just because a food is clean it doesn't mean you can eat large amounts of it all the time. Portions are important!" Brittney P. Mom of 4

“I've lost 10 pounds since January! And lost 5 this month, February, all from clean eating! I only hit the gym 1-2 times a week which is nothing. Yey! Go us!!! THANK YOU, Robyn!” - Michelle G.